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  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Malav Bhatt

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Tanmay Thakar

    Experience 22 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Bhavesh Pattni

    Experience 27 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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Know what matters! Your bond was sealed at birth, and so it is one of the most special ones. Knowing how the stars and planets affect your sibling pair will help you keep the sweetness in this vital relationship alive.

You Two!

You two are unique, your bond lovely! Yes, and you would want to keep it like that – loving and sweet – even when you grow up, go separate ways, meet your prospective partners and more. Your Horoscopes will help us tell you all about your bond and future.

Sibling Love…

So, you are the pods of the same pea! Yet, you two different people, liable to conflicts, despite immense love. This Horoscope analysis will help you understand your sibling better, so you respect him/ her for these differences and adapt to bridge this gap.

Corrective Action!

On the basis of your Horoscopes and the principles of Vedic astrology, we shall suggest you personalised remedies like gemstones, yantra, rudraksha to neutralise negative influences, which may affect your relationship.

Expert Guidance

Shri Bejan Daruwalla has personally trained The GaneshaSpeaks Team of astrologers who shall be working on your report. They are also the official successors to Bejan’s astrological legacy.

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Yes, we work super hard to deliver all the reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). You get accurate and reliable guidance well in time!

Why should I opt for Precise Answer-Property report?

  • To understand your sibling better
  • To enhance your bond of love with your sibling
  • To resolve differences and conflicts, if any, and lead a happier, calmer life
  • To safeguard your precious relationship from negative influences

How is your guidance helpful?

  • You shall have more control on your life and relationships, and thus would be happier and would be poised to lead a more fulfilling life.
  • Once you get to understand your sibling, you will treat them with a new found respect
  • If there are any differences between you two, you can resolve them better, once you understand your sibling, his/ her motivations and the future, as a whole

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How accurate is this report?

    Our reports come with the GaneshaSpeaks guarantee. And, our astrologers are thorough professionals dedicated and determined to deliver highly accurate and reliable reports, each time, every time.

  • Why this Report?

    Even as you grow and start living a new life, your sibling/ s are a permanent part of your life. Your love for them is unique, and nothing else can substitute that love. So, it’s imperative that you take efforts to maintain and nurture this beautiful bond. Use the wisdom of Astrology to enhance this bond, resolve your differences or get closer to each other.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential ?

    Absolutely yes! All our customer’s details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may. You may even choose to remain anonymous, and we still don’t have a problem in creating your Chart.

  • I don’t need this Report. But, I would like to do a Compatibility check with other people in my life, like my boss and even my partner. Can I do that?

    Yes! Our comprehensive Relationships and Sex section contains services meant for various aspects of your life, including a Colleague/ Co-worker Compatibility Reading and a Compatibility Assessment Reading that will fulfil your need.

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  • Thanks to GaneshaSpeaks, I am now enjoying a good relationship with my brother as I understand his motives and actions better. This is all due to the report I ordered via the GaneshaSpeaks website, now I have practically no problems with my brother. I always consult their expert astrologers for advise on any important issue and also for their easy and cost effective remedies.
    Review by Barun, Dibrugarh

  • I had several differences with my sister and we both had arguments on petty issues, day in and day out. I was fed up with this, so I decided to avail GaneshaSpeak's help to resolve my situation. I was not disappointed, since the advise in their report helped me to strike a good rapport with my sis. Thank you guys, you rock!
    Review by Swati Motwani, Adipur

  • I was not a firm believer of astrology and never thought that the remedial measures work. But changed my perception completely. I was suggested to establish a Ganesh Yantra in my pooja ghar and offer prayers to it regularly. I noticed the changes on the career front soon after I started worshipping the Yantra. Now I strongly believe that these measures do work if one follows them religiously. A big 'thank you' to the team for helping me speed up my career growth.
    Review by Nihar Pandya, New York

  • I am in awe of the accurate assessment done by GaneshaSpeaks regarding my love life. As I was attracted to my best friend, it was not possible for me to propose her out the the blue, as I didn't want to offend her and lose her in the process. GaneshaSpeaks understood my problem and offered me their Friends or Lovers product, catering to my need perfectly. Their accurate analysis of my situation and guidance helped me to handle this situation in an effective and successful manner. All thanks to these guys, I am in a happy relationship with my girlfriend. I gladly recommend this website to all those who need help in any matter. These guys are pros in astrology, and you can be assured of quality service.
    Review by Vishal M, Pune

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