20 Minute Guided Meditation: Effects of Mindfulness in Life

Human minds are designed to generate thoughts now and then. It is common to experience high volumes of conflicting views that rile up your brain. There is no category of people who share such a condition. Every human being experiences this throughout their lives.

If you are working in an office or taking care of your baby – It just doesn’t matter. You will still experience such a condition at the same intensity for different reasons. Because let’s face it, there is no easy way out. Whether you work or babysit, your energy still goes in. You use your mind, your body, and your emotions to face people and complete everyday tasks. A twenty minute guided meditation for anxiety and sleep can help you cope with your days better.

Having spoken of work, it is not necessary that you always feel stressed out about work or running household errands. Sometimes it could be something about your past, or it might be the future that worries you. It could be a present too. Any part of your life can trigger certain emotions in you, and you are left feeling like you cannot do things because of your increased heart rate.

Everyone has been there, and we all know how suffocated we feel within ourselves. But as we know, every problem has multiple solutions. One of the effective ways to deal with such a condition is ‘Meditation’. Twenty-minute mindfulness meditation will sort the thoughts in your brain better than one would expect.

Twenty Minutes of Mindfulness

Twenty minutes of guided meditation distances you from the thoughts that would usually cause an emotional response. It helps you observe your thoughts, accept them, and go their own way. It’s about letting them go without passing any judgement. The entire process of 20 minutes of guided meditation is about allowing yourself to have all kinds of thoughts without judging yourself for having them and wandering through the experience your mind is having at that moment.


Unguided Meditation is silent meditation. As the name suggests, you meditate on your own. You can customize it the way you want. You can set your own pace, duration, steps, whatever you want. It is done alone without a teacher, guide or mentor taking you through the process.

Choosing between guided and Unguided Meditation completely depends on you. It all boils down to personal preference. Some people may take a long time to guide them, whereas others will want to fly free! However, the Guided Meditation is not just about the teacher giving you instructions. They are there for encouragement and support, too.

For beginners, they can get comfortable with a Guided Meditation. As you get confident with the practice, you can move on to decide for yourself. Some people might want to continue with the Guided Meditation even after a while, and some would not need guidance at all.

As the skills progress, you may want to try it alone. There is always the option to try and alternate between guided and non-guided Meditation. In short, be open to all the options and understand that it is very subjective. It is like solo travelling vs travelling with a companion. Both have their benefits and vices. Personal preferences matter the most.

How The Twenty Minutes Of Guided Meditation Works

A great way to start the practice of meditation is by following audio or videos. They guide you through a specific set of instructions that you can follow to help you visualize.

As an old saying goes, “If you can’t find 10 minutes in the day to meditate, you probably need 20 minutes.” We all know it can be tough to make time for meditation initially. A piece of advice would be to start by 5 minutes a day and gradually increase it to 20 minutes of guided meditation as the days pass by.

Types of Meditation

Now there are all sorts of meditations. Meditation is not only for the physical body but the mental and the spiritual body as well. Let’s take a look at the various types of 20 minutes guided meditations.

  • Meditation for breathing
  • Meditation for sleep
  • Meditation for anxiety
  • Meditation for positivity

Twenty Minutes Of Guided Meditation For Breathing

Guided meditation shows you a proper path through a trained professional via music, audio or videos. Most of these tracks consist of meditation music and receptive music therapy. It is meant to provide relaxation to the mind and body through the practice of breathing and mindfulness.

Focus on your breath

You can start by simply breathing. A simple act of rhythmic and continuous breathing can be your path to awareness. When you practice inhaling and exhaling in a particular rhythm, it opens up your senses and mind.

Notice your thoughts

Try to be aware of what you are thinking and then let the thought go. Try not to hold on to a single idea. Keep letting them go and practice it daily.

Start visualizing

Imagine each thought as a bubble floating in the wind. You cannot hold on to it but can only watch it, visualize it taking different shapes, and let it go.

You can also think of your thoughts as streams of water. These thoughts will come up again when we’re prepared to take them up into our lives and face them. However, for now, we’re just practising, noticing, recognizing the arising of thought, and gently bringing our consciousness back to the present sensation. This way, you can cultivate a habit of not holding onto thoughts unnecessarily and find your peace.

20 Minutes Guided Meditation For Sleep

Everyone is aware of how important sleep really is to the human body. Most people function at their best when they get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly. Sometimes it might not be possible due to specific reasons, but getting less sleep regularly can severely affect one’s health. We have observed many people surviving on sleeping pills because their minds are unable to function accordingly. Since we have already discussed breathing meditation, let’s see how just 20 minutes of guided meditation works for sleep.

Twenty minutes of guided meditation for sleep calms the heightened senses of the body and the mind. Listening to a soothing sound like the sound of the rain pouring, the wind blowing, or a person playing the piano. It could be any sound or music that is peaceful. This kind of meditation will quickly put you to sleep without making much effort.

It helps you connect with the calm within your body and compose it to become more aware of your brain’s mechanism.


20 Minutes Of Guided Meditation For Anxiety

Everybody knows the feeling of anxiety, whether it’s butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, heart racing, intense headaches, a disturbed stomach, or chest pains— all are natural occurrences when the adrenaline is high. Being anxious from time to time is a normal sign. But being anxious all the time is something to worry about.

Anxiety is erratic and is related directly to the inability to regulate certain emotions. When we meditate for twenty minutes the most, it makes the body counter the stress response. This helps in decreasing blood pressure and high negativity.

A gradual change is induced through 20 minutes of guided meditation, and it almost works like magic. It brings about specific physiological changes that form a stress-busting response known as the ‘Relaxation Response’.


Twenty minutes of meditation as a whole has several scientifically proven benefits to all sorts of well-being – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The discomfort that is caused by stressful emotions and negativity can be cured through meditation. It is highly recommended to practice it every day to have a healthy life for a certain period of time.