Dispel the myth….Astrology does have a scientific base!

The subject of Astrology has intrigued millions across the globe. And, why not! After all, who doesn’t want a slice of future! Millions across the world believe in the power of Astrology, and abide by what it says, suggests or predicts.But then, this subject also has had a fair share of non-believers and critics. For, logic, pure sciences and rationale sometimes defy what Astrology has to say. Many view Astrology as akin to blind faith or superstition. What has lead to such a misconstrued image of a subject that can otherwise be vastly useful in our lives?This has happened because, this is an area that has myriad branches, that has been studied, interpreted and practised in myriad ways since centuries. It is an area that has been played/ toyed with insincere practitioners, unqualified people and even crooks, and that explains the scepticism.However, the undeniable truth is that the subject of Astrology does have a scientific and mathematical background and its findings are based on years and years of meticulous research. Civilisations after civilisations have spent considerable time and effort to study and work on this wonderful subject. Astrology is much more than mere fortune-telling!Plus, it has also evolved immensely over the years, and has now come to include even the minutest of the life’s areas. Also, Astrology as a subject can be learnt; it is not merely the unmeasurable, unaccounted for intuitive prowess that a few tout as. The subject has been carefully built around sound mathematical and astronomical principles, and thus has a logical base.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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