Market (Sensex, Nifty) predictions for 8th January 2008

  • Today Ganesha foresees strength in Nifty, but a big correction is expected in the next 15 days. Do not take a plunge today. Nifty is weak till 11:25.
  • From 11:25 to 13:05, Nifty may go up as compared to the previous prediction. ‘Buy and sell’ will fetch money for you. But follow you own method, do not ask Ganesha.
  • A tremendous fluctuation is expected between 13:05 and 14:20; this is the perfect time for jobbing.
  • Nifty may lose market breadth during 14:20-15:05; but market is not reliable – either it may go down or may not move an inch.
  • If Ganesha showers his blessings, Nifty may go up. Trading will bring bucks. These are all probabilities.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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