Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2011 Market Sensex for 12th October, 2011

  • Consider 10 minutes plus and minus in each prediction, and act accordingly.
  • Ganesha advises you to compare every prediction with the prediction of the previous time slot.
  • You have already been sent the Monthly PDF file 15 days back. You are
  • Although people with technical and fundamental knowledge use latest software and news regarding the Stock Markets to predict the market trends, a lot of times their predictions turn out to be wrong. Whereas, we consider only a Panchang (that is available at a lowly cost of Rs. 35 in the market) to accurately foresee and predict about the stock-market. This says a lot about our command over the subject.
  • The daily pattern can cause great confusion, so keep booking daily profit and loss in intraday trading.
  • Today, both Venus and Mercury will move out of Sun’s influence.

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