9th January, 2013, Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2013 Market Sensex

  • The Opening for the week ahead looks set to be largely positive, but still it is not very reliable, says Ganesha.
  • Ganesha is almost sure of the fact that whatever has been mentioned in the Yearly book – Market Predictions 2013 – for the time frame 07-01-2013 to 22-02-2013 will, more or less, come true.
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  • Gemini : During the first week of January, communication at all levels shall remain in focus. You will be motivated to give your best in whatever you attempt and you shall be successful. This momentum shall be carried in the second week too and you should grab the opportunities arising. However, in the third week of January, you should be prepared for some stand-by inaction as Jupiter becomes retrograde. You should not take any important decisions in this period. Financially, this month will be average. For singles, there are ample possibilities this month, especially during the first week. You may be lost in your own sweet world but don’t forget to use your skills of communication. During the last week of January, you may be more intuitive than ever. However, while using your intuition and sixth sense, you may become confused in differentiating between right and wrong. Questions of ethics and righteousness may bog you down.



With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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