Mars Ascends Its Throne – Capricorn: Which Area Of Your Life Would Get Affected?

Mars Enters Exaltation Sign Capricorn Likely Effects Predictions
Predictions for all Moon signs (also applicable to all the Ascendants)
For the Aries natives, this transit will be a highly favourable one. Ganesha says that there are a lot of action-packed things in store for you. There will be a surge of confidence and courage from within, and now you will be able to finish all pending tasks with enthusiasm. Though your position at the workplace may get enhanced, there will be a lot of pressure that you will have to deal with. Get best solutions for career issues and stay ahead in the race. You are likely to be surrounded by a lot of activity during this period. You may be assigned with important tasks, so you by executing them well, you stand to gain well. Some arguments with parents are likely. You may find it difficult to pay much attention to your family because of your buzzing work life. 
Due to your own efforts, will power, determination and discipline, you will be able to transform your good fortune to the highest level during this auspicious period. You will be able to take practical and well-thought decisions and your general speed of functioning is likely to increase. This would be a favourable period to plan a long distance trip. There may be some misunderstandings between you and your father. Your relationship with your spouse may get stronger and you may receive some help from your in-laws' side. 
Take good care of your health, advises Ganesha. Differences with your in-laws are likely, so try to handle any complex situation with due tact and forethought. There may be some disputes in matters related to joint finances and shared resources. However, if there is an ongoing legal battle related to property or inheritance, then you are likely to get success. 
For the Cancer natives, Ganesha foresees a very bright and active social life in the days to come. There may be a lot of social functions, events and get-togethers that will keep you busy. You are advised to avoid any sort of confrontations with your spouse or business partner. Moreover, do not waste your time behind convincing others. Rather, channelise your energy towards more productive areas. You will be able to function in a faster and more efficient manner at the workplace. 
The Leo natives are in for a lot of activity. There will be a lot of things on your platter and a hectic schedule is going to keep you on your toes. Due to the aggressive influence of Mars, you will be in a combative mode and will not shy from taking on challenges head on. Phew! This may be a torrid time for your rivals and enemies as you may not be in a mood to take any misadventure from them lightly. This will be a very good time to join a yoga class or the gym to get in shape, says Ganesha. You may also feel like changing your job in this phase, but take decisions related to your career with caution.
You are likely to get tensed about managing your children's routine and their education. Choosing the right school, identifying the value-for-money education may add to your stress. Those into sports will be able to do very well in this phase. If you are into the creative people, then this will be a very productive phase, and there may be a lot of new opportunities coming your way. Moreover, there will be a desire within you to learn something new. 
Dear Librans, the upcoming period will be quite favourable for you, says Ganesha. You may come across some good opportunities to earn money. You may prefer splurging money on luxuries and articles to spruce up your living space. If you have been wanting to renovate or refurbish your home or vehicles, then this a good time. Things will pick up pace at the workplace. 
You will be more confident and energetic than ever. Your mind will be full of new ideas. You may get chances to set out on a joy trip with your buddies. You will have to be diplomatic in your dealings with siblings. You will be able to impress people at the workplace with your skills.  
Sudden financial gains are on the cards for you. You will be able to make smart financial plans now. But if you don’t pay attention to your savings, you may have problems with your family members. Your aggression may reflect in your speech, so be mindful of what you speak, or otherwise you may end up hurting others. 
This is a wonderful time to hit the gym and start a healthy routine. All the fitness freaks will get the desired motivation to get in shape. There will be a lot of positive developments that will take place in the coming days, but you will have to control your aggression, advises Ganesha. Ask Any Question to get your doubts solved. Try to be a bit more polite while dealing with your spouse and business partner. You may turn up in a more confident manner at your workplace
Ganesha foresees a rise in expenses. Your business or occupation may remain the primary concern in this period. There may be frequent long distant trips, mostly related to your career. You may come acr
oss new opportunities during these trips, so be alert. 
Ganesha feels that your fortune will strongly support you in the days to come. There will be quick financial gains and efforts of the past will now payback well. You can look forward to some pleasant outings with your friends. Moreover, you may be able to join new groups and form new friends. Your past investments may bring handsome returns in this period.
With Ganesha's Grace,