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Your Janampatri is an INTERPRETATION of the sky at the exact time of your birth.

It can describe everything about YOU and the EVENTS likely to happen in Your life.

This knowledge can make your life better, get your JANAMPATRI NOW

Basic Janampatri

15 Pages

  • Detailed Interpretation for all 9 Planets
  • Overview of next 5 Years (Mahadasha)
  • Overview on Areas of your Life

Essential Janampatri

19 Pages

Basic Janampatri
  • 5 Years Annual Prediction
  • Overview of next 10 Years (Mahadasha)
  • Free ASK A Question

Special Janampatri

29 Pages

Essential Janampatri
  • 10 Years Annual Prediction
  • Overview of next 20 Years (Mahadasha)
  • Positive Planetary Combinations, Conjunction and Birth Nakshatra
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Benefits Of Janampatri

  • Personalisation

    Our Experts create your Janampatri according to your birth details. It is completely personalised for you.

  • Accuracy

    Interpretation of the sky at the time of your birth is an art that our Experts have mastered. This means that your Janampatri will be incredibly accurate.

  • Power to You

    In-depth knowledge about yourself contained in the Janampatri empowers you to progress faster

  • Win, Win, Win

    Your Janampatri also contains information about future events. This gives you the strategic advantage in life to be a Winner.

  • Solve Permanently

    Remedies to solve harmful planetary combinations are provided in your Janampatri. These are long term and generally permanent in nature.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not happy with the Janampatri for any reason whatsoever, we will make all possible efforts to help you. Just reach out to us and we will take care. It's a promise.


JANAMPATRI was a good report and helpful in my career and other perspectives of my life. thank you.

Neelam shah

I feel blessed to seek your support and efficient timely services from your best team members who are enthusiastic and too honest. with full hearted I want to convey thanks.

Anita kumari

Very insightful and thorough analysis in my JANAMPATRI. This will help me tremendously in my decision making. Thank you.

Pavundhren Govender
Bejan Daruwalla's Team Of Experts
  • Your Janampatri is prepared by our team of Experts trained by Mr. Bejan Daruwalla.
  • Get benefitted by their immense experience, 20+ years for each astrologer in the team.
  • In case you need clarifications after receiving Your Janampatri, our team of Experts are happy to help.
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