Market (Sensex, Nifty) predictions for 26th March, 2009

Just wait and watch from the opening till 10:10, alerts Ganesha. Nifty may begin from the negative side or from around the surface.

From 10:10 to 14:00, be very watchful if you do not want to end up in losses.

From 14:00 to 14:20, Nifty may rise but move away from the terminal and you have lost the game.

In comparison to the previous phase, Nifty may nosedive between 14:20 and 15:30. But it may maintain its strength.

Act now and order the graph for the month of April 2009 from Ganesha to be on the safe side.



With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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