Third Eye Meditation

The third eye has been admired by all cultures since ancient times. It is now known as the pineal gland, but in the metaphysical world, it is also referred to as the third eye. The third eye is regarded as a spiritual symbol that represents our ability to overcome all types of obstacles in everyday life by accessing our inner wisdom.

The third eye, though, is much more than that. The third eye is unquestionably true in most Eastern traditions; it is something that someone with a good sense of self and mindfulness can experience and clearly feel. It is what is known as the connection between our physical and spiritual selves. The third eye opens as we meditate on a regular basis.

The Ajna chakra is referred to as the third eye in Indian spiritual practices. The third eye is the doorway to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In spirituality, the third eye is often associated with liberation or the evocation of intensely personal spiritual or psychological memories. Religious dreams, clairvoyance, the capacity to observe chakras and auras, precognition, and out-of-body experiences are all connected to the third eye.

People who are said to be able to use their third eyes are often referred to as seers. The third eye is said to be situated about the center of the forehead, just above the junction of the eyebrows, in Hinduism and Buddhism, and represents enlightenment gained through third eye chakra meditation. Hindus also wear a “tilaka or bindi” between their brows to reflect the third eye, which can also be seen in Shiva’s gestures. The third eye is known as the “eye of consciousness” by Buddhists and it represents the vantage point from which one can attain enlightenment beyond physical sight.

“Third eye opening meditation” in Taoism and many traditional Chinese religious sects like Chan entails concentrating attention on the point between the eyebrows when the eyes are closed and the body is in various qigong postures. The aim of this meditation for awakening the third eye training is for students to learn how to tune into the correct “vibration” of the universe in order to build a stable basis from which to progress to a more advanced meditative state.

Taoism also believes that the third eye is an eye of the inner self located between the two actual eyes and, when opened, expands up to the center of the forehead. According to Taoism, the third eye is one of the body’s major energy centers, situated at the sixth Chakra and part of the main meridian, which connects the left and right hemispheres of the body.

Ancient Wisdom

Shiva’s third eye was opened, according to legend. In India, there is a deity named Kamadeva who is the god of love and lust. The Kama is the Sanskrit word for desire. Most people are reluctant to confront their feelings of lust. You want it to have some aesthetics, so you call it love. According to legend, Kama hid behind a tree and shot Shiva in the heart with an arrow. Shiva became a little agitated. As a result, he opened his fiery third eye and burned the Kama to ashes. Now, what do we perceive out of this story?

The tale of Shiva and Kama takes on a yogic dimension as a result of this.

Shiva was doing Yoga, which meant he was striving not only to be complete but also to be infinite. Shiva saw the Kama, his own love approaching, and burned it by opening his third eye. Ash fell out of his body, indicating that all the desire in the subtlest form had finally died. By opening his third eye, he was able to experience a dimension inside himself that is outside the physical realm and all of his physical compulsions vanished.

The third eye is an eye that can see things that are not physical. Anything that blocks light is visible to human eyes. Since air does not block light, you cannot see it. However, if there was a small amount of smoke in the air, you would be able to see it because only that which prevents light can be seen. Nothing that enables light to pass through can be seen.

Let us understand the significance of the two sensory eyes. The physical things can be grasped by the sensory eyes. The only way to see something that is not physical in nature is to look inside yourself. When we speak of the third eye, we are referring to the ability to see something that the two visual eyes cannot. The sensory eyes are focused outward. Your interiority, the essence of yourself, and your life is seen through the third eye. It is not a new appendage or a gap in your brow. The third eye is the dimension of vision in which one can experience that which is beyond the physical.

Another factor is that karma has profoundly poisoned the sensory eyes. Karma refers to the lingering effects of past acts. This karmic memory has an effect on everything you see. You cannot help yourself. “He is sweet, he is not nice, he is decent, he is bad,” you would think when you look at someone. Since karmic memory affects your perception and ability to see, you may not be able to see things as they are. It can just show you all in the context of your karma and past memories.

An eye of deeper penetration, free of your past experience, must be opened in order to see something exactly as it is. In India, knowing does not traditionally imply reading books, listening to someone talk, or gathering knowledge. Knowing entails gaining a new perspective or insight into life. Your mind will not be clear no matter how much you ponder and philosophize. It is easy to distort the logical consistency you have created. Difficult conditions will totally destabilize it. You may also say that the stress on logical thinking is aimed at handicapping your intelligent ability to evolve. Only when your inner vision opens up can you achieve perfect clarity. No circumstance or individual in the world has the power to distort your clarity. Your third eye must open in order for true knowledge to emerge.

Significance Of The Third Eye

In Vedic culture, the third eye has particular significance because it reveals many secrets. You can see gods with the third eye in the images and pictures but humans also have a third eye that is waiting to be activated. It must first be awakened before it sees what is difficult for human vision. We have to understand two things. First thing, the energy of the third eye is the same energy that drives two normal eyes. The third eye is inactive and until the normal eye stops seeing, the third eye cannot activate. It is said that when the energy stops flowing in the normal eye, it starts flowing in the third eye. Secondly, when we see with normal eyes, then we really see with a gross body. The third eye is not a part of the gross body but of a subtle one. This is the reason why physiology is not ready to believe that there is a third eye or something like that.

When the energy is moving in the gross body, we can see with our gross eyes. Normal eyes are physical. With these eyes, we cannot see that which is subtle. As soon as the third eye is activated, we enter a new dimension. Now we can see things that are not visible to the gross eye, but they are visible to the subtle eye which is the third eye. When your third eye is active, you can directly look into the soul of other people which cannot be seen by the gross eye. The third eye is part of the astral body. According to Hindu belief, when you die, your gross body dies but your subtle body goes with you and it takes another birth. Until the subtle body dies, you cannot be free from the cycle of birth and death.

The two things of significance are: First, the same energy moves both places. It can be moved in the third eye only by removing it from the normal gross eye. Secondly, the third eye is a part of the subtle body, which we also call the second body. Because the third eye is a part of the microcosm, the moment you see through it, you start seeing the microcosm. It is said that we share this world or earth with many beings of which we are not even aware of. The perfect example for this is the microscopic creatures, but just because we cannot see them does not mean they are not there. When your third eye chakra is activated, you will see the subtler things or beings too, because subtle existence can only be seen with the astral eyes. That is one of the reasons why you might witness some unpleasant experiences by the people who activated their third eye. Though you learn to handle these experiences like this.

The third eye is a scientific fact. The truth is not dependent on scientific discoveries. Today we can interpret these experiences with electronic devices. Earlier the snake was symbolized for Kundalini, now it is identified as electric power, which is more accurate as electricity can run inside the body and not a snake. The human mind has become mature with science. Now he does not need any kind of stories to understand the mystery of the inter-world. If we call the third eye the “pineal gland” then the dimension of understanding it immediately changes. This gland is very sensitive to light and therefore sees and displays light.

Science completely denied God and drowned in the discovery of matter and now scientists searching for matter have collided with God again. Because if you break the substance, in the end, it does not remain, it becomes energy and the scientist is stunned and stands on the banks of the unknowable ocean of existence. This is the reason why there are a lot of scientists who eventually became mystics.

The pineal gland can be seen in the form of a round bulge on the forehead of the chameleon. This pineal gland can receive seven colours as well as ultraviolet rays beyond the violet and also the red or infrared beyond the red. The hormone emanating from this gland is called melatonin and it controls the pigment called melanin. The amount of melatonin is responsible for the differentiation of skin and hair but melatonin is produced by another chemical called serotonin. In a way, the pineal gland is a store of serotonin, and that is how intelligence builds up and develops in the brain. Later scientists came to know that serotonin is also found in bananas, figs, and sycamore. Some scientists say that it is possible that in order for the Lord Buddha to achieve ‘Enlightenment’, there may have been a special addition of serotonin from the fruits of the bodhi tree.

Currently, research on the pineal gland is going on but it would not be irrelevant to say that the pineal gland is related to the third eye and the third eye is a matter of conscious power. Today’s science accepts that we use only a small part of the brain and the major part of the brain is inactive. Scientists say that it is difficult to tell what is hidden in that large inactive part of the brain and that all the deep mysteries of the universe are hidden in this large part and the third eye is related to that unknown and mysterious big part. The third eye is the centre of that big part of the brain, which is called super sense, the imperceptible sense, and the sixth sense. If this centre is fully opened, then the substance will be absorbed and the monolithic power will appear.

Third Eye Meditation Benefits

Let us look at some of the Third Eye Meditation Benefits.

Enhanced empathy and consciousness
Enhanced self- and other-communication
Enhanced source of inspiration
Clear thinking
Enhanced sense of self-awareness
Your acts will have a stronger sense of meaning and motive.

How Do You Know If Your Third Eye Chakra Is Activated?

While it is now known as the pineal gland, it has been referred to as the third eye by paranormal investigators for decades. The third eye is a powerful manifestation of psychic abilities and profound understanding. You may have had moments when you felt a feeling that something was going to happen days before it did. If you don’t know how to make sense of these situations, they can be confusing. Even so, you will continue to learn new things to help you on your spiritual path to clarity. If you think your third eye may be open but are not sure, read the list below to make sure you are on the right track.

Feeling heaviness in your head
Light Sensitivity
Subtle changes in you
Enhanced psychic abilities, like telepathy and clairvoyance
Enhanced ability to see hidden truth
Increased Self-Awareness, especially the subtler inner self
If you do not know what to do with the symptoms of an active third eye, they can be perplexing and even frightening. Meditation and other soothing practices that enable you to communicate more deeply with your spiritual self would be your most valuable asset. Whatever course you chose, remember that all of these manifestations are gifts to be embraced rather than hidden.

Steps Of Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Step 1 Sit in a crossed-legged position or Shavasana

Step 2. Relax your body. You can take help of visualization and breathing techniques

Step 3. Visualize energy entering your body and accumulating between your eyebrows

Step 4. Do not pay attention to the activities of your mind

Step 5. Slowly you will start to feel lighter. Focus on the breath

Step 6. Imagine a white ball of light spinning 360 degrees over you

Step 7. Be inclusive of this ball.

Step 8. Allow the light to spread out through the centre of your eyebrows as it expands.

Step 9. Be inclusive of the rays inward through your forehead and be willing to see whatever comes in front of you.

While the experience may seem dreamlike at first, you will become familiar with it over time and learn to develop and manifest higher awareness in your physical life.

Trataka Meditation of Third Eye

Trataka meditation of the third eye is a tantric form of meditation that involves looking at a single point such as a small object, black dot, or candle flame for yogic purification. The Trataka Meditation of the Third Eye is a meditation for awakening the third eye.

Third Eye Sleep Meditation

For people who cannot or do not want to sit in a crossed leg position, third eye sleep meditation can be done while sleeping. You can take the help of all third eye chakra sound frequencies or music on digital media. Be extremely cautious with these frequencies. If any physical difficulty is observed, immediately discontinue that frequency. This is known as third eye chakra sound frequency 936hz (Binaural Beats) which can be used for third eye sleep meditation.

Third Eye Mirror Meditation

Caution: This is one of those third eye practice techniques that need guidance from an expert or master (Guru).

While practising third eye mirror meditation, you can see faces from past lives, faces of people of different races, and possibly fairies and aliens in the third eye mirror meditation. You can also see demonic images, but do not be alarmed; they are incapable of harming you in any way.

During third eye mirror meditation, you will transcend the boundaries of gender, race, mortality. You have to be careful to not become overwhelmed by its power while using any third eye practice techniques.

And Let’s Take a Meditative Dive Into The Superintelligent Self

To start the spiritual process you do not have to wear saffron, grow a beard, or go to the Himalayas. All that has its significance, but at the least how you perceive things is much more important. Let us think that our universe is a sand particle in the whole cosmos, in that our planets are smaller particles, in that earth is even smaller, in that we are not even a full particle. Now if you can hold this truth in your mind for some time, you automatically will be relieved of your ego and your sense of identity. This is a wonderful state of mind. This is spirituality in a true sense to start with.

Another thing that can make our lives beautiful is our ability to say, “I don’t know.” We have actually never understood the power of this quote. It has immense possibilities. When you say you do not know, it means you are seeking knowledge at the core of yourself. Your subtle yogic journey has already started if you can connect to what is written here. Logic limits your evolution. Logical thinking closes the door of the immense possibilities a human mind has. In contrast to that when you accept that there is something or many things that are out of your perception that needs to be perceived, it is the more intelligent way of living life.

Now when you are strong on your belief that there is a realm outside of your understanding experientially, the next obvious path for you is to discover it. How do you discover it? Just sit in a crossed-legged position, close your eyes, have a smile on your face, and breathe in the golden light of infinite possibilities and breathe out the trap of logical intellect.