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  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

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    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

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Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

    • Your Compatibility Card

      Understand the pros & cons of your relation with your business partner

    • Hand-written By Experts

      Fully personalised & handwritten reports based on birth-charts

    • Required Details

      Birth date, time and place required for you and your partner

    • Your Personal Astrologer!

      Additionally also get Vedic Remedies

  • Dharmesh Joshi

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Malav Bhatt

    Experience 15 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Tanmay Thakar

    Experience 22 Years GaneshaSpeaks Team

Astrologers trained by Bejan Daruwalla

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Your Hand-written report will contain…

Your perspective…

Your Horoscope analysis will help us tell you your real perspective about your work, your possible equation with your boss and colleagues and your comfort level at your work-place – even your subconscious thoughts.

The Other perspective…

What do your seniors expect from you? If you give the birth details of your boss, we will also analyse his/ her Horoscope to bring you vital insights about his/ her personality, his/ her ways, shortcomings, requirements and even motivations.

Complete Picture!

Once both the Horoscope are read and analysed, we will be able to tell you all about your strengths, weaknesses, the equation, the issues, whether you will be able to solve them and even a consolidated Astro Advice – that will help you vastly!

Solutions – take corrective action!

On the basis of your Horoscopes and the principles of Vedic astrology, we shall suggest you personalised remedies like gemstones, yantra, rudraksha to neutralise negative influences.

Get expert guidance

Shri Bejan Daruwalla has personally trained The GaneshaSpeaks Team of astrologers who shall be working on your report. They are also the official successors to Bejan’s astrological legacy.

72 Hours Delivery

Yes, we work super hard to deliver all the reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). You get accurate and reliable guidance well in time!

Why Should I Buy This Report?

  • Share your confusion with us, and relieve yourself of your burden
  • To get peace of mind and feel more confident about this business equation
  • To get clarity in the matters, if there are trust issues, if you can’t decide whether to enter a partnership with this person
  • Once you know the real picture, you will be able to take smarter decisions and make tighter strategies

How Is Your Guidance Helpful?

  • Your business will get a boost from these insights
  • Your equation with your partner may change for the better, or you may be able to make necessary adjustments to lead a stress free life
  • Efficiency of both of you will improve and so shall your confidence
  • Remedial solutions will help you reduce negativity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How accurate is this report?

    Our reports come with the GaneshaSpeaks guarantee. And, our astrologers are thorough professionals dedicated and determined to deliver highly accurate and reliable reports, each time, every time. If you manage to give the complete birth details of your business partner or a probable associate, the accuracy of the answer will be very high.

  • Why this Report?

    This can be a very useful report, if your equation with you business partner is causing you heartburn or there are trust issues. Also, if you would like to enhance this business-relationship, this can be useful service for you. If there are conflicts between you and your partner that are compelling you to even contemplate a break/ change, the situation is dire, and also calls for this service. You will get a Horoscope based perspective, something that will change your relationship for good, by bringing you an unbiased perspective.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    Absolutely yes! All our customer’s details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may. You may even choose to remain anonymous, and we still don’t have a problem in creating your Chart.

  • Do I need to give my business partner’s/ probable associate’s Birth Details? I don’t have them!

    It is important and will help if you have your business partner’s complete birth details – date, time, place as these are required to create an accurate Horoscope. But, if you don’t have them, at least let us know of their birth date, but in that case the accuracy rate of the answer may get affected. We can do a report basis your Horoscope, but doing it basis both the Horoscopes will be ideal.

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  • I was on a lookout for a suitable business partner to invest both capital and expertise in my garment business. I had zeroed on some prospective partners, but was unsure about who is more suitable. Then one of my relatives suggested me to take the help of GaneshaSpeaks. I browsed their website, and lapped up their customized report. I had the combined horoscopes of mine and the prospective business partners analysed by their experienced astrologers. Accordingly, I was able to choose the best person, who completely gelled with me and my business, and we have perfect teamwork and synchronisation in all our efforts. I offer my gratitude to GaneshaSpeaks, who helped me in choosing a reliable and trustworthy business partner.
    Review by Devendra Bhasin, Ludhiana

  • I was most of the time at loggerheads with my business partner, who even though was known to me since long, but somehow, our equation didn't match. Then one of my employees suggested me to seek the help of GaneshaSpeaks detailed report. I was surprised with the effect that this report had on my relationship with my business partner. Not only this report gave me a detailed view of the way we both approach the problems confronting our business, it also gave me remedial solutions to increase our teamwork. This has helped both me and my business partner to understand each other in a better way, and work as a single-combined unit. Thanks GaneshaSpeaks, your awesome analysis has made my business grow leap and bounds, and I will continue to seek your guidance in other areas of my life.
    Review by Venkatesh, Hyderabad

  • There were serious misunderstandings and conflicts regarding my grandfather's property in my family. The situation was getting bad to worse by the day. I knew about Inheritance Ask a Question report as one of my friends had purchased it and was quite happy with the astrological guidance and services. I thought to give it a shot. And I am so glad that I ordered this report. The advice helped me find a way out of that problematic situation. I am also very satisfied with the customer care department of this website.
    Review by Amardeep Shrivastav, Ajmer

  • GaneshaSpeaks is like a family now to me. I have consulted them often, and the results have been good, and their analysis straightforward. This time when I was confused about my marriage and it turning into a boring story, I took this report. And, it told me some hidden things about my husband. Thanks GaneshaSpeaks, it's beautiful.
    Review by Cheryl M, Mumbai

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