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Expected Trends for India in the year 2013
Right from the beginning of the year 2013 till 31st May 2013, Jupiter will transit through the Ascendant of India’s country chart. This indicates that India’s growth will remain gradual yet it will be persistent. As the transiting Jupiter will be aspecting the 7th House, India’s continual exercise to maintain good terms with its enemy countries will continue (it may still remain futile, though)

From 1st June 2013 till the end of the year 2013, Jupiter will be transiting through the 2nd House of India’s country chart, where Natal Mars is posited. As a result of this transit, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may take necessary steps to boost the Indian economy. Indian currency’s comparative rate with reference to the other currencies, however, may continue to fluctuate heavily. This shall have a bearing on the FDI in India. Government will take steps to make the National saving schemes (NSS) more attractive.

Two major malefics, Saturn and Rahu will be transiting through the 6th House in India’s country chart and because of that, an epidemic is foreseen. Labour problems may increase and the Unions may become more noisy, furious and active. On the other hand, the standards of civil and healthcare services may deteriorate. Domestic and international terrorist activities look set to increase, but the Indian government shall take tough measures to prevent them. Political activities will increase during the later half of the year 2013, and a new political alignment between the political parties cannot be ruled out, says Ganesha.

Ketu’s (the South Node) transit through the 12th House of India’s country chart indicates that India may remain bereft of the probable financial gains through new NRI investors. In other words, they might restrain from investing in India in the year 2013. National financial liabilities may increase too. Various industries, specifically the entertainment industry may suffer from financial crunch.



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