Weight Loss Through Meditation – The Ultimate Guide

Meditation is truly a great source for your body and mind to get back on track & lose weight too. Meditation won’t help you lose weight overnight; it requires your constant efforts for lasting efforts that will push you even more. When you’re under a lot of stress, you may neglect your diet. This act may affect your health & even sleep. Nonetheless, we will not need to worry much as we will put some light on meditation for weight loss and sleep.

Relation Of Meditation For Weight Loss

Meditation allows both the Conscious and Subconscious mind to agree on the changes that will take place in your body. Those changes include cravings for eating unhealthy food too. Therefore, guided meditation for weight loss is essential for your conscious mind to be trained to ignore unhealthy food. Meditation helps our hormones in reducing stress levels. Stress hormones, like cortisol, indicating our bodies store calories as fat. It takes 25 days of straight meditation to reduce weight as well as stress significantly.

Our body is a mirror of what’s going on in our brains. If our key objective is on weight loss, we’re cutting ourselves off from the emotional and mental beings we are, which helps us understand why weight is important. Sitting quietly allows you to think even more accurately. In this process of thinking, millions of thoughts flow in your mind.

Through guided meditation for weight loss, you’ll get a clear picture of everything in your life. You can start exploring your weight loss motivations and why you haven’t accomplished your goals. You can start thinking of your childhood days where you were being told to finish everything from your plate, chewing food & eating carefully, most importantly, why slimming meditation is needed. You will find yourself becoming much more confident, extra compassionate, and more loving towards the most important person in your life— that’s YOU!

A couple of minutes of daily meditation helps you to gain momentum in your mental state. You’ll have enough mental power to avoid what is not so good for your body. When it comes to losing weight, we typically think of eating a salad instead of burgers. But the definition of weight loss through meditation is wider. Considering some Psychological factors, meditation can help to stop overeating.

One can become so strong mentally that one can say no to his/her bad eating habits. Also, guided meditation for weight loss emotional eating is so important nowadays for people. Your self-controlling power will not only help you to stop eating unhealthy food, but it will develop you to perform different kinds of productive activities. You’ll be able to exercise even more through weight loss meditation.

Doing a daily diet and exercise may not be enough. It would help if you were completely stress-free. Tension releases hormones that hold extra fat – What we don’t want! Time to break the stress. First, identify what things cause you to stress and from where they are coming from. Once you know the real source of it, do meditation for weight loss while you sleep. Yes, you heard that right. This typically means meditating while you’re lying in bed or before going to sleep.

Best Weight Loss Meditation Tips

Give yourself 10 minutes a day and focus on meditation. You’ll need to lock the decision to meditate while paying full focus on yourself. It’s also the right time to maintain a healthy relationship with healthy food. Stay prepared to sacrifice all the unhealthy food that can affect your body.

Find a good place without any distractions. It can be a park or a place where you can get fresh air. You can also choose a specific corner in your house at your convenience. You can sit or lie down, whatever is comfortable for you. If you’re sitting, straight your back, put your hands on the lap, neck relaxed, & Your chin is a little tucked in.

Below are some best weight loss meditation steps:


  1. Please take a deep fresh breath, hold it a few times & then slowly exhale.
  2. Repeat for around 20 seconds; please ensure your gaze is soft or your eyes are closed, and you’re breathing through your nose and your mouth.
  3. Continue breathing naturally.
  4. Analyze your posture, scan your body, and acknowledge your senses.
  5. Concentrate on your breath for 5 – 10 minutes.
  6. Feel the reality and observe your breath.
  7. Start allowing your body to be free.
  8. Be aware of what you’re doing and what you’re going to do.

Mantra’s Magic – Meditation To Lose Weight Fast

A mantra is a string of words that you repeat to yourself to focus your practice and bring you back to the centre when your eyes are closed. You can keep your eyes open if you wish. You can use the mantra-like; ‘I am at peace’ or ‘Om’. Or else, focus on your breathing if you don’t find it comfortable chanting mantras.

Innovative Ideas – Using Meditation To Lose Weight

If you are going for Weight Loss meditation specifically, focus on any particular subject. Listen to people, listen to their weight loss meditation stories & start doing it in your daily life. Whenever you feel, watch and listen to weight loss meditation tips through different sources. Reading is also suggested. See, the more you’ll explore, the more you’ll be aware. This will make you realize your goal & make you mentally strong. You must never lose hope & act always accordingly!

Is There Any Limitation to fat-burning meditation?

Meditation should be used as one of the tools for the entire weight loss kit. For the long term results, you tend to combine diet, exercise & meditation in your daily lifestyle. Your dedication is the key factor. You ought to stick to the constant practice of the following diet, exercising & meditating. In this way, doing meditation for fat loss won’t be added to a negative bucket list. Once you constantly follow meditation for 21 days, it may eventually become your habit.

Mindful Meditation Techniques For Weight Loss

Here are some mindful eating techniques that you must consider for weight loss:

  • Avoid fast eating & enjoy your food. Don’t hurry up!
  • Chew properly. Don’t take two bites and gulp down; taste the flavour.
  • Turn off the distractions. Stay away from your cell phone or television.
  • Try to eat in silence.
  • Concentrate on what you’re consuming and how you feel about it.
  • Give up eating when you’re full.
  • Are you physically starving or mentally hungry?

There is no need to attend special expensive classes in the weight loss meditation process or buy some costly things. The most important thing is to spare at least 10 minutes in a day for weight loss meditation. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet place during these 10 minutes.

For all those who find it difficult with emotional eating, feeling stressed may lead to overeating to soothe or avoid these feelings. This can also lead to shame or guilt. It’s time to break the cycle. Meditation not only helps in reducing stress but also makes you conscious when you’re eating or hungry. Meditation also helps in making us more compassionate.

While exercise and diet can help you reach your weight loss goals, meditation, together with exercise and healthy eating, makes weight loss efforts efficient. Hence, weight loss meditation is super beneficial. Meditation reduces cortisol and C-reactive protein levels, which is advantageous to our overall health and helps us maintain a healthy weight.

Studies show that mindfulness meditation can help us control emotional eating and binge eating. Meditation can help us control food cravings and unhealthy eating. So, say bye to the stress and hi to weight loss meditation.

The Game Of Your Mind

Weight loss meditation is not specifically about any particular meditation to burn your fat. It’s also about keeping yourself mentally ready to follow a proper diet and exercise with the power of meditation. This also means that you need to convince your mind to start a whole new ritual in your life.

Many people feel regret when their daily schedule gets affected. This shows how focused they are in their life. Also, no one wants temporary results. One feels extremely frustrated when results are not coming in the long run. That is why one needs to keep his/her mental state so strong that no one can stop him/her. Keep your determination strong to battle this ground of life through meditation, weight loss & take every step with the courage to succeed.

Your mind needs to realize and know ‘what you eat’ and ‘how you eat’. Set a good daily routine first and work accordingly. Note, your behaviour in this routine will be fruitful in the long-term plan of your weight loss meditation chart.  A healthy brain is a healthy body. So, this is how the game of your mind goes. It would help if you were extra alert and active mentally. Whatever decisions you’re taking during the weight loss meditation schedule, you need to act wisely. Set a goal in your mind that ‘I need to lose weight through meditation, diet, and exercise’. The universal energy will try to support you to accomplish your mission.

In Conclusion – Weight Loss Meditation

Meditation can be used in several forms. It’s a path of becoming aware of your wants and objectives and, ultimately, becoming conscious about what you put into your body. This can educate you on how to grow mindful eating habits and guide you on your weight loss plan. This way, you can efficiently use weight loss meditation.

It will help if you keep your mental state alert always. While doing meditation for weight loss, feel motivated & uplifted. You’ll never get good results if you are meditating forcefully; your heart presence is equally important as your breath. Congratulations! On deciding weight loss meditation. Remember, once you have started this dedicatedly, there is no going back.

We hope you’ll follow all the necessary information mentioned regarding the weight loss & you will be succeeding. Keep your banner of hopes and dedication high and run towards your goal of reducing your weight through meditation and another appropriate process. All the very best!