Retrograde Jupiter's Effect on Your Moon Sign!

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According to the astrology scriptures, the retrograde movement of auspicious planets tends to provide favourable results, whereas the retrograde movement of malefic planets causes more harm. Moreover, if a planet is already Natally retrograde in ones' Birth Chart, and it is, at a given time, also transiting retrograde, the transit leads to positive results in the life of that individual.

However, apart from a specific planet, one should also consider the position of other planets in teh Birth Chart, with respect to that planet, and the current Dasha as per the Horoscope – to get an overall Personalised picture.

Currently, the benefic planet Jupiter is transiting through the Zodiac Sign Cancer. And, recently, Lord Jupiter turned retrograde (from 9th December 2014). The magnanimous planet of Jupiter signifies education, higher learning, intelligence and fair religion. It is also believed to be the significator of overall life. Hence, Jupiter is also known as the sacred Nectar. During this planetary transit when Jupiter travels retrograde in its Sign of exaltation, performing puja, chanting mantras and donating things related to Jupiter can be highly beneficial.

Now, let's see how Jupiter's retrograde movement may affect various Moon Signs -
(Please note these are general Moon Signs predictions, and for your Personalised Predictions, you will need to get the Premium guidance with Jupiter Transit Report)

General Effects of the Retrograde Transiting Jupiter
on various Moon Signs - From 09/12/2014 to 08/04/2015

Aries: Jupiter is currently transit through the 4th House from your Sign, and this House is related to Happiness. This, obviously, is a good planetary movement. Hence, during this time you may buy a new vehicle/property/furniture or may also renovate/decorate your property or may move to a bigger, better premises. However, you might end up overspending, during this time. You may also get to visit a far-off/foreign destination. Expansions and additions are likely. However, if Jupiter is Natally weak in your Horoscope, you may end up suffering a loss.

Taurus : Jupiter is transiting through the 3rd House from your Sign. This House is related to Courageous activities and Friends. Jupiter's transit through the 3rd House is not considered very favourable. Thus, this transit may lead to some changes in any of the areas related to the 3rd Houses, which include comforts, luxuries, overall happiness, dignity, emotions etc. These changes may not make the individual happy. However, as Jupiter aspects the 5th House, associated to the Marital/ Conjugal Life, this planetary movement may be favourable for the ones waiting to get married.

Gemini: Jupiter is currently transiting through the 2nd House from your Sign. Hence, you can expect an addition of new member to your family unit. Since the 2nd House is related to finances too, you may also make investments, and may have a strong feeling or motivation to start a new business. This transit shall also help you to successfully give up some of your bad habits. This is a favourable transit for your Moon Sign, so you must do your best to take maximum advantage of this time, says Ganesha.

Cancer: Jupiter is transiting through your own Sign. This, without doubt, is indicative of favourable results. You shall progress academically. However, you may have to work hard, as Jupiter is traversing in a retrograde mode. If single, you are likely to get married now. Remember that too much of a good thing can be bad, sometimes. Under the sweet and comfy effect of Jupiter, you may fall prey to lifestyle diseases like diabetes or obesity. So, be careful and watch your health. Steer clear of laziness, warns Ganesha. Psychologically too, you will need to guard your thought process. Do not take things for granted. You may feel arrogant or egoistic, under Jupiter's retrogression, which will be counter-productive for all the success.

Leo: Jupiter is transiting through the 12th House from your Sign; this House is related to Expenses. Expect your spending to rise. However, since Jupiter is a positive planet, you may expend for auspicious or religious activities. However, you shall have to balance your income and expenditure. This transit may lead to expenses in general, and may even cause change in your job or residence. However, the final effect shall depend on the planetary position in your Personal Horoscope. There may be a possibility of your going abroad, or proceeding further for similar matters.

Virgo: Jupiter is transiting through the 11th House from your Sign, which is related to Gains. Hence, under the effect of this transit, auspicious functions or celebrations are likely at your home. Your reputation and popularity also looks set to increase. Matters related to your children too may lead to good results. If you are a woman expecting a child, Ganesha strongly advises you to surely perform regular puja/ worship related to Lord Jupiter.

Libra: Jupiter is transiting through the 10th House from your Sign, and tis House is related to career and occupation. Thus, owing to Jupiter's transit the employed persons may get more benefits as compared to the businessmen. Under the effect of the retrogression, expansion in business may not yield profits, whereas rise in salary and promotion in job are indicated. During this phase, you may also buy new property/furniture/vehicle, as Jupiter is entirely aspecting the 4th House (related to home and family) from your Sign. It's a good time for planning an addition to the family.

Scorpio: If Jupiter is strong in your Personal Horoscope, this transit shall be highly beneficial for you, as Jupiter is passing through your Fortune House i.e. the 9th House. Your fortune will improve at a fast pace, and you will feel good, in general. Since, Jupiter is moving through your 9th House, chances of travel are high, yet if you travel in an unplanned manner, you may not get the desired results, since Jupiter is retrograde, as of now.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is transiting through the 8th House from your Sign, and may lead to both positive and negative results. During this time, you may get interested in mystical, occult sciences and may wish to go for higher studies. Overall, however, despite Jupiter's positive effects, you may not get much benefit, because it will be traversing through the 8th Sign from yours. Nonetheless, you cam expect momentum in matters related to house or property. You shall now be able to proceed further regarding the same.

Capricorn: Although you look set to overall get favourable results, the retrograde Jupiter may cause delay in many of your tasks, such as matters related to marriage and business partnership. Those involved with public life may also miss out on some opportunities. During this phase, you may develop a soft corner for someone special, foresees Ganesha.

Aquarius: Jupiter is transiting through the 6th House from your Sign. Hence, professionals can expect a promotion or rise in their salary, provided they are ready to take on more work responsibilities. A relocation or addition of work profile is also likely. Child birth or marriage of a child is also a distinct possibility around this time. New equations in relationships are also indicated.

Pisces: Jupiter is currently transiting through the 5th House from your Sign. This may initially cause obstacles in matters related to your children, new projects, creativity etc., but all of this may later get resolved. Overall this transit shall surely increase the possibility of positive outcomes in your life, as Jupiter is the ruler of your Sign. Stay optimsitic.