Market Sensex – Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2010 Market Sensex for 31st August, 2010

  • Consider 10 minutes plus and minus in each prediction and act accordingly.
  • Ganesha’s advice to brace yourself is for the month of September 2010, so don’t panic. Do not feel worried about August 2010 as the graph shows a good weekly weightage.
  • These NIFTY predictions are made by our astrologers a week in advance. In these predictions, technical, fundamental, foreign market, crude oil, gold, inflation are avoided. It is advisable that you wisely use these predictions as a tool.
  • From 9:05 to 10:00,if you are a cautious player, you may come across a good margin on the upper side.
  • From 10:00 to 10:40, market may offer bulk deals, but do not take a jump even if there is a chance, it could be tricky.
  • From 10:40 to 11:00, there are chances of selling; do not take a hasty decision in aggression. Do keep a check on your trading.
  • From 11:00 to 13:15, this time slot may see both, a major jump and a major dip. In short, it’s a risky period
  • From 13:15 till the last deal, the number of Nifty calls may increase, notes Ganesha.



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