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  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

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Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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      Know your mutual compatibility and take a well-informed decision

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      Hand-written report by experts in the love domain

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      Get vedic remedies to improve your luck with your partner

  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Malav Bhatt

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Tanmay Thakar

    Experience 22 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Bhavesh Pattni

    Experience 27 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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You and Your Beloved…

Your and your beloved’s Horoscopes shall be at the centre of this Report, helping you know yourself and your loved one like never before – a must for a good and strong relationship.


Love and relationships, when sorted can make our worlds blissful. And, when they go wrong, the life is, well, in the dumps. So, it is highly important that you double-check and safeguard this equation – if it is going wrong, or before taking it to the next level.

The Positives and Negatives…

The detailed analysis of your Horoscopes shall allow us to look at the planetary picture that may be responsible behind any issues you may be facing, pertaining to your relationship. We will clearly specify that as well as the positives and negatives of your relationship.

The Corrective Action!

On the basis of your Horoscopes and the principles of Vedic astrology, we shall suggest you personalised remedies like gemstones, yantra, rudraksha to neutralise any negative influences and brighten your relationship.

Expert Guidance

Shri Bejan Daruwalla has personally trained The GaneshaSpeaks Team of astrologers who shall be working on your report. They are also the official successors to Bejan’s astrological legacy.

72 Hours Delivery

Yes, we work super hard to deliver all the reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). You get accurate and reliable guidance well in time!

Why should I opt for Precise Answer-Property report?

  • Understand your relationship like never-before – an unbiased, holistic perspective
  • Know clearly the strong and weak points of your relationship
  • Understand your partner better and get an in-depth, clear and concise answer to your specific query
  • Decide whether and how to take your relationship to the next level.

How is your guidance helpful?

  • Astrology can unravel the mystery of your relationship potential by pin-pointing the areas/ qualities that may be conflicting or causing problems in your relationship
  • This knowledge will help you and your partner in understanding each other better, and analyse your relationship quotient
  • You will be able to handle your relationship better, and will manage to adapt well to each other’s unique qualities
  • The practical, astrological remedies will bring positivity and happiness to your relationship

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How accurate is this Couple Analysis report?

    Our reports come with the GaneshaSpeaks guarantee. And, our astrologers are thorough professionals dedicated and determined to deliver highly accurate and reliable reports, each time, every time.

  • Why should I buy a Couple Analysis report?

    If you are facing problems in your relationship or wish to further enhance your relationship quotient, this service is meant for you. Also, if you still are at the experimentation stage, and are wondering if this person is right for you, this service makes sense. The report will give you an in-depth understanding about the equation between you and your partner, so that you have a clear perspective about your future and areas that need work.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    Absolutely yes! All our customer’s details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give our customer information to anyone, come what may.

  • What if I do not have my partner’s birth details?

    Your love life is a sum total of two of you – involved in this relationship. And, that is why to get a complete, in-depth analysis of your Couple-dom, it is important that we have To get a complete and 100% astute astrological perspective, you will need the complete birth details of your partner as well as yours.

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  • We had consulted ganeshaspeaks for me and my husbands couple analysis, and they provided us with perfect analysis which has helped us to live a happy life together.Thanks GaneshaSpeaks
    Review by Shruti, Chennai

  • My familty followed arrange marriage system, and my all compatablity check were done with the help of Couple analysis only. This report has helped me to get married to person who is perfect for me.
    Review by Shirish, Bangalore

  • A colleague of mine had proposed to me. I, too, liked him, but was not confident whether we would make a compatible couple, so when a relative suggested this product, I bought it and they fully addressed all my concerns, and also suggested some remedies to overcome some minor obstacles. After, having followed the recommendations, my marriage was solemnised a few months ago. This product is ideal for anyone in the same condition that I was in.
    Review by Ruchi Ghate, Pune.

  • I really liked a girl in my neighbourhood, and used to get very excited whenever she spoke to me. I was deeply in love with her and wanted to marry her, but was not sure whether she felt the same way about me. Upon a friend's suggestion, I bought this product, Couple Analysis, from, which I am happy to state not only answered all my doubts, but also suggested me the best time to propose. I am now happily married to her. Thanks GaneshaSpeaks.
    Review by Rajiv Nair, Bangalore.

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