Guided Imagery Exercise & Its Top Benefits

Imagery Meditation

Have you ever been to a place without actually being present in the specific place? Whoo! Wait? What question am I asking? How is that even possible? But it is true! Everything is possible in this world if you are aware of the powerful technique of imagination. Through this method, you can create a whole new world of your choice around you and every dream possible with the power of your mind and think. No matter what you are doing and where you are, in what condition you are in. You have to seek a quiet place and use your thoughts to manifest things in your life. And voila! The place is a salve to you. Feeling excited!

So let’s know more about this beautiful meditation and how you can use this meditation to relax from stress and all the world’s clutter in the bottom line.

What Is Guided Imagery Meditation?

Guided Imagery Meditation is an old mindful relaxation technique people used to daydream and visualize things. It is one of the powerful stress management techniques to create harmony between the mind and the body.

It is a method through which you can live the particular desired moment with the exceptional power of your thought. And surround yourself with a calming and soothing environment for a while, and ward off worldly clutter. As a result, providing a mental escape.

How Guided Imagery Meditation Works?

Guided imagery Meditation is no rocket science. It is one of the lucid techniques to practice, regardless of place and condition. In this technique, our complete focus should be on the detail of a particular scenario where one wants to visit. When you go into the details of the imagined scenario, the mind forms a complete picture of it, and by

Yes, you heard it right. It is just a matter of how well your thinking process is. And you can clad yourself to a serene environment.

For instance, you might think of a particularly serene place like sitting on the white frozen sand of Kutch in front of the glorious blue moon in the solitude of the darkness and focus your attention on that moment only. You won’t believe it but, you will not differentiate between reality and imagination. In this way, you can visit anywhere, any desired place of yours through this visualization technique.

How To Implement Imagery Meditation Into Your Life?

Guided imaginary is one of the simplest forms of mediation that you can easily include in your daily life. Many people take the support of thought to focus on a specific image to manifest the desired object. These images can be related to anything, the person you admire, the places you love, or someone you are very close to. Moreover, you can take the help of music as well. Just visualizing for a second can drastically shape your life.

5 Ultimate Benefits Of The Guided Meditation

According to the research, imagery guided meditation can help in any way; here are the most useful benefits:-

Relaxing effects on your body:

Guided imagery meditation can prove to be useful in managing stress. It is the most effective relaxation technique that you can use to ward off stress by imagining a positive, peaceful setting of a particular place. Be it a serene beach, peaceful, verdant meadow.

Better Sleep:

Imaging details of a specific place in your mind requires a lot of mental strength; doing this exercise regularly helps you go beyond the area of a brain that you are not aware of yet, and enables you to work out brain muscles.

Train you to self-care a body:

Your mind and immunity both are interconnected. Thus, by using guided meditation and visualizing things like being in top shape through nutrition, your immune system will get stronger.

Alleviate Migraine and Chronic Pain:

Visualization can help transform the brain and enable new networks called neuroplasticity. Practising this method at the place of your choice helps form a new connection within your brain. Hence, it helps to control migraine and chronic pain.

Curtail Depression:

Picturing yourself passing all the hurdles related to depression and seeing the strength reflected within your visualization can prove to be an effective technique to curtail depression from your life.

Guided Imagery Meditation For Healing

Many scholars and meditation experts believe that Meditation is the best way to take care of yourself, your mind, body and essence. Mediation not only makes it worthwhile but also provides us with a natural healing mechanism. Many ailments begin with stressed and imbalanced minds. But, by working to manage the mind and body better, we can bolster the body’s natural defence mechanism.

Guided Meditation for healing is the best way to get rid of the stress that accumulates in mind. One of the reasons why it is the most effective technique to undertake is that it is relaxing and enjoyable. The only thing you have to do is stay focused.

Some Exercise Of Imagery Guided Meditation And The Right Method To Do It

Colour Exercise:

Colour exercise is an easy technique to get rid of any negative emotion.

To start with the colour exercise, think of something that you want to manifest in your life. It could be anything your specific emotion or just a simple positive vibe. Now, designate it with a shade. Once you have your desired emotion and corresponding colour in mind, move on with the further procedure. Get comfortable with your eyes closed as you do in ordinary mediation. And then visualize the hues you have assigned to the feeling.

While holding that colour in your thought, inhale a deep breath like it is washing over your body from head to toe. Slowly continue this process with visualization and drain out all the unwanted emotion with each exhale. Practising this for a long time, you will experience a sense of peace inside you.

Compassion Meditation:

This exercise is also known as kindness meditation. As the name implies, this exercise can help you generate compassion towards yourself and others.

To start the exercise, find a quiet place and sit in a relaxing position with closed eyes. Once you have done with the sitting pose, focus on your breath for a couple of seconds. Inhaling and exhaling gradually until you find a comfortable natural rhythm.

Now, visualize a person you want to extend your compassion to, be it you, your loved one, or someone strange. Now, picture them clearly, hold the image in your thoughts and focus on how you feel about them. The feeling can vary from person to person, so don’t worry. After done, imagine the person’s pain and challenges they might be going through in their life. Now, focus on the feeling you want to extend -Peace, Calm, Joy, and Happiness. Finally, picture this feeling as a golden light that spreads from your heart to theirs.

Guided Imagery:

It is a third method to practice visualization meditation. In this, you can visualize any imposing scene and image of your desired choice that can help you relax, cope with stress or fear. It is also a great way to boost your mood or unwind before bed.

To get accomplice with this exercise, you don’t have to sit or lie down whatever you choose. Now, close your eyes and begin with a relaxing rhythm. Visualize a place where you feel the peace and sense of content. Use your five senses to add flavour to your imagination. Like what do you hear, feel, see, or smell? As you enter your vision deeply, take a glimpse of that place with continued breathing and experience the manifestation of your surroundings around yourself.

The Last Word

Adding the guided meditation technique to your life can drive your brain anywhere with regular practice. Be it a peaceful surrounding or achieving a specific goal, you can add a tremendous change to your life with the power of your thought and mind. However, it will not come easily, and might also feel awkward at first. But with consistent practice, you can become familiar with the technique.