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Market Predictions

Market Predictions 2014-15 is one of its kind book that brings you amazing Astrological predictions and analysis on Nifty trends, Stock Market scenarios, Opening status for the whole year, commodities markets and more for FY 2014-15. Use this information to plan your entry/ exit strategies – much in advance – thereby ensuring much more profits, whatever may be the market conditions.

What will you get in the Market Predictions 2014-15?

  • Slot-wise predictions for Stock Market – time divided into 16 clear slots – with detailed predictions about the probable Market trends.
  • Yearly projected graph, which will prove extremely helpful, especially to the F&O and Option traders.
  • The Opening trends for each of the 310 trading days.
  • Detailed predictions about 20 important companies listed in the Nifty-50. Also, the possible high and low points of the shares of these companies.
  • Predictions and high as well as low market value points about Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Rupee (Currency Market).
  • Astrologically High and Low point figures of Nifty, SenSex, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei, Hang Seng and 20 important companies listed in the Indian stockmarket. This book also includes predictions about trends in the Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Currency trading.
  • The most active and highly volatile dates for the entire period between January 2014 to March 2015. This data will help you keep distance from deceptive market trends.
  • A broad idea about how the stock-market will behave in the next 7 years (till 2020). Zero weightage days, when the market trends will be totally unpredictable.
  • Guidance about how you should trade in the stock-markets, basis your Moon Sign.
  • List of important dates that will be favourable for you to repay your loans and be free from debts.

Well, there are many people who are wary of relying on astrological predictions while making investment decisions. In all likelihood, you too may be one of them. Or, you may be thinking – how at all something as abstract as Astrology would help you in the cut-throat, practical world of Stocks?

The astrological predictions are arrived at after a meticulous study and practice of the age-old principles of Vedic astrology and myriad systematic calculations. These predictions, by no means, are guesswork. And, this scientific system can certainly be applied to the Stock Markets and Financial Trends.

Let’s explore this subject more and see how Astrology and Financial Markets may be connected or may find a confluence –

Astrology and Mind (and finance)
“चन्द्रमा मनसो जातः । चक्षोः सूर्यो अजायत” – शुक्ल यजुर्वेद

The afore-said shloka means that ‘Moon is the ruler of the mind’. Likewise, Sun is the ruler of the soul. From an astrological perspective, Moon rules the matters related to mind, silver and liquids, while Sun is the ruler of soul, gold and the government of any country. Both of these extremely vital heavenly bodies, referred to as planets in the astrological perspective, are nearer to the Earth and are easily visible too. Moreover, both of them are responsible for the light and darkness on the Earth, and therefore have a huge impact on the civilisation.

The ancient religious scriptures have noted that Moon has a powerful impact on the human mind. It is scientifically proven that the tides in the oceans are attributed to the phases of Moon. Besides, it also is a known fact that the human body is composed of 60% water. So, if the phases of Moon can cause a major impact on the sea waters, they can surely affect the water that runs through the human body, thereby impacting the workings of the human mind and body.

This is a very important connecting point between astrology and the human mind. And, it can’t be overlooked. It is true that astrology is build on a very strong fundamental basis, which can’t be rejected.

Astrology and Stock Markets
The financial, political and business/ trade conditions of any nation are closely co-related to the fluctuations in the Stock Markets, and subsequent effects on its own currency. If we look at this important fact with such a perspective, we can safely call the stock markets as the epicentre of all the major financial activities of a nation.

Today, we have a specific currency exchange rate at which two different parties enter into a financial transaction. Moreover, the companies listed in the stock market affect this currency exchange rate. So, it is important to accurately anticipate the future of a company. An accurate judgement enables you to increase your profits.

Vedic astrology can help us in predicting the possible future of a company, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) positions. Considering the date, time and place at which the BSE and the NSE were formed, their Kundalis can be prepared. Based on these Kundalis, forecasts regarding the direction in which the markets are likely to go on a particular day can be made. Likewise, the details regarding when and where a company is formed, or made a Private Limited company, or has issued its IPO (Initial Public Offering) help us prepare the Kundali of that particular company. This Kundali can help us predict what the future may have in store for this company.

Once you understand this basic philosophy behind the Market Predictions books, you will not wait any more to grab your copy!

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  • To know the best times to buy/sell shares.
  • To know whether your current planetary configurations favour your stock-market deals.
  • To know when you will be able to strike the profitable deals.
  • To know the particular scrips you should invest in and plan your strategies accordingly.
  • To know the analysis of your Moon Sign and get an idea about the favourable times to employ your strategies.
  • To get reliable astrological predictions and guidance which will enable you to take correct decisions.

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