Heal Your Mind! Fix Your Body! With Chakra Meditation

Can you attain the next level of spirituality? We all think to connect with the divine self in some way or the other. Yoga gives one option. Another option can be meditation. Meditation not only relaxes the mind and the body, but it also calms the vibration around you. Meditating helps to regain the self-balance between mind and body. There are several types of meditation one can choose, but Chakra meditation is one interesting topic that is still less explored when compared to other types of meditation. It sounds mystic and experts believe that this connects the subconscious energy of the mind with the conscious energy of the body.

The Chakras altogether are a part of cryptic belief about body circulation and psychic centres that emerged in the Indian traditions. It is the belief held from the medieval era that human life coexists in parallel dimensions. The physical body is called the sthula sarira and the psychological or the emotional mind is called the sukshma sarira. Both these states affect each other mutually. The chakras are stated in the Spinal cord and mind in the head. There are several confusions regarding the actual number of chakras ranging from 5 to 7 in different religious sects. According to Buddhism, there are 5 chakras but as per Hinduism, there are 7. Before we know in-depth about the Chakra meditation, let us go in details about the Chakra. For getting deep insight into the Chakra, contact a Chakra meditation expert.

What Is Chakra?

Chakra word originates from the Sanskrit script and it means wheel or disk. The round Chakra represents the circle of energy that unites the mind, body and soul. As per Hindu belief, there are seven baselines of energy centres called Chakras. They are located vertically from the base of the spinal cord to the top of the head in an upright arrow position. Each one of the chakras has its own significance and function. However, one cannot see the Chakra physically. It is more about the energy centres which are present but in abstract form or in the subconscious form. Chakras find support in many ancient Vedic texts both in Yogic science and esoteric Buddhism. Chakra based energy therapy is used in many modern therapeutic techniques. They are associated with colour therapy, Maslow’s hierarchy, childhood developmental theories and many more. So what are the types of chakras? How can they be utilized for the maximum benefits? Let us know.

Types Of Chakras And Their Significance

Talking about types of Chakras, let us go from the base of the arrow towards the top. That is from the base of the spinal cord to the temple of the head. The first one on the list is The Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra

As the name suggests it is the base. In Sanskrit, it is also called the muladhara that is located at the base of the spinal cord. The root chakra meditation impacts the way we assume the outside world and governs the basic need of food, shelter and balance. The native colour is red and it belongs to the earth element.

The Sacral Chakra

This chakra is seated below the navel. It is also called the Svadhisthana. This Chakra is connected intimately with our sexual desires and the subconscious mind’s creativity. The energy of Sacral Chakra urges us to wander and explore the world and use this creative energy to find the Da Vinci within ourselves. It is also significant in accepting the change. The native colour is orange and it belongs to the water element.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

This Chakra is located in between the rib cage and the navel. It is also called Manipura (city of jewels) in Sanskrit. This chakra governs personal growth and self-esteem. It transforms self-esteem into willpower and this willpower turns the desires into action. Physically this helps to regulate the digestive system. The colour of the native is yellow and it belongs to the fire element.

The Heart Chakra

The name says it all. This chakra lies at the core of the cardiovascular system. This Chakra is also called the Anahata, which means unstuck in Sanskrit. It governs the organs like the heart and lungs. The heart is representative of emotion. So Heart chakra meditation influences the person’s emotional quotient, generosity, compassion and ability to connect with others. The colour of the native is green and it belongs to the air element.

The Throat Chakra

In Sanskrit, it is also called the Vishuddha. The throat chakra rules the neck, mouth, tongue and other organs of the throat area. The throat is a representative of communication and expression. So one can guess what this chakra is responsible for. Soft skills are responsible for confidence and understanding. The colour of this chakra is blue and it belongs to the ether element.

The Third Eye Chakra

No points for guessing. This Chakra is located behind the forehead in the space between the two eyebrows. Imagine Lord Shiva’s third eye. It is also called Ajna in Sanskrit. This Chakra governs psychic intuition and insight. This chakra connects mainly with the spiritual levels. The enlightened chakra helps us to receive the signals between the world and beyond. The colour of this chakra is indigo and it belongs to the light element.

The Crown Chakra

This is the crown of the Chakras and it is situated at the top of the head. This is also called the Sahasrara or the thousand petal lotus chakra. It is considered the most spiritual of the core Chakras. This governs the spiritual consciousness and connection with the divine. The colour of this chakra is white and its element connects with the spirit.

So now that you know little about the Chakras, let us know what the Chakra Meditation is. Just a piece of advice. Before you start with the Chakra meditation, it is important for you to know the dangers of Chakra awakening meditation. So always consult an experienced meditation expert before switching to Chakra meditation.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation can become the bulk deal of meditations. It can also be called the 7 Chakra meditation. It is a generalised term for any type of meditation that seems to awaken the blocked chakras and sharpens the power of the energy centres. Chakra meditation can be used for the relaxation of the mind and body. Note that this activation of Chakra requires skill and merely watching any video and practising the art can sometimes not meet your expectation. Chakra meditation for beginners should be done under the supervision of an expert. So it is advisable to get this meditation done by a certified trainer.

However, if your goal is only to get the balance between body and mind or improve the sleep quality then a self-monitored daily Chakra meditation practice should be enough. However, if the intentions are a little deeper then better to go with professionals. So let us know the benefits of Chakra Meditation

Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Now that you know that all the chakras are in line with the spinal cord and the temple of the heart. When the prana or the energy in the seven chakras are dormant, then we might feel negative emotions surrounding us. Awakening the chakras will activate the energy centers and one tends to see life in a new way. This can be a double-edged sword. Activating the chakra in the wrong way can throw negative emotions rather than positive ones. When one meditates, the mind calms down and we tend to negate any negative vibrations surrounding us. The prana gets channelized and we tend to connect our inner divine self with the outward body.

Meditation activates the prana lying dormant in the Muladhara upto the Sahasrara chakra with the spinal cord acting as the tunnel of communication. When each atom of energy reaches the topmost chakra, one starts to experience pleasure and joy. The pleasure-giving neurotransmitter gets fired.

Chakras are the storehouse of enigmatic energy and activation of this chakra in the right manager is needed for good health and wellbeing. According to yoga tradition, when chakras are activated, the energy starts to flow throughout the body, but if they are blocked then the energy strands build up in a sporadic corner. This imbalance in the energy throws the body, mind and soul into disarray. Now that you know a little bit about the Chakra meditation, you must be eager to try it out. Throwing caution to the winds. Try Chakra meditation under the supervision of an expert.