Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2011 Market Sensex for 4th March, 2011

  • Ganesha feels that Nifty has tired with the efforts. It should be allowed to rest for some time. Hence Nifty will be silent for some time.
  • The pre-open market will be slightly down, feels Ganesha.  
  • Up to 10.25: Practically Nifty will maintain the market on the upper side. (0.09)
  • 10.25 to 11.50: You will note the difference when Nifty experiences an increase in the ratio of decline in its base scrips. (-0.06)
  • 11.50 to 12.30: The Nifty may experience an increase in the call side volume. (0.10)
  • 12.30 to 15.05: The volatility index will experience major fluctuation hence job with a proper stop loss. (0.02)
  • 15.05 to 15.30: Nifty may remain soft and hence Ganesha is not feeling too happy. (-0.011)

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