Market Sensex – Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2010 Market Sensex for 29th March, 2010

  • For better understanding of our Nifty predictions for a given period, it is essential that you keep in mind the predictions given in the previous period.
  • For every prediction, expect a variation of about 10 minutes.
  • Dates in the month of April when Nifty will be highly volatile: 5,6,7,13,15,19,20,21,23,30
  • There may be a need to make changes in your portfolio after April 2, 2010 because of some softness in the market. So be alert.
  • During the entire week, Nifty will be highly unpredictable in the final 15-odd minutes. So don’t trade during the final minutes of the day.
  • The weightage for the day is zero; Nifty will be highly volatile. Rely on intra-day trading only.
  • 9.10 to 10.05- Nifty will be under marginal selling pressure. So act accordingly.
  • 10.05 to 13.45- This period will be the most crucial part of the day. But the market will be range-bound with fluctuations in the range of 15 points. Jobbing is the only alternative.
  • 13.45 to 15.05- Nifty to move upwards.
  • 15.05 to 15.30- Nifty will feel some selling pressure; there will be an air of uncertainly surrounding the market during this period.



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