Name – The name Aquamarine has been derived from the Latin words meaning sea and water. Hence, the name "Aquamarine" means 'sea water'. Much loved across the world for its lovely range of shiny, light, crystal-like blues, Aquamarine belongs to the same family of gemstones (Beryl) as the more classic Emerald. Widely used in jewellery, Aquamarine is believed to induce good feelings and encourage lasting relationships.

Indian name – Aquamarine only.

Formation – Found in pegmatites and alluvial deposits of gravel.

Sources – The best quality Aquamarine gems are available in Brazil. Other producers of Aquamarine include the Urals (Russia), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nigeria.

Available colours – It is available in a variety of blue shades. The most valued stones are in the colours of sky blue and dark blue.

SG – 2.69, RI – 1.57 – 1.58, Hardness – 7.5

These gems are treated with heat to enhance their colour.

Advantages – Aquamarine is known to give the following benefits:
  • Works against nerve pain, glandular problems, toothache, and disorders of the neck, jaw and throat.
  • Strengthens liver and kidneys.
  • Diminishes problems of eyes, ears and stomach, relieves cough.
  • Helps ease depression and grief.
  • Provides courage and strengthens the will.

Fancy Fact – Aquamarine has a soothing effect on "just married" couples, assisting them in working out their differences, ensuring a long and happy marriage. Aquamarine is said to re-awaken love in couples who are into a married relationship since a long time. It also signifies the making of new friends.

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