What is Dhan Yoga? How it is formed, and know its benefits.

We all want wealth and money in life. Prosperity is one thing everyone runs after. We all want planetary aspects in our horoscope that will give fame, name and prosperity. According to Vedic astrology, the special formation of planets forms a type of conjunction called yoga. There are several types of yoga. But most of us are looking for that one Yoga that will give wealth. Vedic Yoga identifies it as Dhan Yoga. So whether you will get the name, fame and wealth depend on this Dhan yog present in your horoscope.

According to Vedic astrology, the second house of the birth chart is regarded as the house of finance, while the eleventh house is considered to be good for financial gains. The favourable relationship between these two houses creates the much famed Dhan Yoga. If other aspects like Lagna, fifth, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh house or their Lords are associated in the native’s horoscope in a favourable position, then Dhan yoga in Kundali is very much likely. Let us know in detail how Dhana yoga is formed in your horoscope. Know whether you have Dhan Yog in your Kundali or not by getting your Free Janampatri analysed by our experts.

How Exactly Is Dhan Yoga Formed?

As mentioned earlier, five houses are responsible for Dhan yog in kundali. Apart from the houses, there are two planets, namely Jupiter and Venus, that play an important role in gaining wealth and prosperity. So one can see, the five houses and two planets can create numerous conditions that give rise to the formation of Dhan Yoga in astrology. Here is the list of some of the combinations that give rise to Dhan yoga.

  1. The conjunction of the Lagna lord and the 2nd lord gives rise to Dhan yoga.
  2. If the lord of your 11th house is placed in the 2nd house and vice versa.
  3. If the lord of the ascendant is placed in his tenth house, the native is likely to garner more wealth than his parents.
  4. If the lord of the second and ninth house exchange mutually, then wealth is indicated in your life.
  5. Dhan Yoga is indicated when the lord of the second house gets associated with gifts, ninth and eleventh house.
  6. If the lord of the fifth house is associated with the ninth and eleventh house.
  7. Another option is when the ninth house lord gets associated with the eleventh lord house.

These are some of the trivial combinations. Let us know in detail how Dhan yoga impacts a natives life astrologically.

How Does This Dhan Yoga Impacts?

One of the most discussed topics in astrology is wealth. How the native will get wealth and money in his life is a topic of discussion. Sometimes the person has to work hard to get the wealth while others get the luck by birth, and he brings the wealth. At the same time, others get the wealth from their forefathers or family in terms of ancestral property.

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House in your birth chart indicates how you will get wealth. The second house indicates accumulated wealth, while eight houses reveal unknown wealth. This unknown wealth needs to be acquired, and certain yoga in the birth chart helps the native to decode the wealth.

The second house gets associated with the Trikon or the centre house. The influence is beneficial, then this Dhan yog in Kundali gives you desired results. If the second house is aspected from the 8th house with the help of Saturn, then he is most likely to achieve the wealth from his ancestors.

The fourth lord is with the fifth or ninth lord and placed in the respective house then. This can give rise to a very good Dhan yoga. If the chandra is placed in the Taurus sign in the natives in the second house, then it forms the  “Powerful Dhan Yoga Astrology.” But for that, it also should be associated with benefic planets. On the other hand, if Chandra is in the lord of evil house and associates with malefic planets, then the expenses rate will be higher, and income will be less.

Various celebrities like Bill Gates, Amitabh BacchanPriyanka Chopra and Mukesh Ambani have this favourable yoga.

So we have now studied how the planets and houses play their role in the formation of Dhan yoga. Let us know how it will impact the native. Let us see the general traits of the person and his horoscope who gets this Dhan Yoga.

  1. A sensible person with wealth knows the importance and accuracy of wealth and time. He is likely to be organised and punctual. The confidence level and the energy level will be high. He will be proactive and take calculated risks. However, if the planetary position is malefic, then the characteristics can be negative.
  2. The second house of the chart manages the finances. This will help to raise the income sources, but it may also make the person greedy. The fifth house is responsible for luck. The luck in wealth and gambling, love affairs etc., will give good gains.
  3. The 9th house is responsible for spirituality and religion. It also helps the native with education and career. At the same time, the 11th house of natives indicates career progress.

If all these houses are benefic with favourable houses in the chart, then the Dhan yoga will be favourable. So what are the favourable effects of Dhan Yoga? Let us know ahead.

Positive Effects Of Dhan Yoga.

  1. If the lord of the ascendant lands in the 10th house, then the native is likely to be wealthier than his parents.
  2. If the 7th house has Mars or Saturn while the 11th house has any other planet except Ketu, then the native will get wealth from business.
  3. If Ketu is praising you in the 11th house, then the native is likely to earn from foreign sources.
  4. If your lord of the second house is in eight houses, then the native will earn his wealth through hard work and efforts.
  5. If the Mercury is in Cancer or Aries, then the native will prosper.
  6. If the Sun is in the fifth house, Mars in the fourth, while Jupiter is in the 11th house, then the native will likely earn his wealth through ancestral property.
  7. If all his Kendras are occupied with planets, then the native will be wealthy with the help of cosmic grace.
  8. The native is likely to earn through spiritualism and religious means if Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are in conjunction in the same house.
  9. Native people are likely to gain in speculative activities like gambling and through sports if the seventh house of native has Saturn or Mars.
  10. If the native’s lord of 10t house lands in Taurus, Libra or Venus, then the native is likely to earn through marriage or wife’s earnings.
  11.  With a seventh house containing Mars, Saturn and Rahu, the native is likely to get cash by Commissions.
  12. There will be blessings of sudden wealth if the lords of the sixth, eighth, twelfth or eleventh house.
  13. The native can earn wealth from stats and numbers if he is a mathematician, accountant or statistician. Saturn will be in the 4th house with Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius.
  14. The native is likely to get wealth through his progeny if the lord of the fifth house is in the tenth house.
  15. However, the native is likely to get earnings through administrative manipulations if Jupiter is in his 10th or 11house or if Sun or Mercury lands in the 4th and 5th house.

These were a few of the planetary combinations and houses that bestows the native with the positive effect of Dhan Yoga.


Remember one thing; planets will play their part in the formation of Dhan Yoga. There are other counter environmental factors that also impact the formation and efficacy of Dhan Yoga. Dhan Yoga forms when the Lagna and lords are strong. To get wealth, Arista yoga should be absent. Arista yoga is considered to be evil to Dhan yoga. The malefic condition of the lord of Dhan in the 6th, 8th or 12th house can be the reason for the loss of wealth. Jupiter has to be strong in the native’s chart. Also, Dhan yoga is the result of your previous good Karma. Bad Karma retracts the effect of Dhan yoga. Other auspicious yogas are Mahabhagya  Yoga, Gajkesari Yoga and Laxmi yoga that gives the native a lot of wealth and prosperity. But don’t get disheartened if you don’t have Dhan Yoga in astrology. You can earn wealth and fame.

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