The Practice Of Daily Meditation – Elevating Your Life

What Are The Positive Impacts Seen With Daily Meditation?

In today’s fast-paced life, it’s equally important to sit & relax for some time. Daily meditation is one of the most powerful things one can do to eliminate the daily negative energies, stress, & self-reflection in a broad picture of your inner self. Comparatively, a person who daily meditates is more balanced in life than others. So, unlock some endless benefits in life through daily meditation.

Directly or indirectly, meditation helps us feel more connected to reality & our surroundings. Everyone wants to live life to the fullest & meditation contributes greatly to fulfilling this mission. Through meditation, the mode of all the negative energies turns off & we feel delighted. After all, this is what people want to seek nowadays. Inner satisfaction is the key to happiness that we can easily get through daily meditation.

Purpose Behind Daily Meditation – Unlocking An Inspirational Source

There are countless reasons to devote time & energy to daily meditation. Just imagine what happens when you leave your vehicle unwashed for many days. It will remain dirty & dusty. Now picture your mental body as that vehicle. When you lack daily mediation, a lot of junk traps your mind in the form of negative emotions. Daily meditation helps in overcoming stress, anxiety & depression. Also, this process itself is an advantageous practice. This ritual of daily meditation tends to make you calmer & self-aware. As a result, you’ll acquire the taste of self-awakening. A mind tuned in the present always works the best, vanishing out negative or stressful feelings about the past or future.

The active brain is seen in two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. Conscious minds are accountable for active thoughts and decision-making. Basically, it does not hold a long term memory. At a time, the thinking process goes in the active brain. On the other hand, the subconscious mind can be a great source carrying great ideas, solutions & inspiration too. The Subconscious mind takes note of meditation while the active mind experiences its spiritual ride.

We should not look to external sources for our happiness: the materialistic world, relationships, recognition, etc. Accept the fact that our external circumstances are not stable. It keeps on changing. One day we’re healthy; the next day may not be the same. Our minds are the true source to lead happiness. It is important to use it very well through daily meditation. A mind loaded with meditation helps in leading a completely stress-free life.

The Daily Meditation Guide

When you do one thing daily, it naturally starts becoming your habit. The same goes for daily meditation too. There are many different ways to meditate, but we will be guiding you to form a habit of daily meditation.

There is no need to stress much. Start with sparing 5 or even 2 minutes from your 24 hours. Just start with committing 2-5 minutes per day.
Pick a time for daily meditation and go with it. Not an exact, but a general time, like when you wake up or during your lunch hour or breakfast. Remember, the trigger should be something that you do daily, like having your first cup of tea, brushing your teeth, or arriving home from the office.
Find a good spot. Find a spot where no one gets distracted, including yourself. Early morning meditation in the corner of your house would be a better option. Sit on a bench in some park where you can do the daily meditation with fresh air.
Get yourself a Mediation Met or pillow, whatever is comfortable to you. Don’t get confused in the sitting posture. Sit comfortably with a straight back as much as possible & crossed leg, relax your shoulders down and back, broadening your chest.
Meditation is not a competition; it’s fine even if you meditate for 2 minutes instead of 15 – 30 minutes. We need to form a daily meditation habit & it’s ok if we start with 2 minutes. At the end of the day, quality is what counts the most. Once you succeed in 2 minutes of daily meditation, after 7 days, you can increase the time limit as per your convenience.
Focus on your breathing. Sit straight, take your breath in through your nostrils, then your nostrils, then into your throat, then into your lungs and belly. See, the choice is up to you whether to shut your eyes or keep them open; don’t lose the grip of your sincerity. As you breathe out, follow your breath back into the real world. Try tracking your breath through counts. That’s the end of your 2 minutes daily meditation guide.

Expanding Your Ways Of Daily Meditation

Sitting & paying attention to your breath is a very mindfulness practice. It is a way of training yourself in a fine positive direction. Once you are done practising a bit in a quiet place, you can expand the same practice even more:

Whenever you feel that stress coming your way, take a moment to pay attention to your breath & return your mind to the present time.
Instead of thinking too much about the things you’re supposed to do later, try taking a walk, pay attention to your breath and the things that are around you.
While eating, eat and focus on your food, on the feelings as you eat the food.
Give time for the tea ritual. Try a mindful tea, where you focus your mind on your actions as you prepare the tea, on the tea, you taste and feel, on your breath as you go through the practice.

Benefits Of Daily Meditation

Meditation is the regular process of enabling your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Below are some fantastic benefits that one can get through the daily mediation practice:

Meditation helps a person in reducing stress. It lowers a person’s stress hormone level and promotes peace of mind in one’s life. A few minutes of meditation can help a person lead a stress-free and burden-free life.
Through mindfulness meditation, one can beneficially understand different academic concepts.
The functionality of our brain can be enhanced through daily meditation. We can become mentally stronger & can develop great mental conditions in a better way.
With the help of daily meditation, we can easily handle our emotions in the right direction. People who meditate daily are likely to control their emotional outbursts, and they feel more complacent about managing their state of mind more efficiently.
Meditation is a blessing for all groups of people. Talking about adults especially helps them to feel less lonely. Older adults who practise meditation are healthier and more mentally sound. Their memory remains sharp for a bit longer than usual, and they feel much more confident and younger than others.
Meditation can also be used as a key for reversing the ageing process. Basically, when you meditate, you feel happier & stress-free that improves your overall aura.
The retention of our memories also improves through the practice of daily meditation.
Stress is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. The practise of daily meditation can improve the symptoms of stress-related conditions that can make one’s body completely pure and blissful.
Some of the forms of daily meditation can reduce negative thoughts and improve depression.
Through the practice of daily meditation, one can increase the emotions of kindness in his/her heart. Once a person starts digging spiritual energies, naturally, the inner feelings turn positive.
Sometimes, daily meditation helps in giving you a good sleep as well. Not only the quantity but the quality of sleep also gets better.
As meditation helps uplift your state of mind, it helps in controlling your pain. Basically, meditation helps eliminate the perception of pain in the body to experience reduced pain.
Meditation can also promote better health by reducing stress on the heart. Note, blood pressure reduces not only during meditation but also over time in people who meditate frequently.
The speciality of meditation is, you can do it anywhere. There is no such fixed place or time for it wherever you feel, whenever you want.
Our mind linked with creativity and innovation upgrades to a higher level. As our level of concentration enhances, we can think with a lot more clarity. Hence, in the light of meditation, our creative abilities increase greatly.
We experience almost no anxiety because of daily meditation. As meditation helps in controlling the mind, it reduces the possibilities of overthinking habits. When we practice meditation, we can see a greater picture of life, which helps us keep up with the reality of life. We also carry the approach of accepting things instead of running away from them.
Through the practice of daily meditation, we can easily overcome some bad habits or addictions such as alcohol and smoking. Meditation can indeed help to overcome the addictions associated with intoxicating and harmful substances.

In Conclusion:

All humans wish to lead their desired lives, but only a few can do so. We tend to accept the changes that we go through in our day to day life. Meditation is the key to unlock different spiritual doors of life. There is no specific right or wrong way of daily meditation. The practice that works for you is the best way. Once you start seeing greater joy, peace, compassion and acceptance in life, you’ll come to know that it’s finely working. Remember, the benefits of meditation won’t probably show up overnight; you need to be on track to get fruitful results. So, ready to give a daily meditation shot? Best wishes from our end!

Keep Loving Yourself, Keep Meditating!

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