Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2011 Market Sensex for 24th February, 2011

  • Sensex
    touched 18211 on 18-2-11. Was this a numerological miracle?

  • If
    you remember Ganesha had mentioned during the last Friday’s
    prediction ???It is a day of fundamental Nifty based long term view.
    If you suffer blood pressure, do not trade intraday. It is a day
    only for arbitrage??? you might have observed this too.

  • Nifty
    has given returns of (-9.09%) in March-2007, (-10.66%) in
    March-2008, (-2.1%) in March-2009, (6.91%) in March-2010. It is yet
    to be observed what returns it will bear in March-2011. To know
    about March-2011 you can get the Nifty projected graph by us through

  • Do
    not do F&O during 09-03-2011 to 17-03-2011. Restrict to stock
    specific work.

  • Thursday
    is the last day for F&O this week and next week opens with
    budget and Maha-Shivratri falls on 2nd March. Bear this in mind
    while you take a position.

  • Today
    is the last day for F&O and Monday is the day of budget. Do not
    keep any long or short position just be an observer.

  • The
    pre-open market will be positive, but the opening may be different.
    To know more about the same and to know the weightages call for the
    graph immediately.

  • 9.15
    to 10.00: The Nifty may tend to remain near the surface. (-0.02)

  • 10.00
    to 12.15: The weightage of Nifty is zero. It is profitable not to do
    anything. (0.00)

  • At
    around 12.15 Nifty may jump for a period of about 30 minutes.

  • 12.55
    to 14.40: Again the weightage of Nifty is zero. But this time it
    will be very volatile. If you job today you might make some quick
    money. (0.00)

  • 14.40
    to 15.30: This time has two big jumps and two big dips. (0.06)

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