Sun Signs and Dating Dampeners

Sun Signs-based Red flags that tell that 'HE' may not be really the 'catch' you had believed him to be till now...

Dating red flags for your man

Every sun sign has negative traits that manifest in their personality. In the dating game, if you are aware of the particular drawbacks that your date may have, it will only help you stay prepared!

Dating red flags for your man Aries
His Negative Side
The typical characteristic of the Aries male can be his waning of interest in you after he has attained success in the game of attraction. As long as his object of interest is unattainable and poses a challenge to him, the prospects of wooing you may seem appealing. But as soon as he has made the conquest, the interest just fades away. This could also result in his flirting with other females regardless of your presence. Also, take care not to invite the wrath of the Aries male, for unless the energy within him is properly channelised, it could result in bouts of anger.

Dating red flags for your man Taurus
His Negative Side
After the initial excitement of romance, when things start getting familiar, the Bull takes a almost passive approach in everything related to love, and he may seem to be too static. The Bull male has the tendency to cut the cheapest deal, often leading to dating venues that are cheap, of poor taste and lacking verve. He also has a tendency of resorting to alcohol and drugs without being considerate of others in his company.

Dating red flags for your man Gemini
His Negative Side
A Gemini male, can seem to be totally unfamiliar and lost in his own world, barely paying attention to you, even attending work related calls while on a date. The Twins, possessing the gift of gab, may gobble up all the time, chatting away to glory, without even giving you a chance to respond and air your thoughts. Also, some can be philanderers, having their interests diverted to many females simultaneously, and you never know, who is on his mind, while he is sweet talking you.

Dating red flags for your man Cancer
His Negative Side
The sensitive Cancer male can often retreat in his shell and can be bitter as he cannot take any type of criticism positively. By being far too moody, he can easily recoil and appear sullen, dousing the flames of your passion on a date. This sensitive nature combined with a propensity for widely fluctuating mood swings, can make him prone to emotional disturbances, which becomes almost impossible for you to handle.

Dating red flags for your man Leo
His Negative Side
The big cats, grand in their style and vision, may take you for granted, especially if you are submissive or sincere in your love. He is often hungry for attention, and also may often test your affection, by playing too pricey to get. Often bragging and intimidating others with his swagger and tyranny, he may be insensitive to your needs and emotions.

Dating red flags for your man Virgo
His Negative Side
The Virgo male can be cold and caustic, providing you with his blunt overview of your appearance, along with suggestions for improvements. His obsession for cleanliness and hygiene can be a pain in the neck, and can get distracted due to these issues, to the point of no return. His can criticise the food you prepare for him, pointing out your shortcomings, without any consideration of your efforts. For him, attaining perfection is serious business.

Dating red flags for your man Libra
His Negative Side
The Libra male can vanish in thin air when faced with any type of confrontation. Hence, hold your horses if you expect the Libra male to take charge of the situation. He can be timid and conventional, lacking a sense of adventure. In addition, a Libra male has the tendency to live in his own dream world, without showing any concern for some practical action.

Dating red flags for your man Scorpio
His Negative Side
Once the initial phase of putting the best foot forward has passed, the Scorpio male can show his true colours by turning into a threatening detective. He can interrogate you for your whereabouts as he tightens his stifling grip and wants total control over you. If he ever senses that he has been double crossed, he can exhibit extreme volatility of temperament. His icy cold vibes and morbid jealousy can extinguish any enthusiasm you may have left for him.

Dating red flags for your man Sagittarius
His Negative Side
Forget extracting some form of commitment from the Archer guy, even if you think you both understand each other well by now. He may seem to be quite sincere and caring initially, but for him, familiarity breeds contempt, so he may slip away into a world of his own, without a bother. For him, being physical in a relationship is just a part of the game, emotional union may not be high on his agenda. Last but not the least, you cannot expect even an iota of permanence in your relationship. He is always open for an upgrade, once he lays his eyes on someone better.

Dating red flags for your man Capricorn
His Negative Side
The Capricorn male can be self-centred, and treat you just as another opportunity to reach the pinnacle of success, which is always his first priority. Often becoming ill-at-ease, wary and cautious, as you try in vain to break his stiff resistance to your advances. In extreme cases, just as you thought things have settled down, he may exhibit a total disinterest in you. The onus will be on you to make him aware of your presence. As for him, it doesn't matter.

Dating red flags for your man Aquarius
His Negative Side
The Water Bearer can get unreasonably insecure in one on one encounters. Just when you expected a deeper emotional bond, he may become totally detached. He may show more concern about global warming than to your thoughts and feelings. His eccentric approach may leave you dazed, and he may seem to be extremely dogmatic about his opinions.

Dating red flags for your man Pisces
His Negative Side
Due to his idealistic nature, a Pisces male can sometimes expect too much from the date, leading to a sure shot disappointment. Due to his over-sensitive nature and fragile emotions, it may become difficult for you to handle him, not knowing which mood he may exhibit. He may also develop cold feet for commitment, and evade you completely. He may fail to rise to the occasion, and may become an escapist.


13 Feb 2015

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