Coral (Moonga)

Name – The name “Coral” comes from Hebrew word - goral, which is the name for the stones that were used to cast an oracle. Some also believe that the word Coral (as used for the reddish gemstone Coral) comes from the usage “Corallium” or the “ox blood”.

Indian Name - Moonga

Formation – Formed from the skeletal remains of marine animals called coral polyps, these gemstones are made up of calcium carbonate.

Sources – Coral is found largely on the African coasts, Australia, Japan, Mediterranean coasts, Malaysia and the West Indies.

Most coral types prefer warm temperatures, and therefore are restricted to the warm waters of the world.

Available colours – Coral is available in colours of the red family, deep pinks, black and white.

SG – 2.60 – 2.70, RI – 1.49 – 1.66, Hardness – 3

All coral has a vitreous lustre when polished, but is sensitive to heat and acid, and may fade with wear.

As per Vedic Astrology, Coral is considered as the mirror image of the aggressive Red planet of Mars.

Zodiac – Aries, Scorpio
Planet – Mars
Day – Tuesday

Advantages –
Wearing Coral, if it agrees with your Personal Stars or Horoscope can bring you great benefits. Find out if Coral is your lucky stone – Talk to An Astrologer!

If Coral is suitable for a wearer, then it is said to bring the following benefits -
  • It purifies the blood and improves potency
  • It aids one in financial matters
  • It works against nutritional deficiencies like anaemia and other health issues, including depression and lethargy
  • It boosts nerve power, gives joy and opens up the heart
  • It shields the wearer from all kinds of accidents, discords and fights
  • It prevents diseases of the blood, muscular system, and bone marrow

Fancy Fact – Coral is considered to safeguard children from environmental and negative influences. Thus, parents tend to gift corals to their children in various parts of the world.

However, it is best to be sure whether a gemstone suits you or not, before you wear it. In case of Coral, it is quite important, because this gemstone is related to the aggressive planet Mars. Get a detailed, Personal Horoscope based reading to ascertain for sure – Ask for the personalised report – Remedial Solutions to Personal Problems

You can order and try Coral gemstone if you wish to change your destiny for the better.

With Ganesha' Grace,
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