Holy Ganesha Idol – Attuned by Shri Bejan Daruwalla

Bring home specially invoked idol of Lord Ganesha..

Hand-Written by GaneshaSpeaks Team

    • Material

      Brass - Super fine quality.

    • Size

      Height=14 cm, Width=10 cm, Base=5 cm

    • Weight

      Appr. 1 KG

    • Energised and Activated

      Energised by Bejan Daruwalla in presence of Brahmins chanting Vedic Mantras

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Why should I purchase Lord Ganesha's idol from you?

  • Made from the finest brass, keeping in view the minutest details, this Lord Ganesha idol has been duly attuned and invoked. It is no ordinary idol, but a divine symbol representing our beloved Lord Ganesha.
  • This idol has been worshipped by none other than Shri Bejan Daruwalla, who has spent many years of his life, revering Lord Ganesha. We also sanctify Lord Ganesha's idol with Vedic Mantras - Amrut Dravya, which will let you obtain best results.
  • We provide you guidance for instituting Lord Ganesha's idol, with detailed information required to carry the Pooja/ regular worship at home.
  • You get this Lord Ganesha idol with just one click! [You can also easily buy Yantra, Ratna, Rudrakash and Shivling from our website. To order the brass idol of Lord Ganesha or for any assistance, contact our customer care team at solutions@ganeshaspeaks.com.]

How shall the product be beneficial to me?

  • Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved Hindu Gods. His blessings have been known to bring all sorts of happiness and success to the worshipper, and thus, you too shall also be able to get great benefits by keeping and worshipping a divine Ganesha idol at your home.
  • Through the Vedic Mantras chanted by Brahmins in presence of Shri Bejan Daruwalla, this idol has been sanctified. Plus, we provide you detailed information pertaining to Lord Ganesha's regular Pooja/ Worship in advance. Thus, we will let you know all you can do to create positive energy using this idol.
  • Lord Ganesha's idol is made of high quality brass, and can be kept for years, without any degradation of metal. Any pooja offerings that you make to this idol – water, sindoor, flowers etc. - will not adversely affect the metal.
  • Prior to buying Lord Ganesha's idol, you can get accurate guidance by directly Talking to our Astrologer, who will provide you 100% personalised and reliable advise, which will give you clear and precise understanding of your problem along with the remedial measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I institute Lord Ganesha's Idol in my home?

    Yes, you can institute Lord Ganesha's idol at the place of worship in your home with a specific ceremony/ ritual performed, and thereafter you can perform regular worship of Lord Ganesha. We will give you a leaflet with this idol, which will have all the required details for instituting the idol at home and worshipping it later on.

  • Shall I be able to obtain the same results, if I worship Lord Ganesha's photo?

    When you worship Lord Ganesha or observe fasting, certainly you obtain results. However, according to the Hindu scriptures, instituting Lord Ganesha's idol and worshipping has a special significance. At the time of Lord Ganesha's idol institution in the place of worship – the chanting of appropriate Vedic mantras is performed and specific rituals are followed, and thereafter Lord Ganesha's presence is felt at the worship place, which is recommended for worship.

  • Is it necessary to take the advice of an expert astrologer before instituting Lord Ganesha's Idol at my home?

    Basically, instituting Lord Ganesha's idol and performing regular worship shall bring solution/ remedy to all types of your problems. And, to perform this advice is not required. However, if you desire to obtain an early remedy to some specific problem that you may have been facing in your life, it is recommended that you take the advice of an expert astrologer, before moving forward.

  • Why I need to purchase Lord Ganesha's idol that is sanctified through worship - in order to perform regular worship?

    Lord Ganesha's idol should be pure, sanctified through chanting Vedic mantras - Amrut Dravya, and it should be instituted in a clean place of worship to obtain optimal results. When you perform regular worship wholeheartedly, you shall be protected by the blessings of Lord Ganesha, which shall keep you away from all types of difficulties and hurdles in your life; and you and your family shall receive happiness, prosperity and peace. After instituting Lord Ganesha's idol in your home, you can use the detailed information provided by us to worship Lord Ganesha. Ensure that the place of worship in your home and is kept neat and clean

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  • Panchdhatu Ring
  • Ritual Service
  • Delivery 3-7 working days

100% Safe and Secure

  • There were many problems in my life. Especially, when I start any work after proper planning, the beginning is very good. However, after some time I often face one or the other hurdle, and then I would either fail or have to leave the work incomplete. As recommended by my friend, I took guidance from the astrologers of GaneshaSpeaks.com and regularly started worshipping Lord Ganesha. In fact, thereafter my life has changed completely and by the grace of Lord Ganesha, I achieved the desired success in my every task.
    Review by Ashwin Joshi, Bhuj

  • When my son was small, he was very clever in his studies. However, when he came in secondary school, he did not pay any attention to his studies due to the company of bad friends, and his results declined continuously. He also had memory problems. During this time I obtained advice from the astrologers of GaneshaSpeaks.com and instituted Lord Ganesha's idol in my home, and all my family members also started to worship Lord Ganesha regularly. Thereafter, my son started to pay a lot of attention towards his studies, and now besides studies he also performs very well in various other activities
    Review by Garima, Banaskantha

  • There were serious misunderstandings and conflicts regarding my grandfather's property in my family. The situation was getting bad to worse by the day. I knew about Inheritance Ask a Question report as one of my friends had purchased it and was quite happy with the astrological guidance and services. I thought to give it a shot. And I am so glad that I ordered this report. The advice helped me find a way out of that problematic situation. I am also very satisfied with the customer care department of this website.
    Review by Amardeep Shrivastav, Ajmer

  • The one thing I found impressive about this report is that it touches all areas of your life without being preachy. Besides, it is crisp and to-the-point which is a great feature for a person like me who does not like to read lengthy stuff. And the remedial measures have also been very effective. I also ordered this particular report for my wife and two children. We are very much satisfied with all the four reports.
    Review by Deepak Joshi, Surat

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