Child Birth Related Problems

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Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

    • Know Your Obstacles

      Know the hindrances to childbirth in your chart and do away with them

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      Manually written solutions to be provided by specialised astrologers

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      Answers to be provided based on your detailed horoscope analysis

    • Time-Tested Vedic Method Adapted

      Find the solutions to your problems with the time-tested vedic remedies.

  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Malav Bhatt

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Tanmay Thakar

    Experience 22 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Bhavesh Pattni

    Experience 27 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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Speak and share with us – we are your trusted friend, astrologer and guide. And, let us see at your issue from a new perspective. Sometimes, it’s not the medical intervention, but the divine intervention that works…


We will analyse your and your spouse’s Horoscopes to reveal what may be blocking your path to the unique happiness only parent-hood can bring. We will clearly tell you why, why not and if, at all!

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The analysis of your Horoscopes will allow us to bring you the answer to your specific query related to Child-birth, the reasons for the problems you are facing and even the appropriate time-frames.

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On the basis of your Horoscopes and the principles of Vedic astrology, we shall suggest personalised remedies like gemstones, yantra, rudraksha for you, which will help you in fulfilling your dream.

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Shri Bejan Daruwalla has personally trained The GaneshaSpeaks Team of astrologers who shall be working on your report. They are also the official successors to Bejan’s astrological legacy.

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Yes, we work super hard to deliver all the reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). You get accurate and reliable guidance well in time!

Why should I opt for Precise Answer-Property report?

  • You will get a chance to look at your particular problem with an astrological perspective
  • We will analyse your and your partner’s horoscopes to tell you what are the obstacles in your inability to conceive, and suggest appropriate remedies
  • This forecast will tell you about the most favourable time spans for conception, thus increasing your chances of becoming a happy parent

How can you use this report to your advantage?

  • The detailed analysis you get for the question asked will help you see reality clearly
  • Also, the report will tell you whether you should seek medical treatment for the conception issue, or should you go in for some other remedy
  • You will be able to address your concerns about conception or your pregnancy period or even adoption, if the need be
  • Remedies suggested shall help you get rid of the negative planetary aspects, if any, and try for conception during the most favourable time-periods

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy the Child Birth Related Problems report?

    The planetary positions in your Birth Chart can indicate the problems you are facing or may face in future, related to child birth. Through Vedic astrology, many concerns about conception or the pregnancy period or even adoption can be addressed, thereby bringing you immense peace of mind. Sometimes, all you need is assurance, and this Report, with its clear answer, shall bring you that and more.

  • Is it possible to get a Child Birth Related Problems report done, if I do not have the full birth details of my spouse?

    You and your partner are an equal part of the conception process, and that is why Astrology deems it best to consider both the partners’ Horoscopes to arrive at a 100% reliable and accurate answer, pertaining to the issue of Child-birth. However, by looking at your Chart only, it is possible to predict whether you can be a parent or not and when, but to arrive at an absolutely reliable answer, we will need your partner’s complete birth details.

  • Will the personal information I share with you be kept confidential?

    Absolutely yes. We ensure that all the information you provide us as our customers is kept strictly confidential, and is employed only for the astrological calculations.

  • Can you give me the contact details of your customers who have already purchased the Child Birth Related Problems report?

    We treat all our customers with utmost respect and care. For the same reason, we do not share any of our customers’ contact details as a policy, as it is important for us to honour the confidentiality clause.

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  • I shared a very cordial relationship with my spouse since we got married about six years ago. However, despite consulting various doctors and undergoing many treatments, we were unable to conceive. Then last year, a family friend suggested that I seek astrological guidance from GaneshaSpeaks. Just a couple of months after buying this product and following the remedies mentioned therein, I am happy to report that my wife conceived and we had a baby girl late last year. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly to anyone with the same problem. My heart is filled with gratitude.
    Review by Rohan Mistry, Vadodara.

  • We were hesitate in taking the astrological guidance in such a issue but GaneshaSpeaks helped us like a friend and they have guided us properly with their accurate predictions. Now after a year we are blessed with a baby girl. And we would like to thank the astrologers team for the same
    Review by Sumitra , Dehradun

  • I had a late marriage, at 32, about three years ago, and therefore wanted to conceive as soon as possible, but it did not happen for more than a year, causing me great anxiety. While surfing the net one day I stumbled on to and found this product, and immediately bought it. The report helped me calm down and also look beyond the solutions that medical science offers.
    Review by Reema Singh, Ludhiana.

  • We were trying to conceive from 8 years but all our scientific efforts proved unsuccesful. One of my friend suggested to try astrological guidance. We purchased this product for our child birth related problems and we got good news in just a year. Our family is blessed because of Ganeshaspeaks.
    Review by Giriraj, Rajkot

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