Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2011 Market Sensex for 9th May, 2011

Fortune Mantra will help you to know your Most fortunate day and time
frame within the day so that you can make most of your fortune while
dealing with the Stock Market.

  • This week you may be faced with a dilemma – ‘What to do next?’ 
  • There’s a heavy/ strong reaction in the market, which may be the result of triggering of margin-calls by a lot of people and may be a slightly negative news. This news is likely to be the one that existed in the past too, but probably had not garnered a similar reaction at that time. You may be baffled then, as to why is it generating such reactions now?
  • Technical, psychological, sentimental – all these factors shall be on your mind. 
  • Ranbaxy, R-Comm, R-Power, R-Infra, Reliance Capital – All those names beginning from ‘R’ had experienced a lot of pressure on Thursday. 
  • We had earlier predicted that the opening in intra-day would be negative, thus there were some monetary gains due to intra-day’s prediction. However, despite the daily weightage being positive, the market remained negative. Thus, you may be thinking, as to what can be done next?
  • Ganesha is warning you in advance to be cautious between 09-05-2011 and 20-05-2011. So, be careful and before doing intra-day, do not deal/ trade before checking the strength of delivery.
  • If you think this has been the worst period, then Ganesha would like to inform that the worst is yet to come from 26-06-2011 to 7-11-2011. This has been as per a major point of view, and may be a big cause of concern.
  • Guru Maharaj will begin its transit in the sign of Aries from today onwards.
  • Pre-open market is likely to open in negative.
  • The beginning may be positive, but the moment you get the right price, make an exit. Market may take a plunge at the opening point, but may immediately go up later. This process is likely to be completed by 10:25 am.
  • 10:25 to 11:05, Nifty will remain down, and shall leave you guessing
  • 14:50 to 15:30, Nifty may experience some buying at this point.
  • Today, neither Mercury nor Venus is supportive, thus two days – today and tomorrow will be crucial. 
  • Mercury’s sector: Bank, couriers, Telecom, printing, domestic appliances, diversified product. 
  • Venus’s sector: Textiles, media and sugar.

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