Name – The name “Malachite” comes from the Greek word 'Malakos', which probably implies 'soft' or 'mellow green colour' – as in the Mallow plant. According to another theory the word malachite comes from the Greek malhe, which means 'grass' – another indication that this refers to the green colour or green bands of this mineral.

Malachite gemstone is broken down, carved, cut and polished from the mineral masses and crystals of Malachite. The stones are semi precious and have beautiful, alternating light and dark green coloured bands, and are used quite extensively for collection, healing and jewellery. The alternating bands of dark and light green give a very esoteric, mysterious feel to these gemstones, and add significantly to the aura of these lovely stones.

Indian name – Malachite only.

Formation – Formed in small quantities worldwide, but may also be found in larger quantities in copper-mining areas, as it is majorly a Copper Carbonate. Malachite occurs in nature in opaque, green banded mineral crystals. And, it most often forms botryoidal, fibrous or stalagmitic masses. It is from these masses that the crystals are extracted, cleaned and created into usable gemstones. Individual crystals rarely occur as slender to acicular prisms.

SG – 3.80, RI – 1.85, Hardness – 4

Malachites are largely opaque and not very hard. They also do not have much lustre, but their bands and play of colours more than make up for the lack of sizzle.

Fancy Fact I - Tumbled (uncut, unpolished, naturally occuring) stones of malachite are possibly the most popular tumbled stones, and are sold in literally every rock shop, around the world. Carvings and figurines of malachite are quite common too. Skilled craftsmen can make the concentric malachite bands follow the curves of a work of art like contours on a rugged terrain. Malachite, however, is not held as precious as Jade – another green coloured stone.

Sources – The most important mine for Malachite is in Zaire (Congo). Other notable occurrences are in Urals (Russia), Siberia, Lyon (France), Israel, South Australia, Namibia and USA (Arizona).

Available colours – Malachite is an opaque, banded stone, and the colours in the bands range from a very light green to an almost deep, ethereal green to a jewel, bluish green.

Cosmic Connection
Malachite is a natural crystal, and it is known to boost the Earth element, given its green colour and formation. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used malachite extensively for jewelry and ground it to use as eye shadow. It is also used in amulets to protect against the evil eye. In the Middle Ages, it was believed and used to protect children from witches and other dangers. Malachite pyramids are used in alternative healing therapies like Reiki.

In Astrology, Malachite is used largely for pyramids and as a substitute gemstone for boosting Earth element.

This gemstone is largely a protective gemstone. Malachite is believed to be a strong protector of children. It is said to protect the vulnerable wearer from accidents and is known to protect travelers. Malachite is also used to invite and boost business success. It is known to prevent undesirable business associations. For relationships, Malachite is known to be a balancing influence.

Wearing Malachite is known to bring other following benefits:

  • Aids in the regeneration of body cells.
  • Aids one's sleep.
  • Detects impending danger.
  • Brings harmony into one's life.
  • Gives knowledge and patience.

Malachites are known as the 'Mirrors of the Soul' and are known to reflect the inner feelings of the wearer. They are also known to prevent nightmares. When kept near microwaves or televisions or servers in premises, Malachites are known to absorb harmful radiations.

Malachite is known to be more useful, when worn in the metal Copper. Yet, do not take a random decision, and buy a Malachite, only after consulting an expert Astrologer. Speak to An Astrologer now. Or, get Remedial Solutions for Personal Life, and get detailed answers.

Fancy Fact II – It is believed that gazing at Malachite or holding it relaxes the nervous system and calms stormy emotions.