Kids Meditation & Its Effects

How do you feel when your child overly misbehaves in public, not attentive in all, or in any other places? Have you ever considered why your child is so lost in the internet world, rather than exploring themselves through studies and other productive activities? There are several problems of various kinds parents face while upbringing their child. Be it related to lessons, sports, unnecessary mischievousness, or any stress-related activities. However, at the same time, we all want to see our child happy and prosperous in whatever field they choose in the future. Then what’s the real solution to all these following problems. The answer is mindful meditation for kids. We all want children to be happy and healthy, not just for a short period but also for the rest of their lives. And thus, teaching them about meditation early would help them achieve that feat. So, now the question is how to start and from where?

Getting children into meditation is not an easy task. But teaching meditation to children can enable them to be more active in real life and keep them away from all kinds of studies, stress, and future anxieties. According to the data related to several studies on meditation and its effect on children, kids who practice mindfulness meditation tend to develop a positive attitude towards life, such as increased self-control, better attention in class, and other empathy and respect. Besides, meditation can help children manage challenging circumstances such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Benefits Of Meditation For Kids

Since time immemorial, meditation is used to rest the mind, body, and soul. It, in turn, has seen many profound effects on the mental, physical, and internal. Especially, mindful meditation is gaining a significant foothold on preventing disease and other body-mind-related ailments. Thus, including kids for meditation would give you a tight grip on their upbringing. And enable them to deal with life’s challenges. Here are some more life-changing benefits of kid’s meditation.

Enhanced Focused

Meditation calms our body’s alarm system, allowing one to remain sheer focused in the present moment. As some meditation may require kids to focus on their breathing or focus on a word or on a sound for a duration of time, this helps to increase attention span to focus on completing things at the moment.

Boost Confidence

Meditation for kids helps children to develop self-awareness and become more confident about their strengths and aware of their weaknesses. It will enable them to deal with difficult situations with more confidence.

Emotional Growth

 Kids who engage in meditation are able to learn the core skill of life by proper breathing techniques, slowing the heart rate, and identifying the symptoms of anxieties and sympathetic nervous system arousal.

Kids Meditation

When was the last and the first time, you saw your children sitting in one place still for 5 minutes without any distraction? For most parents, the probable answer would-be, never. In our overestimated world and overly vibrant lifestyle, engaging kids in meditation for at least 5 minutes is no less than winning a mountainous battle. These days, where kids are becoming more reactive and less empathetic, Cultivating meditation in the kids’ minds can fend off many issues. So here are the five techniques to build reflection into kids.

Kids Meditation: Balloon Meditation With Children

What Is The Balloon Meditation?

It incorporates a visualisation exercise in which you pretend to carry hundreds of colourful balloons. You are coached through the procedure to focus on the stresses in your fist, arms and shoulders. These balloons reflect the struggles, worries and harsh elements of your lives (things you desire to let go of!)

How To Meditate With Kids In Balloon Meditation

In this meditation, breathing is the most effective technique to eliminate unnecessary stress and anxieties and develop a habit of being in the moment. So, in Balloon meditation, sit with your kids and ask them to fill the imaginative balloon with air. And once they have breathed deeply, let them hold the air till the count three and slowly release the air through the nose. This beautiful and gentle technique will allow them to access their mind and powerful imagination.

Bell Meditation with Kids

What Is Meditation Bell?

Since ancient times, Buddhist monks and nuns have used bells in their daily meditation practices. Additionally, bells are regarded as a meditation booster since they assist professionals in focusing their attention on the present moment. The sound of the meditation chime is said to provide a sense of harmony and ease. Buddhist meditators who are propelled practise with bells and various instruments for an extended period at a time.

How To Meditate With Kids In Bell Meditation

Bell meditation is an essential technique in meditation since time immemorial. Bells are believed to be meditation enhancers. First, to cultivate these habits, make your kids sit in a peaceful place and expose them to the sound of a bell or a chime. And tell them to focus on it until the sound comes to a standstill. In this way, you will be able to make your child involved in bell meditation. And also, develop an urge of engaging in meditation in kids by introducing your kids to bell meditation with reverence.

Cloud Gazing Technique:

What Is Cloud Gazing Meditation?

Have you ever tried staring at the sky mindlessly and see the sky drifting away like thoughts? If not, then try it. It is a straightforward technique to practice with kids. In this, you can ask your kids to sit and just tell them to gaze at the sky and notice the cloud how it changes its shape and drifts away like thoughts. While practising this technique, you may ask your kids about their feelings. Are they happy or sad? It will help you know their inner thoughts and how they feel when they are in a particular moment. One more thing to remember is that it is also essential to be in a comfortable position while doing this, whether lying on the ground and sitting erect by remaining conscious to breathing.

Chanting Mantras

Mantras are the combination of magical words and sounds that we repeatedly recite to build concentration while meditating. You must have heard a word, OM, which is chanted before and after meditation. It is believed that when chanted correctly, the world OM connects you to the vibration of the universe. Thus, chanting OM helps them connect with nature. The right way to pronounce is prolonged “awe”, prolonged “oo”, and prolonged “mm”. If your child chants it incorrectly, then also no problem. Try something new like a daily affirmation. Such as I’m going to be happy today, I love life, and life loves me.

Children’s Bedtime Meditation:

Bedtime meditation is one of the easiest and simple techniques to follow. Everyone should follow it to get a calm and better sleep at night. When your kids refuse to be put down at night or the end of a tiring day, try to incorporate this technique for better sleep.

To start, create a calm environment and keep only the soft lights on with less room temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. If possible, fill your room with soft, calming background music with age-appropriate aromatherapy. Now, encourage the kids to do three deep breath repetitions, one at a time with closed eyes.

Wrapping Words

In meditation for kids, you can make a kid sit still, but you cannot force them to meditate, as they might develop a grudge against meditation. Instead of pressure, be a role model to them and start with yourself first, and establish a meditative environment according to them. The kids will automatically learn by being fitting into that environment and by following your steps.