Makar Sankranti - 2014

Moon Sign Predictions – January 2014

Makar Sakranti, also known and celebrated as Uttarayan and Pongal in other parts of India, is a very auspicious day. It generally occurs on 14th January of every year. The apparent movement of the Sun from one Zodiac Sign into another is termed as Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is celebrated when the Sun transits from the Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) to the Makara Rashi (Capricorn).

While the traditional Vedic calendar is based on lunar positions, Sankranti is a solar event. Hence, while the dates of all the Hindu festivals keep changing according to the Gregorian calendar, Makar Sankranti is one of the few Hindu festivals, which is celebrated on the specific date of 14th January, every year. The day on which the Sun begins its journey towards the north, is referred to as Makar Sankranti. On this day, the mighty Sun is offered a lot of reverences. In some places, people pray to it from morning till evening. You may also bring home the sparkle and light of Sun this Makar Sankranti with an authentic Surya Yantra – a specially created and attuned (worshipped) talisman, which will help you get success, prosperity, liveliness and happiness. Get your Surya Yantra here.
What will this Makar Sankranti bring for you? Read on the Moon Sign-wise predictions to find out

The month will begin on a good note for the Rams, says Ganesha. With Moon's favourable transit through the House of gains and the benign combination of retrograde Venus and Mercury at the beginning of the month, luck will favour you in more ways than one. Your loved ones, too, will be happy to help you in all that you do. But a restless mind may prevent you from taking the right decisions, hence, avoid or at least be careful when it comes to taking important finance related decisions. If you do not want anything to go wrong on the financial front, you can avail Wealth Ask A Question Detailed Report . On the 15th of this month, Sun will change its Sign, and this development will prove to be very important for the Ram. The Aries individuals are advised to be very careful as far as government related tasks are concerned. Read the fine print before you sign any legal papers. Your desire to move ahead in love will be stronger during this time. Between 21st and 22nd of January, Moon along with Mars, will enter Virgo, and this is likely to make you irritable. On the job and business front, too, things may not work according to your plans, and you will be running from pillar to post to put things in order. On the marital front, all may not be hunky-dory.

At the beginning of the month, Jupiter is retrograde in your House of Finances, Mars is placed in the House of Children and Academics, Rahu and Saturn are in combination in the House of Enemy and Diseases, Mercury-Sun-Moon are in combination in the House of Longevity, Venus is retrograde in the House of Fortune and Ketu is present in the House of Expenses. All these planetary positions indicate that this may be an average month for the Bulls. Travel is on the cards for you. Those involved in the agriculture sector may gain benefits. There may be some obstacles, but you will overcome them successfully. Ganesha advices you to take good care of your health during the month. Also, you may have to be very careful regarding government related work. Domestic matters, too, may be a cause of concern. Avail our Ask Any Question report and get astrological solutions for that nagging domestic problem. The second half of the month seems to bring you better luck. Relations between siblings shall improve. What you need to be careful about is your finances, legal matters and most importantly, the health of the elderly in your home.

The planetary alignments this month will prove to be quite beneficial for you, and all your assignments and pending tasks will see completion. You can look forward to gains from the government and the elderly in your home. But you may have to face some obstacles at the love and marital front. You can avail our Marriage Ask a Question to sort out the issues that may arise in your married life during this time. Your children and their education may be a cause for concern. Partnerships on the business front, too, shall experience a turbulent time. Businessmen may not be successful in recovering lent money. You will have to pull up your socks, as you are in for some hard work during this time. At the middle of the month, your financial position is likely to improve, but as this favourable period is too short, you may not be able to make the most of it. In the second half of the month, you will concentrate on pending work related to your movable and immovable assets; be careful with the paperwork, warns Ganesha! Travel may not be very comfortable, avoid it if possible. Several tasks may get stalled, midway. Ganesha advices you to worship the Sun and help the poor and needy on Makar Sankranti in order to keep away the negative planetary influences. This will also help you a great deal on the business front.

Caution is the buzzword for you this month. You may have to be very careful and alert while working on any task you have taken up. Your health, too, may demand attention. Refrain from building castles in the air. But despite all the hitches and hardships, you will complete all your tasks within the given deadline. Travel to a place nearby is likely. With positivity entering your life in full swing, you will willingly and successfully fulfill all your financial and domestic responsibilities. The combination of Moon and Mars will assist you in completing all the tasks you have planned for the future. While your circle of friends and acquaintances is likely to expand this month, the chances of someone taking advantage of your generosity are high. This may be against your nature, but you will have to be a little practical, for your own good. This month, you will loosen your purse-strings and spend a lot on fun and entertainment. At the beginning of the second half of the month, you may have to face some challenges, but you will subtly deal with them and bring the situation under control. And if you are unable to do that, Talk To An Astrologer , who will help you overcome the obstacles.

Material gains and love affairs will keep you happy during these times. Partnerships and bonds of all kinds are likely to flourish, and this also applies to your marital bond. You will be strongly attracted towards the opposite sex. In spite of luck being in your favour, you may feel very restless. You may come across a few hurdles as far as your office work is concerned. But as the Moon transits over Ketu, things will improve and you can look forward to favourable changes. While promotions are likely on the job front, some gains are also expected from the government. The later half of January heralds encouraging times. You will not only confront every challenge with determination but also win your spurs. Rumours may perturb you and you will become a little aggressive in your approach. Don't get bogged down by these insignificant things, as you may miss out on a great business opportunity that is likely to come your way at the end of the month. If you do not want to miss out on any such opportunity, avail Career Report, now! You are likely to be more egoistic and aggressive during the month, warns Ganesha. The Leo females and students may face some difficulties this month.

Ganesha foresees a good beginning for the week. Financial progress, marital bliss and harmonious family life are all on the cards for you. You will spend on yourself and your loved ones. If you have been under the weather lately, things are set to improve now. But as the month passes, and with Moon forming a combination with a negative planet Ketu, you may come across some stumbling blocks and hardships. Government related or legal work may become a cause for concern. Unforeseen expenses may burn a hole in your pocket. You may get into an argument with a dear friend, and even repent the whole thing later. On the flip side, the time is good for import-export related work. The best thing about this month is that your sweetheart will be by your side all the time. You will also win respect in the society. Expect a good news to come your way from your mother's side. This may be a trying period for students, though. You can avail the Education Ask a Question service to succeed in your studies. Another issue that may cause distress is the health of your mother, which may be a little delicate this month.

Ganesha feels that this is the time to forge ahead with confidence. Your wit and ability to maintain a balanced mind will help you succeed in life. You love to participate in intellectual discussions and you will be doing just that at the beginning of the month. You will make best use of your imagination and creativity. Keep a tab on your temper, which is likely rise every now and then. Your colleagues will be quite co-operatve, and this will make you feel very comfortable at work. A good news is likely to come your way specifically from your mother's side. Financial gains through various sources are on the cards for you. If you have any confusion about where to put this money so that you get the best returns, avail our Investment Advice report. You will meet new people as you plan to expand your business now. Ganesha advices you to beware of the green eyed monster. To keep the negativity at bay, you should worship the Sun and donate whatever you can to the poor and needy. The second half of the month ushers in good times and good money. The period is favourable for women who are trying to conceive. New tasks can be taken up during the benevolent fortnight. You will spend time with friends, and maybe even go out on a picnic with them. While your relation with siblings is likely to be excellent, your mother's health may give you sleepless nights.

You can look forward to high income during the month, but unfortunately your expenses, some foreseen and some unforeseen, too will be equally high. You will be in a mood to splurge on electronic devices and entertainment, and Ganesha thus advices you to tighten your purse-strings a little, as you are likely to go overboard. To know how the coming year will be for your finances, Talk To An Astrologer, now! Delay in many of your tasks will irritate you to such an extent that you will be inspired to take risks. It will be good if you avoid travelling during this time, as this may not prove fruitful. If you are involved in some import and export related work, the chances of it getting completed are very high. There is good news for the students of this sign, as they are bound to succeed in their studies. Stomach related problems may crop up in January, so eat a balanced diet and take some time out of your busy routine to exercise. As the month comes to an end, you may feel quite depressed but as Sun and Mercury form a combination in the House of Progress in the moon sign Capricorn, you will also be in a mood to take up new tasks. You will succeed in all your endeavours and this success will fetch you great respect in society.

The month begins on a good note for you! You will share a special bond with your father during this time and his guidance will prove to be more than useful to you. Expect good co-operation from your subordinates in office as well as your helps at home. You will win accolades for your success at the professional front. Think twice before you eat anything spicy, as the problem of hyper-acidity will be quite common during the month. There will be a lot of aggression in your attitude and you may also be too egoistic around this time. Gains form the government are likely. This is a favourable month for entrepreneurs as well as those involved in publishing, higher education, research etc. You may even travel to faraway places in order to expand your business. If you are still facing problems in your business, you should avail Business Ask A Question service to find out the reason behind your failures. The time seems to be just perfect for jotting down financial plans or working on anything that needs your complete concentration. Those involved in property deals, agricultural produce, seeds, pesticides, agricultural tools, etc. are likely to gain profits. You can worship the Sun and give alms to the poor to achieve the blessings of Lord Surya.

With Venus transiting in your sign, you will enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life during this month. Attraction towards the opposite sex will be quite strong, and thus, if you are married, you will thoroughly enjoy marital bliss. But in case there are any problems in your married life, avail the Marital Problems service through which we will suggest the best astrological remedies for your issue. You may spend on buying a new vehicle or on decorating or refurbishing your home. The female Goats will show huge interest in beauty products and beauty treatments. You will balance your personal and professional life perfectly and there will be peace and harmony on both these fronts. All your worries related to your children will now be over. Concentrate on your communication skills during this time. Not a very favourable period for legal matters, as results may not be in your favour. Tummy trouble is foreseen, so mind what you eat. Regular exercise and meditation can work wonders in this matter. You have worked really hard and you thus expect a really good hike or promotion, but unfortunately, the pay-hike you get will not be even close to your expectations. You may feel dejected, and are likely to be attracted towards spirituality this month.

Partnerships of all kinds will prove to be beneficial for you in this month. You will share a great bonding with your spouse. As you progress ahead in your career at a great pace, you will become an idol for those around you and they will look up to you with great admiration and respect. You will successfully get rid of all your woes and your enthusiasm will know no bounds. You do not have to be afraid of your competitors, as you will be way ahead in the race. But those into businesses related to literature writing, publishing, high-tech gadgets need to make well-thought decisions or things can go really wrong. You may not be in the pink of health this time around, so be a little careful and fix a routine for you meals. Drive your vehicle cautiously as there are chances of an accident. Although there may be some negativity during the month, you can rest assured that the positive influences are much stronger. The possibility of an argument arising out of a conversation gone wrong cannot be ruled out; mind your words. Worshiping the Lord Sun during Makar Sankranti can bring you the desired results. You can also Talk To An Astrologer to sort out the problems in your life and make the most of the good times.

The month is likely to bring you mixed results- some good some not so good. You will have a lot of things on your to-do list and this will demand loads of energy and zest from your side. Government related work will be completed successfully. Investors are advised to be on their toes all the while, as the possibility of a huge loss cannot be ruled out. Conversations may turn into arguments with your partner at home and in business, so think before you speak. The later half of January will bring in better times. You will feel more enthusiastic and will enjoy doing your work. Those associated with media, acting, public relations will have a great time, as they will get a chance to showcase their best skills. As you are likely to be a little aggressive, Ganesha advices you to carry a cool head. You will enjoy your time at home with your loved ones and splurge on luxuries. There will be respect for you in the eyes of all those who know you. Issues related to your children may bother you a little, though. While on one side you will earn more, on the other side you will spend it all on entertainment. Does this happen to you all the time? You should avail Ask Any Question and get your kundali checked to know why you are unable to save money. Your interest in spirituality is also likely to rise.

Makar Sankrati is the celebration of Sun – the eternal life-giver, the harbinger of brightness and positivity. Establish a Surya Yantra at your home/ office premises to invite the luck and light.