Stellium in Sagittarius: Planetary conjunctions creating doshas

Every one of us is incredibly unique and has complex souls. Some of us will be extremely shy while others will be extremely competitive, extrovert or creative. Have you ever thought about why your personality and choice is different from the rest? It’s high time you check out your birth chart. You may have a stellium of 3 or more planets in it. Having a gathering of three or more planets in a house means that the house will be super energized and will heavily influence your personality and choices.

Effect of Shad Graha yoga in Janampatri

If there is a Shad Graha Yoga in your Kundali that house will have energy and light of six different planets. It is also known as a stellium of 6 planets. It creates Purvajya yoga which is commonly known as Sanyasi yoga. The energy created by this yoga is extremely difficult to predict. It is because every planet will have its own light and energy which will be totally different from other planets. All this light and energy will come together and will create a unique combination that only a few can understand. We have a good chance to understand it with a live event.

The phenomenon or event happening between December 16, 2019, and January 16, 2020, is very rare and risky. It is because during this period different planets will be transiting in and out in Sagittarius during this period. The entry of different planets will create different combinations. Thus, the constant transition of planets in and out of Sagittarius and the resulting combinations will create different doshas in your horoscope. Let us explore the predictions of these combinations.

According to astrology, every planet represents one or two houses. When there is a combination of three or more planets in a particular house along with its sub-elements then that house will create focus and new alignments in the life of the individuals. But it is very important to know in which house of your horoscope these combinations are created. This is because the combination of planets will create seven negative Yutis during this time as stated below

  1. Combination of Saturn and Ketu: Shapit Dosha
  2. Combination of Jupiter and Ketu: Vipra Chandal Dosha
  3. Combination of Sun and Ketu: Grahan Dosha
  4. Combination of Moon and Ketu: Grahan Dosha
  5. Combination of Sun and Saturn: Sangharsha Dosha
  6. Combination of Moon and Saturn: Vish Dosha
  7. Kaal Sarp Dosha

Let’s understand these combinations one by one and what will be the prediction if they are present in the horoscope. All these combinations will be temporarily together in the upcoming time which will trigger a solar eclipse. Are these combinations present in your horoscope? If yes, here are its effects.

Combination of Saturn and Ketu: Shapit Dosha

Saturn is the planet of limitations and Ketu represents restrictions and obstructions. So, the combination of these two planets would slow down the pace of your progress in life. This association will reduce your inclination to achieve a higher status in life and to aim for better things in life.

Combination of Jupiter and Ketu: Vipra Chandal Dosha

The expansive Jupiter while in conjunction with the restrictive Ketu will not augur well for your prosperity and overall fortunes. There may be sudden, unpleasant changes that may create a lot of trouble for you. You will also notice that your luck is not favoring you. You will not be able to enjoy the happy moments of life easily. There may be an occurrence of some things that will keep bothering you.

Combination of Sun and Ketu: Grahan Dosha

The Sun and Ketu are adverse planets, and the positive energy of the Sun gets blocked due to the restrictive influence of Ketu. Your general prospects for success and progress get affected due to this combination and you will not be able to exercise your influence well.

Combination of Moon and Ketu: Grahan Dosha

The one with a good composure of mind is considered to be lucky and wise. Moon is a significator of mind while Ketu is a violent and destructive planet. When these planets come in combination then things can become messed up. Over-aggressiveness, rudeness, and recklessness can be the result of this combination.

Combination of Sun and Saturn: Sangharsha Dosha

The Sun signifies success and fame and its adversary, Saturn represents delays and obstacles in life. When these two planets of contrasting ideologies are in conjunction with a chart, then the person has to encounter a lot of challenges and struggles.

Combination of Moon and Saturn: Vish Dosha

The Moon is a fast-moving planet and is an indicator of our mind and mental health. On the other hand, Saturn happens to be the slowest amongst the planets and denotes suffering and obstacles. Thus, the combination of the Moon and Saturn results in the 'Chandra-Shani Vish Yoga', which acts as a poisonous influence in your life.

Kaal Sarp Dosha

The presence of Kaal Sarp Dosha in your Chart gives rise to highly inauspicious effects and it blocks the progress to a large extent. It hampers the chances of achieving success and prosperity. Sudden unfavorable changes, suffering, humiliations, struggles and various other problems are some of the characteristics of this Dosha.

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