Your Birth Profile

Basic Details

Gender Male
Date of Birth 13 September, 1988 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr. Min. Sec.) 22:06:00 PM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs. Mins.) +05:30 East of Greenwich
Moon Sign Virgo
Ascendant (Lagna) Taurus
Sun sign (Western) Virgo
Place of Birth Indore
Country India
Longitude & Ltitude (Deg. Mins.) 75.51 East, 22.43 North
Ayanamsa Chitra Paksha = 23Deg. 41Min. 43Sec.

Astrological Details

Sign Lord Mercury
Nakshatra Lord Mars
Charan 1
Name Alphabet Pa, Tha, Na | प, ठ, ण
Nakshatra Charan Alphabet पे (Pe)
Paya Silver
Ascendant Lord Venus
Atma Karaka (Soul) – Karakamsa Sun
Amatya Karaka (Inellect/Mind) Moon
Dasha System Vimshottari, Years = 365.25 Days

Panchang Details

Sunrise (Hrs. Mins.) 06:12
Sunset (Hrs. Mins.) 18:31
Local Mean Time (LMT) 21:39:20
Weekday Tuesday
Birth Star/Nakshatra Chitra
Tithi (Lunar Day) Tritiya
Karan Taitil
Nithya Yoga Brahma

Lucky Points

Favourable Days Friday, Wednesday and Saturday
Favourable Color Rose Pink
Lucky Number 2,7
Inspiring Deity Shri Durga Mata
Lucky Direction South, West
Lucky Letter P, G, and Y
Favourable Metal Iron, Lead


Avakhada Chakra
Karan Taitil
Nithya Yoga Brahma
Varga Mushak
Varna Vaishya
Tatva Bhumi
Vasya Manav
Yoni Vyaghra
Gana Rakshas
Yunja Madhya
Nadi Madhya

What is Avakhada Chakra?

The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon’s position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine compatibility with others.

Ghaat Chakra

What is Ghaat Chakra?

As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, and nakshatra should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.

Month Bhadrapad
Tithi Shukla Paksha Panchami, Shukla Paksha Dashmi, Purnima,
Day Saturday
Nakshatra Shravana
Yog Shul
Karan Kaulav
Prahar First
Male Moon Gemini
Female Moon Scorpio


Nirayan Grah / Planetary Avastha

What is Nirayan Grah?

The below table shows “Nirayana or Sidereal Planetary Positions” which is very essential to cast an accurate birth chart.

The planetary longitudes shown in below table is used in construction of other divisional charts (Varga kundali).

Planets Retrograde Sign Degrees Sign Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord House
Lagna Taurus 4:58:14 Venus Krutika Sun First
Sun False Leo 27:24:05 Sun Uttarafalguni Sun Forth
Moon False Virgo 24:31:12 Mercury Chitra Mars Fifth
Mars True Pisces 15:32:36 Jupiter Uttarabhadrapad Saturn Eleventh
Mercury False Virgo 23:50:51 Mercury Chitra Mars Fifth
Jupiter False Taurus 12:14:21 Venus Rohini Moon First
Venus False Cancer 12:56:14 Moon Pushya Saturn Third
Saturn False Sagittarius 02:23:58 Jupiter Mool Ketu Eights
Rahu True Aquarius 19:54:21 Saturn Satbhisha Rahu Tenth
Ketu True Leo 19:54:21 Sun Purvafalguni Venus Forth
Harshal False Sagittarius 03:22:17 Jupiter Mool Ketu Eights
Neptune False Sagittarius 13:44:17 Jupiter Purvashadha Venus Eights
Pluto False Libra 16:54:40 Venus Swati Rahu Sixth


Your Ashtakavarga Calculation

What is Ashtakavarga?

Ashtakavarga Theory is one of the finest predictive theories of Vedic Astrology. It uses the point system to work on karmic debts based on planetary positions in a chart. Ashta means eight and Varga means categorization and hence Ashtakavarga theory means eightfold categorization. It determines the strength of houses and planets including ascendants in eight folds. The nodes of the moon are excluded while determining the strengths. The strengths of the planets are determined on the basis of certain well-established rules. The strengths of each planet, as well as the power and intensity of its influence on the native, will totally be dependent on the placements of the remaining six planets and the ascendant in relation to it.

The strength of seven planets and ascendants is determined in a chart or tabular format. In this system, the planets and the ascendants are used as a reference point and 8 full points are assigned to each of them. The scores are given to the planets and ascendants ranging from 0 to 8 which is placed on different signs in a native chart. It also determines the possibility of transiting the planet in moving auspicious or other effects during its transitory motion on a particular planet. The major and minor events and their timings are mainly determined by the positioning of certain points. The score is totally dependent on how each planet is auspiciously or inauspiciously placed from the other. Each planet will earn different score which is again unique for all natives and helps them to know how a particular planet is favorable for them.

The planet that scores 0 is considered as the most inauspicious, score ranging from 1-3 are considered as inferior, 4 is said to be neutral and 5-8 is said to be auspicious and fortunate with the strength of increasing scores. The natives can take remedial measures depending on the negative or positive influences of the planets on the natives. They can prevent themselves from the unpleasant effects of it just by getting aware of consequences likely to happen due to its influence. The scores of the planets in the Ashtakavarga table are one of the best guides to help the natives to be aware of possible consequences likely to happen in the future.


Score V/S Effect

Score Effect
0 Inauspicious
1-3 Inferior
4 Neutral
5-8 Auspicious
Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Total
Mesh 3 5 2 4 4 3 3 24
Vrushabh 2 5 3 3 7 5 6 31
Mithun 6 3 4 6 5 2 3 29
Kark 4 4 4 5 3 7 4 31
Sinh 4 2 1 4 4 5 4 24
Kanya 4 3 2 4 4 5 2 24
Tula 4 4 5 6 5 3 3 30
Vrishchik 4 5 2 3 5 4 2 25
Dhan 3 3 4 6 4 3 2 25
Makar 5 4 3 4 4 5 1 26
Kumbh 4 5 5 4 5 5 6 34
Meen 5 6 4 5 6 5 3 34
48 49 39 54 56 52 39 337


Planetary Friendship Table

Permanent Friendship

This type of planetary friendship is based on planets’ nature and natural qualities. Thus, planets have some natural friends or enemies. Sometimes, they even remain neutral with some planets.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus
Sun Friend Friend Friend Enemy Neutral Enemy
Moon Friend Neutral Neutral Neutral Friend Neutral
Mars Friend Friend Friend Neutral Enemy Neutral
Jupiter Friend Friend Friend Neutral Enemy Enemy
Saturn Enemy Enemy Enemy Neutral Friend Friend
Mercury Friend Enemy Neutral Neutral Neutral Friend
Venus Enemy Enemy Neutral Neutral Friend Friend


Temporal Friendship

This type of planetary friendship depends on how the planets are posited in any given chart. Planets posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from another planet becomes its temporary friend. Others can be treated as temporary enemy.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun Friend Enemy Friend Friend Friend Enemy
Moon Friend Enemy Enemy Enemy Friend Friend
Mars Enemy Enemy Enemy Friend Enemy Friend
Mercury Friend Enemy Enemy Enemy Friend Friend
Jupiter Friend Enemy Friend Enemy Friend Enemy
Venus Friend Friend Enemy Friend Friend Enemy
Saturn Enemy Friend Friend Friend Enemy Enemy


Five-fold Friendship

This is the combination or summation of the relationships arrived at under the Natural Friendship and the Temporary Friendship.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus
Sun Great Friend Neutral Great Friend Great Enemy Friend Neutral
Moon Great Friend Enemy Enemy Friend Neutral Friend
Mars Neutral Neutral Great Friend Friend Great Enemy Enemy
Jupiter Great Friend Neutral Great Friend Enemy Great Enemy Neutral
Saturn Great Enemy Neutral Neutral Enemy Great Friend Neutral
Mercury Great Friend Great Enemy Enemy Enemy Friend Great Friend
Venus Neutral Neutral Enemy Friend Neutral Great Friend


Panchang Predictions
Day of Birth Tuesday
Birth Star (Nakshatra) Chitra
Lunar Day (Tithi) Tritiya
Karanam Taitil
Nithya Yoga Brahma

You are born on: Tuesday

As you were born on Tuesday, you are action-oriented having innovative nature. You will have a lot of energy to carry out actions at a quick pace. Sometimes, you naturally react directly and bluntly. You will be acknowledged for your excellence and risk-taking nature. You respond to life as though it was an adventure. You are strong-willed and engrossed with qualities of leadership. You are bold and fond of taking a risk.


Your Birth-Star (Nakshatra) is: Chitra

Chitra born enjoy good health and always appear much younger than their actual age. They may appear rather thin and weak, but they have excellent stamina and muscle power. These people are gifted with the power of intuition, a quality that is a must for any astrologer. Hence, these people are suitable for any profession that requires forecasting over a longer period.

These people do not like to be subdued by others. Hence, they have to face opposition in every walk of life. A strong Mangala in this case will give the necessary courage to the native to take on the world.

Lunar Day (Tithi): Tritiya

Favourable Signs

Leo, Capricorn

Results based on the date of birth

The natives born on Tritiya tithi will perform task related to wealth and property. An offspring gets advantage from the state or government and is devoted to the father

Karanam: Taitil

You have an abundance of energy that is easily scattered. In general, you prefer doing things at your own pace with fondness towards leisure, food, and other materialistic pleasures. Your wicked and cunning nature will define the degree of your success in personal as well as professional life. You would prefer warmer climate than colder.

Nithya Yoga: Brahma

They are adept at all the necessary fields of education. They are brought up by their father. They spend less time with their mother and receive limited support of a spouse. They are blessed with several girl children and become disoriented in life. They may become a religious leader or an educationist and gain acclaim.


Ascendant / Birth Chart
Birth Chart

About Ascendant / Birth Chart

In Vedic Astrology, the Birth Chart is also known as Lagna kundali, Janam kundali and Ascendant Chart. The sign which rises in East direction at the time and place of your birth will become your Lagna Sign or Ascending Sign and that will give rise to your Lagna kundali or Janam kundali. This is the most important chart among all divisional charts.

Moon Chart

About Moon Chart

Moon Chart or Chandra kundali has also the greater importance in Vedic Astrology predictions. A Chandra kundali is prepared keeping the placement of natal Moon in the 1st house and the rest of the planets are placed accordingly. In other words, we need to rotate the Birth Chart to bring the Moon in the 1st house.

Moon Chart


Sun Chart
Sun kundali

About Sun Chart

Sun Chart or Surya kundali is derived by keeping the placement of natal Sun in the 1st house. This chart is also known as Sunrise Chart.

In other words, a Surya kundali, is determined by the Sun, neither by Ascendant nor by Moon, and is therefore a chart that only applies to the expression of the Sun, our core identity.


About Ashtakavarga

Ashtakvarga Theory is one of the most easiest theories of Vedic Astrology to determine the strength of house and planets too.

In Ashtakvarga Theory, the replication of planetary strength or house strength can be provided in charts or tabular format.

By using Ashtakvarga charts or tables, one can conclude many things just by looking at the scores given in either chart or tables.

Ashtakavarga kundali


Bhava / Chalit Chart
Chalit kundali

About Bhava / Chalit Chart

In Vedic Astrology, planetary longitudes play a vital role in forecasting. It is not necessary that two planets posited in the same sign (house) give the results of that house. Simply, planets falling in any sign is not important because sometimes signs and houses overlap to each others.

Hence, Chalit kundali is the purification of Lagna kundali and therefore Chalit kundali is derived from Lagna kundali.

D2 – Hora Chart

About D2 – Hora Chart

Hora kundali tells us about a person’s wealth and financial prosperity.

The Hora chart is divided into 2 parts. It has only 2 Lagnas/Rashis – Cancer & Leo.

All the first 15 degrees of male Rashis (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) come under Leo. The next 15 degrees come under Cancer. On the other hand, all the first 15 degrees of female Rashis (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) come under Cancer. The next 15 degrees come under Leo.

D2 Hora Chart


D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali

About D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali – Deccan Chart – Drekkana Chart

Drekkana Chart reveals the hidden aspects of 3rd house of Birth Chart. In other words, it is an extension of 3rd house of Birth Chart.

It can reveal hidden aspects of siblings – brothers and sisters, communication, short distance travel, writing, listening, upper arm, relatives, neighbours, bravery, valour, courage, optimism, hard work, adventure.

Dreshkhamsha kundali
D7 – Saptmansh kundali
Saptmansh kundali

About D7 – Saptmansh kundali

D/7 Chart of Saptmansh chart is a divisional chart which is used for the analysis of child birth and happiness associated with the children. Strength or weakness of the 5th house of child happiness in the birth chart and the Saptmansh chart gives us an idea about the happiness associated with the child birth. Also, conception period and the time of the child birth can be studied through the Saptmansh chart. It can also indicate any problems related to the delay or problems in the conception of the child. Child’s fate can also be studied through the Saptmansh chart.


D9 – Navmasha kundali

About D9 – Navmasha kundali

Navmasha simply means 9th division of sign. Navmasha Chart has been given prime importance in Vedic Predictive Astrology. It is also Known as D-9 chart as well.

Navmasha Chart is constructed from Birth Chart and hence it works in relation with birth chart.

Navmasha kundali
12 – Dwadashansh Kundali
Dwadashansh Kundali

About 12 – Dwadashansh Kundali

Basically, the D-12 chart reveals hidden aspects of Parents (Paternal and Maternal Legacies).

Various matters related to parents like happiness from his parents, comforts and longevity of the parents, social and financial status of parents etc.

The 12 divisions of each sign have been assigned to 4 deities. This is an unique method to strengthen the planet (if needed) on different division by worshiping the deity indicated. By doing so the malefic effects of the planet, either during the Dasha period or transit.


Your Personality

You are friendly and affectionate, and your relationships will be harmonious. Your taste, in both people and food, will be refined. You will be fond of pleasure and will enjoy the good things of life. The influence of fixed sign Taurus lends you great stability, and so much perseverance that you will not give up anything you take up mid-way come what may. Your basic nature is materialistic, but you are pragmatic and are endowed with loads of patience. You tend to be a bit slow on the uptake, and are far from being a sharp thinker, and once you have formed an opinion, it is very difficult for you to change it.


Area of Life


The placement of the Lord of the 5th House in the 5th House itself, which happens to be its own House renders a lot of strength to your Horoscope, and also indicates a successful and bright academic career. You will be blessed with extraordinary intelligence and grasping power. This placement also denotes great interest in various subjects and a devoted approach towards academics. You will be perform and score well in examinations and will get good success in contests and competitions. Due to your brilliance and excellent performances, you will come across good opportunities in life. You will also be able to take the right decisions regarding your education.

As the Lord of the 9th House is placed in the 8th House, higher studies may prove to be somewhat difficult. You may pursue higher education abroad and there Courses which will give you the chance to involve in research and detailed study will attract you. It is advisable that you take the decisions related to higher education only after due thought and deliberation. You may tend to lose interest in your studies mid-way and may have some confusion about your priorities and goals. The placement of the Lord of the 9th House in the 12th from its position indicates obstacles, disinterest, delays and complications in matters pertaining to higher education.



Working in groups will be a high tendency for you as far as your professional life is concerned. You like to have the reputation of being associated with very prominent and stable, yet creative and ingenious people. You have a modern and inventive ideology towards your career. You will want freedom in your career field.

You will be loaded with ingenious ideas. You are much inclined to professions related to public life and people. You set your goals upfront and then work dedicatedly towards achieving the goals. You are hardworking and know how to manage tasks.

You do not take undue risks in your professional life. Your inventive nature shall see you through to the top rung. You will need a lot of patience, but at the same time you will need to keep coming up with innovative ideas to help you climb the ladder of success.

You may shine well in profession as an electrician or in the electronics industry. You’re also drawn to modern technology, radical, scientific or technical fields, computer manufacture, high tech, gaming or telecommunications industry etc.

You will be very dynamic in your approach towards your career which signifies that by any means either by hook or crook you will proceed in your career. You are very intelligent and clever in dealing with coworkers and people around you in order to derive maximum benefits, attention and recognition . Everyone at your workplace always know your abilities well and you hardly get unnoticed and always draws attention of everyone around you. You may have an obsession towards fame, repect and position in career and to achieve your goals you may make all the efforts even by making compromise with your values and ethics.

As the Lord of the 10th House is in the 8th House, you may have difficulties in independent profession. You may have differences with your father and you may not get the support from him. You may undertake research and development as your career choice. You may face difficulties in career progression. There may be sudden or unexpected problems in career. You could be involved in healing, medical field and insurance. You could have interest in psychological factors involved in the work.



You can convince not only individuals but also masses to get you to do your biddings and make you think it was you all along. You would prefer to make a decent living surrounded by people with whom you can discuss about important money matters. However, you have to be careful of including too many shitty people in your life, just to counteract the fear of being alone. You are, however, not someone who cares about the opinion of acquaintances and enemies. You are rather bipolar with the money matters and at times spending like crazy, and then holding on to it for long period of time. You need to learn to save your money, because you never know when you will be in need.

The Lord of the 2nd House is in the 5th House. This makes you dutiful and caring towards family members. You may have financial gains through consultancy profession. You may have a strong desire to earn effortless money, it means you would earn through a lottery, stock market or speculation. You would be fortunate to gain wealth due to past life deeds. Your 2nd House Lord aspects the 11th house of gains so you may gain and get rewarded too. This placement indicates that you will earn through your intelligence. You may learn some traditional skills of your family.



You have an eye for the details like no other. You are a keen observant of everything that is going in your relationships and apply more than required practicality in your relationships. Those little things matter a lot in your love affairs. Ganesha suggests you to use your analytical abilities to make your relationship better instead overly criticising your partner and expecting too much. You have the in-built qualities to judge what your partner likes and what your partner does not. When in love, you are dependable and well-planned in your sexual encounters. In spite of your practical approach, you are very hard-working and emotionally attached lover.

Placement of the Lord of the 5th House in the 5th House is one of the most fortunate placements for relationship bliss. The relationship with your partner forms a very important part of your life and you will be very demonstrative in expressing your warmth and feelings for your loved one. You can be extremely romantic and can be very magnanimous with your partner. You like transparency and honesty in a relationship and dealing with betrayals can turn out to be a nightmare for you! Though the positivity and sparkle that you may add to a relationship, your overbearing attitude at times can create some stress.



Marriage & Children

Ganesha observes that Scorpio’s influence on the seventh house of your horoscope makes you dedicated in the case of relationships. Specifically, you are very much attached to your life partner, so after marriage this sign is going to show up strongly. This sign influencing your seventh house indicates compulsive partnership. In case if you have a business partner turning out to be your spouse, a great deal! You may be seeking for expressive and developmental qualities in a life partner with proper sense of creation. If both of you are strong willed, there can be fights and differences. Possessiveness may play a very important role and if it comes to the fore you both may not even compromise. Ganesha feels that dynamism and strength are two major powers that your mate would own. Aggression, antagonism and jealousy need to be checked well on your side otherwise it will be difficult to sail through the sea! In short, unless you learn to tone down jealousy and rebellious nature, you would not be able to make it successful. But if you can, happiness is all yours, assures Ganesha.

As the Lord of the 7th House is in the 11th House, your spouse may belong to a wealthy family. The period after your marriage will be beneficial to your growth. You will be successful in the partnership business. There will be gains through foreign travels. Your spouse will be loving, good looking and intelligent, but she could be suspicious or prejudiced about you. You may have many social contacts. You may also gain wealth through speculative money with the help of your spouse. You may gain lot of wealth after marriage.

You may have less numbers of children. Your chidren will be intelligent, religious, and spiritual as well. They will be highly educated with good knowledge and intelligence. You will generally have good rapport with them.



Your relationship with your siblings is generally supportive and comforting. You feel like you are very able to just talk about your feelings freely and friendly. You may have a habit to become the counsellor when your siblings face problems. But, you can unconsciously slip into gossip mode. You feel things at a deeper level and generally are very kind and sentimental in your relations.

You are able to empathise with your siblings in suffering and pain. But you can be manipulative when you want things to go your way. You are very moody and the moods may change erratically or regularly which might affect your rapport. When at peace with your life choices, you will be happy and content to be surrounded by your siblings and a loving family.

You are a very creative and artistic person with a great set of skills. You are good at your speech and writing skills. You have the ability to express yourself well through the art of speaking and writing. You are a person who likes to wander about and explore. You like learning new things and that’s why you have a love of travel, yet your immediate surroundings are probably quite harmonious and comfortable. Your nature is very appealing to the people around you. People like you because of your creativity and the level of understanding that you have. Relations with neighbours and siblings are probably easy-going and pleasurable because of your calm and friendly nature. Because you dislike disharmony, you avoid confrontations with people in your immediate environment, you don’t like lengthy and aggressive discussions. You are more of a calm and relaxed person.

Your siblings may be instrumental or actively involved in your endeavours or business in some or the other way. It suggests happiness from siblings. There will be some periods of disruptions in your relationship but you would be able to manage difficulties and problems in your life. Your efforts will not allow the problems to spoil your relationship. You will also help your siblings in difficult times. You may have to spend money for them and you will generously fulfil your duties.


Yearly Predictions


Year 2020

During this phase, you will be less sensitive to power struggles and issues of sharing resources as you will be comfortable with the amount of power and control that you have in your life. You will be more interested in digging into yourself and some deeply-held issues of the past. This could be a good period to reorganize your financial matters and a conducive phase to settle a debt, tax issue, inheritance, or problem with joint finances. You may also see accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well. You will become more expansive, warm, and intimate with your partner.

This could be a good time to develop your mind and learn new things. It will be a period dedicated to self-improvement. Your journey can be tough as you may not find desired support of luck hence obstacles will also be on your way to success. You might be unnecessarily dragged into problems, which can frustrate you. There will be a strong competition and opposition of your ideas and opinions. You will be hard pressed and expected to show good results. You will be much inclined to religious and philosophical activities. Traveling for professional purpose or pilgrimage may be expected. However, long distance travel may be stressful or problematic. Your beliefs, convictions, ideas may change. Relation with authority figures, bosses and older relatives may be a source of concern now.

As the year progresses, it will unleash a streak of fearlessness and boldness within you. You will feel more confident and will be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a very novel manner. You may get sudden chances to go on short-distance travels, journeys or trips. You may get the support of your siblings and cousins in tricky matters. You will be able to figure out quickly if someone is trying to act smart or if someone is trying to deceive or flatter you. You are likely to adopt a tactful approach in your general dealings.

This will be an ideal time for progress in spirituality, philosophy and religion as there will be faster progress. You may even go on pilgrimages. There will be a feeling that may crop up from within that fortune is not favouring you. But instead, you should remain optimistic and keep putting in more efforts which will ultimately get you good results.


Vimshotari Dasha

What is Mahadasha?

Mahadasha is a very important aspect to be considered while predicting a natal chart using Vedic astrology. Mahadasha has the power of creating yogas and dosha in the natal chart and can deviate the impact of the planetary transits. Mahadasha will support the native to attain wealth, success and fame in life. There are nine types of Mahadasha namely Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars. The timespan of all the Mahadasha is 120 years. Mahadasha of the lord of the nakshatra of natives will come first in the life of the native and later Mahadasha comes subsequently in order. The table below shows how the nine Mahadasha is divided into this timespan and the starting and ending date of each Mahadasha.

What is Antardasha?

The extended period of Mahadasha subcategorized into the smaller period is called Antardashas. Hence, Antardashas are the nine segments of Mahadasha. Each segment belongs to each planet and so the Dasha period has the influence of all nine planets. The planet that is the ruler of Mahadasha will have a major influence. The other name of Antardasha is a sub-ruling period that follows the same chronological order of Mahadasha. The proportional length of Antardasha will also remain the same which depends on the duration of Mahadasha. Antardasha will help you to make a micro and detailed examination of the influence of each Mahadasha. It gives more clarity about the indication of the major and minor events likely to happen in a native’s life with more accuracy in time.


Mars (7y)

Age – 0
Antardasha Start Date End Date
—- —– —-
—- —– —-
Jupiter 16 Jul 1989 22 Jun 1990
Saturn 22 Jun 1990 31 Jul 1991
Mercury 31 Jul 1991 27 Jul 1992
Ketu 27 Jul 1992 23 Dec 1992
Venus 23 Dec 1992 22 Feb 1994
Sun 22 Feb 1994 30 Jun 1994
Moon 30 Jun 1994 29 Jan 1995

Rahu (18y)

Age – 6
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Rahu 29 Jan 1995 09 Oct 1997
Jupiter 09 Oct 1997 02 Mar 2000
Saturn 02 Mar 2000 05 Jan 2003
Mercury 05 Jan 2003 23 Jul 2005
Ketu 23 Jul 2005 10 Aug 2006
Venus 10 Aug 2006 08 Aug 2009
Sun 08 Aug 2009 02 Jul 2010
Moon 02 Jul 2010 31 Dec 2011
Mars 31 Dec 2011 17 Jan 2013

Jupiter (16y)

Age – 24
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Jupiter 17 Jan 2013 06 Mar 2015
Saturn 06 Mar 2015 15 Sep 2017
Mercury 15 Sep 2017 21 Dec 2019
Ketu 21 Dec 2019 26 Nov 2020
Venus 26 Nov 2020 26 Jul 2023
Sun 26 Jul 2023 13 May 2024
Moon 13 May 2024 11 Sep 2025
Mars 11 Sep 2025 18 Aug 2026
Rahu 18 Aug 2026 09 Jan 2029

Saturn (19y)

Age – 40
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Saturn 09 Jan 2029 11 Jan 2032
Mercury 11 Jan 2032 18 Sep 2034
Ketu 18 Sep 2034 27 Oct 2035
Venus 27 Oct 2035 25 Dec 2038
Sun 25 Dec 2038 07 Dec 2039
Moon 07 Dec 2039 07 Jul 2041
Mars 07 Jul 2041 15 Aug 2042
Rahu 15 Aug 2042 19 Jun 2045
Jupiter 19 Jun 2045 30 Dec 2047

Mercury (17y)

Age – 59
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Mercury 30 Dec 2047 26 May 2050
Ketu 26 May 2050 23 May 2051
Venus 23 May 2051 21 Mar 2054
Sun 21 Mar 2054 25 Jan 2055
Moon 25 Jan 2055 25 Jun 2056
Mars 25 Jun 2056 22 Jun 2057
Rahu 22 Jun 2057 08 Jan 2060
Jupiter 08 Jan 2060 14 Apr 2062
Saturn 14 Apr 2062 20 Dec 2064

Ketu (7y)

Age – 76
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Ketu 20 Dec 2064 18 May 2065
Venus 18 May 2065 18 Jul 2066
Sun 18 Jul 2066 23 Nov 2066
Moon 23 Nov 2066 24 Jun 2067
Mars 24 Jun 2067 20 Nov 2067
Rahu 20 Nov 2067 07 Dec 2068
Jupiter 07 Dec 2068 13 Nov 2069
Saturn 13 Nov 2069 22 Dec 2070
Mercury 22 Dec 2070 19 Dec 2071

Venus (20y)

Age – 83
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Venus 19 Dec 2071 17 Apr 2075
Sun 17 Apr 2075 16 Apr 2076
Moon 16 Apr 2076 15 Dec 2077
Mars 15 Dec 2077 14 Feb 2079
Rahu 14 Feb 2079 12 Feb 2082
Jupiter 12 Feb 2082 11 Oct 2084
Saturn 11 Oct 2084 10 Dec 2087
Mercury 10 Dec 2087 08 Oct 2090
Ketu 08 Oct 2090 08 Dec 2091

Sun (6y)

Age – 103
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Sun 08 Dec 2091 27 Mar 2092
Moon 27 Mar 2092 26 Sep 2092
Mars 26 Sep 2092 01 Feb 2093
Rahu 01 Feb 2093 26 Dec 2093
Jupiter 26 Dec 2093 14 Oct 2094
Saturn 14 Oct 2094 26 Sep 2095
Mercury 26 Sep 2095 01 Aug 2096
Ketu 01 Aug 2096 07 Dec 2096
Venus 07 Dec 2096 07 Dec 2097

Moon (10y)

Age – 109
Antardasha Start Date End Date
Moon 07 Dec 2097 07 Oct 2098
Mars 07 Oct 2098 08 May 2099
Rahu 08 May 2099 06 Nov 2100
Jupiter 06 Nov 2100 07 Mar 2102
Saturn 07 Mar 2102 06 Oct 2103
Mercury 06 Oct 2103 06 Mar 2105
Ketu 06 Mar 2105 05 Oct 2105
Venus 05 Oct 2105 05 Jun 2107
Sun 05 Jun 2107 05 Dec 2107


Yoga in the Kundali

Obhayachari Yoga


If planets other than the Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are present on either side of the Sun, Obhayachari yoga is formed.


You will be an eloquent speaker. You will have well-proportioned limbs. You will take delight in everything. You will be liked by all. You will get success in your endeavours, and will be wealthy and famous.

Deha Pushti Yoga


The Ascendant lord in a movable (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) sign placed with Jupiter or Venus gives rise to Deha Pushti Yoga.


You will have a happy life. You will become rich and will enjoy your life. You will possess a well-developed body.

Yukthi Samanwithavagmi Yoga


The 2nd lord should be placed with a benefic ( Moon, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury) in 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th house.


You will become an eloquent and skilled speaker. You can succeed beyond expectations by convincing speeches. You will earn a lot of money through your skills.

Buddhimaturya Yoga


If 5th house lord is placed in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th house with benefic planet (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter), this yoga is formed.


You will be a man of great intelligence and character. Your powers of memory and comprehension will be extraordinarily good.


Dosha in the Kundali

Kalsarp Dosha

Rahu and Ketu are the vedic names for the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively. The Sanskrit word kaal has several meanings, one of which is time. Sarpa means serpent. Kaalsarpa Dosha is a phenomenon in which the serpentine energy associated with Rahu and Ketu entangles itself around the other planets, thereby constricting and disrupting the planetary rays.

There are 12 types of Kalsarp Dosha. Presence of this yoga in birth chart can make person’s life unhappy and edgy. This yoga gives worry and difficulty in general. This doesn’t mean that Kalsharpa Yoga spoils person’s whole life. Its a Karmic baggage which makes a person learn important lessons through some hardships. It creates a unique energy which can either create something great or distroy the goodness.

Fortunately, Kalsarpa Dosha is NOT present hence you must not worry about all these problems. Feel Blessed….


Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha causes frictions in married life. It also creates tempramental problems in the conjugal life. It creates chaos, dissatisfaction, frequent heated arguments which is not good with regards to the harmony in the married life. Due to Mangal Dosha, there can be difficulties in understanding each other’s expectations. It also causes health problems and if the impact is severe, separation can not be ruled out.

Fortunately, Mangal Dosha is NOT present hence you must not worry about all these problems. Feel Blessed….



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