Market (Sensex, Nifty) predictions for 16th October, 2009

  • For understanding our
    Nifty predictions for a given phase, it is essential that you keep the
    previous predictions in mind, says Ganesha.
  • Each day, read the entire
    set of predictions before taking a decision on trading. This will help
    you maximise gains and minimise losses.
  • From today, Ganesha foresees a negative weightage for a few days at the Nifty. A word of caution: Expect negative opening, a trend which will be seen till 10.34 every day.
  • From 10:34 to 11:40, Nifty is likely to surge.
  • From 11:40 to 13:25, though the market may show a little correction, the overall trend will be bullish.
  • From 13:25 to 15:30, Nifty is likely to change trend every 15 minutes. This gives you an opportunity to benefit from both the rise and fall of share prices. Trade only if you have the strength to take the delivery as the market is likely to be extremely volatile.



With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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