Jupiter Transit in Various Nakshtras in 2014 - 2015

Jupiter - the most auspicious planet of expansion, growth, spirituality, enthusiasm will be transiting in different Nakshatras in the Sign of Cancer. Jupiter will enter Punarvasu Nakshtra 4th Pada from 19th June 2014, which makes people more caring, charitable, spiritual and emotional.

From 4th July 2014 Jupiter will Transit in Pushya Nakshtra - 1st Pada, which shall make people more responsible, increasing the attachment with family, it shall help you have successful career but may hamper marital relations. Control your anger.

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On 9th July 2014, Jupiter will set in the west.

On 19th July, Jupiter will Transit in the 2nd Pada of Pushya Nakshtra - it may cause some mental turmoil and health issues. It is good time for lawyers and judges.

From 3rd August 2014, Jupiter will Transit 3rd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra – this shall activate the materialistic angle of life. This is good time for real estate agents and builders, architects and interior designers can use this time to enhance their skills.

On 9th August, Jupiter will rise in the east.

On 18th of August, Jupiter will Transit in the 4th Pada of Pushya Nakshtra - good time for brainstorming. People shall preserve antiques, old articles, history will gain importance.

On 3rd September 2014, Jupiter will Transit 1st Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra - this is the time to work hard to achieve career objectives. You shall learn to handle your enemies tactfully. Your excellence and genius shall get proper channel. Excellent time for the growth of medical and pharmaceutical companies.

On 20th September 2014 Jupiter will Transit the 2nd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra, which shall help you to focus on the social arena of life. You may sacrifice your professional growth for your personal life. Need to take care of harsh speech.

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On 9th October 2014, Jupiter will Transit the 3rd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra, diseases of lungs, nervous system and skin shall increase, take care of depression. It is excellent time for medical and hospitality industry.

On 3rd and 4th November 2014, Jupiter will Transit 4th Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra - luck factor may be activated, and people may get parental wealth and property. Good time for writers. Focus on education shall increase.

On 8th and 9th of December 2014, Jupiter will become retrograde and become the planet of spirituality and introversion. It shall help you to look inwards and rely on our own personal wisdom. We shall explore and implement the required changes that are needed to transform our lives, which shall guide our path onwards to becoming the kind of person we want to become.

On 12th January 2015, retrograde Jupiter will Transit the 3rd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra, beware of being cheated as it may activate the tendency of people of scheming and plotting, and secretive tendencies shall also increase. You shall start taking interest in occult science.

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From 8th February 2015, retrograde Jupiter will Transit 2nd Pada of Ashlesha - this shall help to improve income prospects. People will become more ambitious, tricky and more deceitful.

From 8th March 2015, retrograde Jupiter will Transit the 1st Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra - it will increase the number of enemies, increase diseases, but this time will motivate you to do hard work.

From 8th April 2015, Jupiter progresses - this will make you more caring, emotional, charitable, income shall increase, good time to improve business prospects.

On 10th May 2014, Jupiter will Transit in the 2nd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshtra - people might show emotions for personal benefits, cunningness and secretiveness shall increase.

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Contributed By:
Sonia Nayyar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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