12th July, 2013, Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2013 Market Sensex

  • Consider 10 minutes plus and minus in each prediction, and act accordingly.
  • Ganesha advises you to compare every prediction with the prediction of the previous time slot.
  • As far as the planetary positions are concerned, there shall not be any major movements today. However, the weightage for the day is zero. This has already been mentioned in the book Market Predictions 2013, which had been written a year ago.
  • The yearly trend changes from 15-07-2013. Ganesha advises you to read the slot number 11 and page 21 in the book Market Predictions 2013.
  • Ganesha advises you to do delivery based trading.
  • It looks set to be a unpredictable day, hence use your sixth sense.
  • Technical, fundamental, news, rumours, tips or global cues – nothing may really help you today.
  • Speak to an Astrologer to know what this Jupiter Transit will bring for you!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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