What Is Chandra Mangal Yoga? Know Its Impacts On Your Birth Chart

The movement of planets always impacts the life of a native. Some combinations give good results while some of them cause trouble for us. Let’s start with a positive planetary combination, otherwise called yogas. Yogas that give auspicious results or benefits to the natives come under the category of Nabhas Yoga or important yoga. One such yoga is the Chandra Mangal Yoga. The other one is the Mahabhagya Yoga. Both these yoga are beneficial for the native. We are going to talk about the former one. This particular yoga gives the native immense wealth, happiness and success in life.

According to Vedic astrology, if Chandra and Mangal are placed in the same house of native’s birth chart, then Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed in his Kundali.  Chandra Mangala Yogam gives the native luxuries, money, wealth, profession and marital bliss. This is the boon everyone wants, and this yoga actually has the capacity to fulfil this. Some schools of thought believe that even if the Moon and Mars are casting aspects on each other in a horoscope, then also this yoga can form. So concentrate on the Chandra and Mangal conjunction. Let us see its other details.

How Exactly Is Chandra Mangal Yoga Formed?

As mentioned earlier, there are two schools of thought or what we call two different concepts related to Chandra Mangal Yoga’s formation. One group gives importance only to the conjunction between Moon and Mars while others also accept the fact that aspects between Moon and Mars in favourable houses also creates this yoga. Confused? Let us see an example. If Mars is placed in the 1st house and Moon is in your 4th house, then Mars is making the connection with the Moon with its 4th aspect. Why is it significant?

How Does This Combination Impacts?

Benefic Mars and Moon conjunction is the ideal stage for this yoga to form. However, there are different scenarios with this combination. Let us see different conditions.

Condition 1: Mars is benefic, and Moon is malefic. The Mars general and specific significance suffer. In such conditions, the native may have to face many problems in his life. The native may lack health, strength and courage. If Mars is present in his first house, then the native may face problems related to his lifespan.

Condition 2: Mars is malefic, and Moon is benefic. The impact is similar to that of condition 1. The only thing here, instead of Mars, Moon’s general, as well as specific significance, suffer. The worst type of combination can be when both these planets are malefic. In such conditions, the significance of both the planets suffer, and Chandra Mangal Yoga may not form at all. Native’s life is likely to go into serious trouble.

Special Condition

If malefic Mars and malefic Moon are placed in Capricorn or Scorpio, then the significance of malefic moon may hit it more than that of Mars. This is because Mars is more powerful in Capricorn and Scorpio, and this gives him the reason to dominate the combination. The result can be either positive or negative.

The beneficial results of Chandra Mangal Yoga may decrease if this yoga is present in Virgo and Aquarius. The reason for this is Mars and Moon are not strong in such signs. So even if both your planets are benefic and you are Virgo or Aquarian, then you may not get the benefit of this yoga. On the other hand, if yoga is formed in Taurus and Capricorn, then the results are likely to be very good. In such a case, the native is likely to get overall good results in his life.

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However, if there is a triple planet combination like Mars, Moon and Mercury, then it is likely that Mercury might nullify this auspicious yoga. Mercury acts as an enemy to both these planets.

Chandra Mangal Yoga In Different House

Apart from the planetary combination, the placement of the house is also important. Chandra Mangal Yoga in 7th house of Aries indicates that natives may achieve good results via marriage and profession. The formation of Chandra Mangal Yoga in 8th house of Leo indicates blessings and spiritual growth for the native. He is likely to grow in the field of research, analysis and related fields. If Yoga has formed in the 9th house in Pisces, then the native is likely to get favour with respect to his career, spiritual growth and his father. So as you can see, Chandra Mangal Yoga gives different results with respect to its placement in different houses, signs and stars. With Chandra Mangal Yoga in 12th house, the person follows the part of religious enlightenment and salvation in old age. He is also likely to get earnings from foreign resources or land during the early and middle part of his life. This holds true for traders.

Time Of Occurrence

Another factor for the success of the Chandra Mangal Yoga is the time of its occurrence. Yoga may have formed, but it gets activated at a certain phase of life. This may vary from person to person. Chandra Mangal Yoga presents in different signs, and different houses may get activated differently. The age range varies a lot. The presence of Chandra Mangal Yoga in the 10th house may give the native authority in government if the theme of that yoga is authoritative. If it’s sportive, then it gives success to sportsmen.

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When both the planets are strong and placed in the same house, then the person is likely to get wealth after 27 years of his age, and this continues till 37 years of his age. There might be some difference in the time that is minor. The wealth and power are likely to be sudden and immense. If the yoga is weak, then the benefits will also be reduced.

Impact of Chandra Mangal Yoga On Person’s Personality

If the native is born under this yoga, then he is likely to be rich, powerful and intelligent. The confidence is likely to be sky-high, and things get easily done in most difficult situations. As this yoga relates to wealth and prosperity, money earning is easy for the native. However, personally, the native may become short-tempered. Mars and the moon can make a person stubborn. The native is smart and capable of solving difficult problems in a far easier way. Due to his stubbornness, he will not accept help from others. However, this yoga impacts the native’s mother in a negative way.

If the yoga somehow turns to be inauspicious, then the native suffers from arguments and debates. They also get involved in crimes and wrong deeds. Physical and mental health may not be good. Family relationships also get deteriorated.

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Auspicious placement of Chandra Mangal Yoga in a favourable house blesses the native with very good success. He is likely to become a creative artist or join a post of authority in government or sports, or even a spiritual guru. This all depends on the theme of yoga. Similarly, if placed in the 9th and 10th house, then the native gets good results in trade, spiritualism, astrology and other parts of life depending on the tone of his horoscope.

If the house is under an aspect of the planet which is favourable, then the result magnifies manifolds. However, if yoga is not getting into the healthy aspects of landing in weak houses, then the results may not be fruitful. Whether beneficial yoga is present in your birth chart or not, but you should never forget to work hard to reach your goal. Karma is the biggest key to success. Now you know a little about this yoga.

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