Mars Transit through Leo: A Mundane Perspective

planet Mars is a volcanic one. It is filled with energy and vitality
that needs to be channelised constructively. When it passes through a
sign, it bears the promise of firing up our passions, as long as we
can keep them in check. In a situation where Mars is disregarded, it
may cause serious conflicts, and result in violent behaviour.

is transiting through Leo currently, and the union will result in a
settling down of the excess energy. There will be a spike in
confidence and charm; at the same time risk-taking, initiative, and
ego trips will be indicated. While this is a brilliant time for
disciplined people, it may cause lesser matured individuals to lose
grip on themselves or reality. This may lead them into getting
carried away with an often false sense of power or pride.

this very reason, Mars is seen as the planet of disputes, accidents,
explosives, war, police, and army. When under the malevolent
influence of Rahu, it encourages anti-social elements and
conservative activism.

October, 2011, Mars will be in Magha, and between 15th
November and 15th
December, it will form a square aspect with transiting Sun and Rahu.
The ill-effects of these transits will be felt until 15th
January, 2012. As the Sun and Rahu will be in the same orbit, it
indicates a period of stress for India, where major disputes between
political parties, fire-related accidents, and explosions are foreseen. Globally,
France, Italy, Korea, Romania, and Washington are also expected to be

January 2012, transiting Mars will be in retrograde motion in
Uttarafalguni. This is a fiery combination, and could result in fires, fire-related accidents and
terrorist attacks in metro cities of India including Delhi or Mumbai. Bristol, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Philadelphia, and Rome are also danger zones for natural disasters.
This volatile period ends on 13th
April 2012.

Ganesha observes that the fourth House in independent India's chart
symbolizes agriculture, government land, government property, mines,
and real estate, there is a chance that Mars' transit will remain
unfavourable for the Indian real estate market. Ganesha predicts a
decline in prices in the western regions of India by 20-25% between
November 2011 and May 2012.