(Nifty_01.07.2014) July Monthly Predictions

Nifty Predictions

  • Cancer: The Sun and exalted Jupiter in your Sign may make you arrogant, egoistic, self-centered, and overconfident during this time. Try making wise choices, honing your skills, and displaying your creativity, instead. At work, be more assertive and practical. This shall help you execute ideas and accomplish projects with ease. Good thing is that this month, your emotions shall not affect your rationale. You may also receive some exciting job offers. Relations with business associates and staff shall be smooth. However, your business progress may slow down slightly. So, take corrective measures to maintain growth. Your financial position shall improve; the month ahead is also auspicious for financial planning. Hence, think seriously about monetary investments and budget. You may spend on leisure trips and entertainment. Domestic matters may bother you, so take care, before they worsen. Also, avoid interfering in people’s personal matters Last week of the month shall be favorable for proposing to someone you love. Married couples shall enjoy marital bliss.
  • Leo: You shall experience success and glory, yet may not feel contented this moth, feels Ganesha. Probably because hurdles may hinder your growth, and you may also face problems and disappointments. Anyway, take decisions based on your long-term goals. You believe in giving the best, and this trait shall now increase your popularity. Hard work and patience too shall now give you the expected results. You shall be busy with official work and meetings. Career growth and maybe even a better job shall follow. Business, including partnerships, looks set to grow substantially too. Subsequently, you shall implement ambitious projects. Grab all opportunities to ensure business growth. However, your domestic front may be disturbed. Evade arguments with siblings. Romance may distract you from your responsibilities. Hence, avoid getting attracted to a third person. Do not ignore your health, otherwise, you may fall sick, and may even get hospitalized. The health of elderly family members may deteriorate.
  • Virgo: Take your own decisions, without depending on others. Apply your planning skills; you may even have to do multitask. Take control in your hands, and powerful planets shall support you. However, don’t expect overnight changes. Concentrating on your work may be difficult, as colleagues may trouble you at the workplace – express your displeasure when needed. Be careful while communicating with anyone, as you may be misquoted or misinterpreted. Focus on your goals and stay away from any kind of gossip. If you are looking for a better job, the planets are in your favor. Business profits too may get better. Initially, the overall financial conditions may not be good, however, they shall improve gradually, promises Ganesha. There may, however, be a tendency to spend lavishly. Go slow; cut down on unnecessary expenditure. There may be no apparent setbacks or tough challenges on the family front. You shall lookout for a quick break from the routine to rejuvenate yourself. But, some friend or relative may demand your attention.

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