30 Minute Meditation for the Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

So, you have been doing 5-minute meditation or 10-minute meditation. What now? Or, you are just a beginner who wants to meditate for a long duration. This 30-minute guided meditation can be your answer. It will help you achieve ‘mindfulness’ and can also help you with stress reduction, creativity, peace of mind, and much more. This is your step by step guide to 30-minute meditation.

30 Minute Meditation & Mindfulness

In simple terms, mindfulness is the state of being aware and conscious of something. With meditation, that can be your thoughts, your body, or just the sensations you feel. 30-minute meditation helps you in achieving that. At first, it may sound like a lot of time commitment, especially if you are just a beginner. But once you get a hang of it, the benefits outweigh the commitment by a lot.

If you are someone who is intimidated by 30 minutes, you can start with 5-minute meditation or 10-minute meditation. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the steps for 30-minute mindfulness meditation. The meditation part comes a little later, we have broken down the time for your ease.

Minutes 1 to 5: Understanding the ‘Why’

These are the minutes you need to understand why you want to meditate. Focus on the outcome and acknowledge how this 30-minute meditation will help you. Recall your other mindfulness experiences to help your mind clear off. This is the time to get into the right meditation posture and make any adjustments.

Minutes 5 to 10: Understanding the ‘What’

As we mentioned above, mindfulness is the awareness of the being. It is about paying attention, bringing awareness, focusing internally, being kind to yourself, and being in the moment. Mindfulness will bring stress reduction, focus, positivity, and serenity.

This is what mindfulness stands for. Now that you have understood the why and what of our 30-minute meditation, let’s move on to the actual ‘steps’ to meditation.

Minutes 10 to 20: The Steps

Set a timer of 20 minutes.
Find a quiet place to meditate where you would not be disturbed.
You can sit on the chair if you are not comfortable with sitting on the floor. If you are sitting on the chair, make sure to sit forward and away from the back of the chair.
Sit up straight and upright without straining your back. Your eyes can be partly open or closed. Stay relaxed, and yet, alert.
You are not all set to meditate. Take a deep breath in and notice that. It is time to be in the present moment. You can pay attention to any external or internal anchor, breathing is just the easiest of them all for beginners.
Keep breathing in and out and notice your breathing. Realize how it is to be in the present moment.
Repeat the breathing exercise two or three times. No rush or hurry is required here. There is no wrong way to meditate, just take it at your own pace.

Minutes 20 to 30: Be in the Moment

It is now time to allow your breathing to return to normal and realize the rhythm of your breathing. Began to focus more on your inhaling and exhaling.

Try to notice little nuances of your breathing pattern and eventually you will be in the ‘zone’. Your mind may still wander off, and it is important to bring it back gently.

As we always say, be gentle on your mind and do not be harsh to yourself about the thoughts you have. Let them come to you, touch them, and come back to the present. Return gracefully.

Benefits of 30-minute Meditation

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are many benefits of a 30-minute meditation. Let’s find out. Many people follow this 30-minute meditation for anxiety reduction. It helps in reducing the stress of your day to day life.

The absence of stress brings happiness to your life and avoids burnout of energy.

It can help you sleep better.

It will bring peace & relaxation to your life and make you feel grateful for the things you have.

This 30-minute meditation a day can help you reach your meditation goals and much more. Many people use this as a sleep meditation also, as the time duration is long and they can sleep with a clear mind after a 30-minute meditation. We wish you a peaceful, happy experience with your sessions. Cheers!