31st October 2014 – Stockmarket and NIFTY Predictions

Market Predictions

  • Pisces
  • Mantra
  • शशिनि मीनगते विजितेन्द्रियो बहुगुणः कुशलो जललालसः ।
  • विमल धीः किल शस्त्रकलादरस्त्वबलताबलताकलितो नरः ।।
  • Implication – Those born with the Moon Sign Pisces possess a number of qualities. Pure-hearted and clever, they are often found to be experts at any work involving defence, artillery, weapons and operating arms and ammunition related complex systems. Water lovers, many of them are also fond of swimming. On the downside, Pisces natives may have a weak physique and a dreamy, impractical disposition.
  • General – Ganesha doesn’t foresee much happening in the forthcoming year for the Moon Sign Pisces natives. The main reason behind this is that Ketu, the South Node shall keep transiting through your Sign for the whole year. And, aspecting it shall be Rahu, posited in the House of marriage, partnerships and relationships. Thus, you may continue to remain confused or worried about personal relations, disagreements with a partner, conflict in the partnership business, misunderstandings etc. However, in the beginning of the year, that is from this Diwali to July 2015, thanks to Jupiter’s transit through its Sign of exaltation (Cancer), you may expect good results. Since Jupiter shall be transiting through your 5th House, you may expect favourable results in matters related to creativity, research, child conception, higher education etc. If you happen to invest in share and stock markets, you may expect to get good returns, during this time, provided you invest after careful deliberation and calculation. In your relationship with your spouse or beloved, this year, however, you will need to remain very diplomatic. Focus on solutions, rather than laying the blame on each other, says Ganesha. With Saturn’s move to your House of Fortune in November 2014, your luck may not support you much, and you will largely have to rely on hard, dedicated work. If you are a true worker, disciplined and sincere, then you will get great results, promises Ganesha. From the health perspective, note that Sun is the Lord of your 6th House, which represents overall well-being. Now, since Sun is a relatively fast moving planet, you will get mixed results – that is whenever it will in a positive position, you will get positive results and vice versa. In the second half of the year 2015, when Jupiter moves to Leo, it shall be moving through your 6th House. This will be especially helpful for your overall health and employment, says Ganesha. Your own intellectual ability too shall benefit from this transit. Your income and expenses shall remain largely balanced in the year ahead. However, you may have to face domestic conflicts, legal troubles or failure in new projects – be careful and proceed ahead with caution, says Ganesha. People who have been trying to move abroad may have stars in their favour in the second half of the year, says Ganesha.
  • Finance and Profession
  • The overall stars for finance and monetary matters shall not be unfavourable for you in the year ahead, feels Ganesha. Post August 2015, you may also consider a job change. At this time, you can also expect considerable financial benefits coming your way. You will also witness favourable changes in your life at this time. People who are into a trade or business may receive only mixed results, feels Ganesha. All in all, a major change in the business scenario is not foreseen. You may also feel that your luck is not supporting you much. Blame it on Saturn! Pray to Him and focus on hard work. Owing to Rahu’s transit through your House of Partnerships and Marriage, you may also face troubles, if you are involved in a partnership business, cautions Ganesha.
  • Health
  • You will need to take a good care of your overall health and well-being in the year ahead. You may face a plenty of ups and downs on the health front, but be assured that nothing major is foreseen. You may still go for regular medical check-ups, though. If nothing else, they will assure you that you are hale and hearty. Despite this you may not feel at your best. To get rid of this nagging feeling, Ganesha advises you to offer black sesame seeds to Lord Shiva and also worship Him (Shiva) regularly.
  • Love and Married Relationship
  • If you like someone, but haven’t managed to tell them of your heart’s desire, this is the right time to do that – especially till July 2015. Love and matters of heart shall keep in good humour all through the year, feels Ganesha. On the other hand, given Rahu and Ketu’s influence, the time may not be good for married ones. They may have to face strife and conflict, and may remain confused. Owing to Rahu’s transit through your House of Partnerships and Marriage, you may also face troubles, if you are involved in a partnership business, cautions Ganesha.
  • Education
  • Planets bode well for your endeavours and efforts in the matters of education and academics in the year ahead. Jupiter Himself is passing through your House of learning and studies, and thus, there can’t be anything better than this, if you are in a field like research, education, teaching, higher learning etc. Plus, if this area of your Natal Chart to is favourable, nothing can stop you from achieving exemplary success. Ganesha wishes you luck. Stay disciplined, though, reminds Saturn.
  • Remedies
  • Keeping all the planetary configurations of this year in mind, Ganesha offers you the following advice:
  • Students should light a lamp before an idol of Lord Shiva, which will result in the desired progress in education, and the removal of all obstacles.
  • Those trying for a child, should worship Lord Shiva by offering milk, which can help in conception.
  • For achieving prosperity you should recite the Puruṣasuktama and Kanakdhara Stotra.
  • For making economic progress, you should recite the Vishnusahasranama.
  • Jupiter is the Lord of your Sign, so chanting of the following mantra can benefit you a lot:
  • I “Dēvānām ca r̥ṣinām ca gurūm kān̄cana sannibham Budhdhibhūtam trilōkēśam taṁ namāmi br̥haspatim.” II

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