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  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

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    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

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Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

  • Knowledge And Planning

    Know In Which Time Frames Do Planets Support Buying/Selling Property

  • The Report's Purpose

    Make Investment Decisions Based On Your True Desire And Necessity

  • Thorough Analysis Of Your Horoscope

    Astrologers Expert In Business Decisions Will Do Your Detailed Horoscope Analysis

  • Traditional Guidance

    Our Guidance Will Be Based On The Tenets Of Vedic Astrology.

  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Malav Bhatt

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Tanmay Thakar

    Experience 22 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Bhavesh Pattni

    Experience 27 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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Your Hand-written report will contain…

You…at the centre!

Your personal Horoscope shall be at the centre of this report, and that is why the answer you get shall be 100% applicable to your situation.

Your Financial Prospects…

Through this reading, our expert astrologers will be able to look through your life and financial prospects, thereby helping you take right investment decisions.

Suitable areas for investment…

Once you get a clear idea about your wealth and investment prospects, we will also tell you the areas that would be suitable for you to invest in. If you have already chosen an area for investment, we will tell you whether it is suitable as per your Horoscope or not.

Remedial Solutions

Thanks to the wisdom of Vedic astrology, we shall be able to suggest you practical remedies like gemstones, yantra, rudraksha to help you enhance your wealth prospects and get better gains from your investments.

Expert Guidance

Bejan Daruwalla has personally trained The GaneshaSpeaks Team of astrologers who will be generating your report. They are also the official successors to Bejan’s astrological legacy.

72 Hours Delivery

Yes, we work hard to deliver all reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). So that you can get accurate and reliable guidance to make a positive difference in your life.

Why should I opt for Precise Answer-Property report?

  • To understand the best times to buy or sell property, whether your current planetary configurations favour such deals and when you will be able to strike the most profitable deal
  • This report will help you take informed decisions, helping you avoid incurring losses
  • If you need to wait for better times, you can utilise the present time to hunt for the best and most suitable property for you
  • The detailed analysis will even help you in better selection of a property or will help you fetch the best price, if you wish to sell

How is your guidance helpful?

  • In making decisions based on your true desire and necessity, keeping your financial condition in mind
  • To help you make the most profitable property decisions, giving you the success, happiness and prosperity that you deserve
  • It will help you in leading a more comfortable life, which has a direct bearing on your happiness and overall efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you predict accurately about my making the most profitable property decisions?

    We use the age old wisdom of Vedic Astrology to study your Horoscope in great detail. Vedic Astrology can bring you great insights about the best time to buy or sell property. Our findings are based on a rigorous analysis of your Birth Chart. Quality checks are performed at every stage to bring you accurate and relevant suggestions.

  • How will taking a Property related astrological guidance help me?

    It is never too late to make a change for the better, and when it is about property, which is a huge investment, astrology can be your most able guide. Based on your birth details, this personalised report shall help you find your dream property. Your future is in your hands, and with your positive approach, you can change it for the better.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential ?

    Absolutely yes! All our customer details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.

  • I have certain other specific issues regarding my assets and properties. Will you suggest some other report?

    You can try our related products such as Property Ask A Question, or Property Ask 3 Questions, or you can browse our Property Section to check the other listed services.

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  • GaneshaSpeaks helped me in selling out the property on time. If I have not sold that property in that specified time, I would have incurred the loses. Thanks to the team of astrologers
    Review by Janki, Gujarat

  • There was a house in an upmarket area that I wanted to buy last year. I even had enough funds to make the down payment, and the builder assured me that as soon as I booked it, he would provide the requisite papers so I could obtain a loan to pay the remaining amount. However, my wife felt uncomfortable about the idea of an immediate purchase. We decided, as suggested by a friend, to try this product to find out the favourable time to buy the house, and Ganesha asked us to wait for another six months, which we did and now we both are happy we waited, as we have received some unexpected funds and did not have to take a loan. Keep it up, Ganesha!
    Review by Vikram Karunakaran, Bangalore.

  • Current trend in real estate is a bit scary for someone like me who belongs to lower middle class family. But trust my words, GaneshaSpeaks has saved me from incurring huge loss by suggesting me the perfect time for selling my property.
    Review by Mr. Khurana, Punjab

  • I wanted to sell my 2BHK apartment in Lodhi Garden two years ago and buy a 3BHK flat in an area close to my office in Nizammudin. My financial position was such that I had to first sell my existing flat, and only then would I be able to buy the new flat, but I was not getting the price I wanted for my old house. When I bought this product, Ganesha suggested that I should make re-doubled efforts between March and August, 2011, and even suggested remedies, which worked out perfectly and now we are living comfortably hardly two kilometres from my office. Great work, Ganesha.
    Review by Vinod Sharma, New Delhi.

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