Bhaskar Jyotish writes about Fiery Planet Mars
Mars is Agni Soochak. It is also addressed as the Bhoomi Putra. A Benefic Mars can make the native courageous and a Purushaarthi while a Malefic one can make him a thief, robber or even a smuggler. We all know that a strong Mars can make one get connected to any of the Defense Services (Army, Navy or Air force). With an ordinary strength, it can make native a Policeman. With good strength, it can also make one an Army Chief.

If Mars is connected to the Sun, and Ketu through aspect or Conjunctions, then native would be connected to those professions where Heat is necessary - like boilers, ovens, furnaces, heaters, or making steel vessels too (Where steel is required to be heated in order to get its shape).

Mats and Mercury can make one connected to property dealings. Mars and the Sun together can make one a big officer and rich (Both are Kshatriya Grahas and Male connected to Governance).

Mars and Moon together (with Mars having more degrees) can make one a constructor/builder who would build bridges over the rivers and flyovers in the cities, where it may be required. If along with this combo, the Sun is also strong in the Horoscope then he can acquire Government Contracts (Tenders) for such works. A Strong Benefic Mars will make the native a "Purushaarthi" and he will get great organisational capabilities.

If Mars, Sun and Jupiter are all strong in the Horoscope then one can also become a Defense Minister. A strong Mars will increase one's intelligence, but will also simultaneously increase characteristics like braveness, fearlessness etc. in the native. If the Debilitated Mars is placed in the Lagna (or aspecting the same), with Saturn or Rahu aspecting this Mars, then native may be involved in violence, illegal activities and those which are related to Fire explosions.

Mars placed in 11th House, would make the native sell out his goods at a low price (profit margins) so that there is a fast rotation in turnovers. Mars whether in its own Sign, Exalted, or Debilitated, but if aspected by a Malefic then it may make the native a cruel one (who would fight unnecessarily), without caring for his own reputations, but who will reach his destination by hook or by crook.

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Ganesha's Grace,
Bhaskar Jyotish
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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