Kids Sleep Meditation: Can Bedtime Meditation help Children Sleep Better?

If you are the parent of a young kid, you always keep your energy to fulfil the requirements of your kids and manage the work and family as well. And from the beginning, it is essential that your kid can get the proper guidance which can make their life beautiful and resolved. Whether you are a parent, teacher or guide, and spend your limited time with children and meditation, you should understand the methods for meditation for sleep child and kids meditation to sleep, which may guide your children in sleep meditation.

Studies claim that you can teach your kid meditation. A kid who is practising meditation has good self-control; they respect their elders. With age, they can be very clear about the goal of their life and so many positive things you can observe with time due to guided sleep meditation for kids.

Kids meditation

When you are a kid, it is a perfect age to begin meditation. It is up to the elders to decide what you serve to the next generation, and you are the only one who is responsible for serving well to the next generation. When we talk about kids sleep meditation, the first question that clicks in our mind is what the age to start Meditation is? What is the perfect age to learn about children’s sleep Meditation?

So, here we got a quick solution to your every confusing question. Kids are the most precious gift from God that every parent treasures. And they are just like water and take the shape of the container you put them in. You have the eyes of your kid since childhood, and they learn most of the things by observing their parents. So first, you can start with kids sleep meditation to convey a good message to them. You can teach them and make them aware of meditation since their birth. And the easiest type of meditation for kids for sleep is mindfulness meditation. Kids generally do not have any kind of load or stress. And they have no bias for any particular person or topic, so they are already in a non-judgmental state. By having this nature as a kid, they are already in that state of mind where there are not many more things to learn related to mindfulness and kids sleep Meditation.

Giving a kid the tool of Meditation helps them to stay away from negative thoughts and unusual behaviour. It also helps them to build confidence, develop their focus and learn to respect from childhood. Kids sleep. Meditation can help your child not to be depressed by failure and not so overconfident by their achievements in life. They can also learn to balance life from childhood. A small session of Kids Sleep Meditation with your kids will be beneficial to them, just like the blooming of a flower from the buds.

As of now, there are not many who are practising nighttime meditation for kids. Maybe it is because of not much awareness related to guided meditation kids sleep, or kids sleep Meditation. Several experiments have been done on children. One study in San Francisco has been done on almost 3000 students by introducing Meditation and quiet time sessions into their curriculum. Guess what! They found a good improvement in their academic scores, including good achievements even in the math subject.

So, if you want a good life for your kid, you can always choose the best exercise for them since childhood, and that is Meditation and, especially, to reduce their negative thoughts, you can make them practice kids bedtime Meditation. Here we can check some quick steps about guided sleep meditation for Kids.

Help them to relax: Have them sit in a comfortable position with cross legs or whichever is comfortable for kids.

Focus on breathing: Encourage your child to breathe slowly and ask your kid to count 1 to 3 numbers and hold their breath for 3 seconds and exhale the same count of three.

In addition to this, ask them to connect with their body during this exercise, like looking at the belly when they are breathing. This way, they can practice mindful meditation.

Explain the benefits of Meditation-Take these moments to emphasize the benefits of Meditation to your kids.

These are the basic steps to making your child practice kids sleep meditation.

Kids Meditation Methods

It is very important that you teach your kid about Meditation, but your method should be joyful and liked by kids. Implementing any meditation method is critical, and you must also consider how it will affect the minds of your children. So, always be aware and careful while dealing with the kids.

Breathing Exercise

You can start with a simple breathing exercise. It is one type of yoga and mindful Meditation which can help your kid with good health. If you asked them to sit in one place and practice this exercise, it is not possible. So, here you need to think creatively.

For the simple inhale and exhale breathing exercise, give a balloon to them to inflate it. And teach them how to inhale and exhale to do it. This way, you can make your kid happy, and he will increase his focus on the balloon as well.

So this one will help you to teach and practice Meditation with your kid.

Observe the things around

Observation is one of the important factors in exercising mindfulness meditation. To teach your kid and develop their observation skills, you can give them one photograph. It can be anything like flowers, natural drawing or some city market, anything kind of that. Remember not to give any photos which create a negative impact on your kid’s mind if you are giving any photographs for this exercise.

Then give them a pen, pencil, and all colours and ask them to try to draw and put a colour as it is. This way, they will observe every small thing available in the photograph, and their observation power will increase with practice.

Teach about Relaxation

Relaxation is always felt best whether you are a kid or an adult. You can teach or guide your kid with the below steps.

Step 1

Ask to sit comfortably or lie down

Step 2

Take a deep breath

Step 3

Now, bring attention to any of your body parts. Let’s take the example of the right hand. First, your hand and rotate your hand clockwise and anticlockwise 5-10 times.

Step 4

Keep breathing while rotating your hand.

So using this technique consecutively, you can guide different body parts. After completing this session, make sure that your child is sitting or sleeping quietly for a few minutes and also encourage breathing deeply and slowly.

Kids Meditation Benefits

In the era of technology somewhere, everyone is stuck between reality and technology. The causes of this are hypertension, blood pressure, and many more diseases that are increasing daily. Along with adults, kids are also growing up with technology and they do not have their meals without mobile phones most of the time. It shows that our future generation is in danger and we are the bridge in between. The things that we teach to our kids will apply the same and initially, we can start some positive changes for a better world.

Improve Focus

Meditation has the power to change the human mind in a good way and it can help us to be calm. If we are talking about focus, we know how to do it and our kids also know the same, but when we realize where to focus, we can take one step ahead to change the world. Meditation can help us to take that tiny step. If we appropriately guide our kids for kids sleep meditation with the help of experts, it will be beneficial for kids.

Improve Confidence

Today we see most people are either overconfident or disappointed in themselves. There are very few people with confidence in themselves and it depends on the upbringing of that person. Mindfulness can help children to build self-confidence. They never hesitate to put their point among multiple people. This confidence builds up naturally when kids are practicing kids sleep meditation. They can choose their focal points, make decisions based on their perception, and solve any problems that arise.

Established satisfaction and Happiness

You’ve probably seen children who are highly susceptible to temptation. Do you ever try to figure out or deduce the reason for this? The most common cause is dissatisfaction with them. Somewhere in their minds, they refuse to accept what happened to the children. As a result, these will be the outputs. As a result, it will be our responsibility to guide them at that time. Acceptance can be taught through mindfulness exercises and by practicing kids sleep meditation. Regular practice of meditation using different techniques can establish satisfaction in kids. If kids are satisfied, automatically they are happy.

Mind Stability

Mindful meditation can help a kid to balance his/her mind. With the practice of meditation, kids will have their own identity and opinion. Kids must have their point of view on any object. I am sure you all agree with that. And practicing meditation with the kids puts them in a mindset where they can’t be judgmental on one side but can easily identify the correct thing. So, mental stability is also a gift from meditation that kids can get and when you start with the practice, kids sleep meditation can be helpful to your kid for mental stability.

Kids Sleep Tips

Sleep is an important part of maintaining good health, especially for kids otherwise, they will get irritated. So, for their good sleep, here are some short and quick tips that can be helpful for you and the most basic tip is to practice kids sleep meditation.

  1. Set sleeping time

Along with meditation, it is important how you manage the schedule of your kid. As per the national sleep foundation, kids who are at school age need 9-11 hours of sleep each night. However, in this day and age, variation in the sleeping pattern is normal. So, as a responsible parent, it is our duty to set a sleeping time for kids which allows them plenty of good sleep. To set the sleeping time, you can practice night meditation for kids.

  1. Set a wake-up time

Set a wake-up time for your child based on how much sleep they require and when they go to bed. When you set a routine to sleep through night meditation for kids, it helps to set the wake time as well. Also, we suggest starting a wake-up routine as early as preschool to help parents avoid stress later on and remember to stick to the schedule. Allowing your child to sleep later on weekends is a generous gesture, but it may backfire in the long run. Those additional hours of sleep will make it difficult for their bodies to become exhausted before going to bed. However, if you manage to keep your bedtime and wake-up time consistent, within an hour or so every day. children’s bedtime meditation can help your child to set the times.

  1. Stay away from the electronic gadgets

At the very least, continue to practice staying away from screens two hours before going to bed. Melatonin is an important part of the sleep and wake cycle. Many people are ready to sleep when melatonin is high in the body. According to a 2011 study, blue light from TV screens, mobile phones, and computers can be harmful to humans because it causes hormonal changes and has an impact on melatonin production. Try to make your bedroom a screen-free area and stay away from screens and avoid them for at least 2 hours, especially for kids. By practising kids nighttime meditation before they go to bed, it can help you keep your children away from electronic gadgets.

  1. Reduce Tension or stress

Another factor that can be harmful to kids’ sleep is tension or stress. If your child feels tense or stressed, his/her body will no longer shut down and go to sleep. Practising children’s night meditation can help them to stay relaxed before bedtime. Kids sleep meditation will help prevent excess stress levels in the system. To make sleeping easier, you must lower stress. Meditation for sleep for kids can keep them away from diseases, especially mental health.

  1. Discuss with Kids

If your kids are in school, ask them about their day. Ask them about their activities during school time; ask them about their friends and their feelings during communication with other students in the school. This kind of discussion can help you to analyze your kid’s nature and how they react to things. And the purpose of the discussion before sleep is just that, they can throw these kinds of thoughts from their mind and if you feel they are on the wrong track, you can explain to them what to do.

  1. Make an atmosphere to Sleep

Before preparing the atmosphere to sleep, do not forget your kids’ meditation to sleep. There is always a sleep-inducing environment in every house. Make your bed, take the cushions and your blanket, and make your room dark so your kid can feel that difference between day and night and make the atmosphere cozy and sleepy for your kid. Why is it important? Because your child won’t be diverted by another place or activity and is fully concentrated on sleep if you build this sleep atmosphere. And meditation for sleep is equally important for the child to get enough sleep.

You can make your kid sit but you cannot force them to do so. So, it is the total parent’s responsibility to give your child the best. If you have gone through the above points, you must be a parent or you are a person who loves to do something for kids. Help your kids to grow up in such a beautiful world and hold their hands till they become capable of making their own decisions. Take the expert opinion to guide your kids through meditation exercises and give them a most precious gift which they will never lose.

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