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  • Free Gemstone Recommendation Based On Your Kundli
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Benefits of Accurate Gemstone Recommendation

Astrology Gemstones possess mystical powers and energies of the planet associated with them. Hence, it should always be worn only after consulting an expert astrologer, else it may bring challenges in your life. Accurate Gemstone recommendation based on your birth chart can confer you with following benefits:
  • Promotes your intellectual skills and strength
  • Brings health, wealth, and prosperity to life
  • Reduces the malefic effects of the planet
  • Helps you to overcome problems in your life
  • Attracts more opportunities and good luck

How Astrology Gemstones Work:

Each Gemstone has different characteristics and meanings. For example, Blue Sapphire is believed to have stress-relieving qualities, while White Sapphire is known as the 'stone of love'. But, to unlock the magical qualities of each Gemstone, it should be selected based on your birth chart. Here’s why:
  • Gemstones have major healing powers that can enhance your wellbeing while promoting a sense of calm and serenity.
  • Gemstones possess the energies of specific planets. The gemstone will harness this energy and channel it into your environment.
  • Gemstone worn according to the ascendant or the luck house proves to be beneficial for the wearer.
  • Gemstones have their own unique vibrational healing energy. Hence, the astrology Gemstone aligned with your birth chart allows it to work for you in the way you want it to.


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  • Gemstone Recommendation Given After Thorough Kundli Analysis
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