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March 2020 was the time when wearing masks came into fashion. But no one talks about the masks, humans were wearing all along till now. The Ascendant or the rising sign is often considered the mask an individual wears when he/she meets someone. It is a way of showing the defences and how one survives with day-to-day problems. The amalgamation of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant describes what you want (Sun), what you need (Moon), and the style in which you go to pursue it (Ascendant).

Attractive only on the outside? Or inside out...

You can spot the Virgo risings in a room full of masses quite easily. They are the ones that are the attractive kind who stand in the corner too shy to talk to anyone but radiate intelligence nevertheless. They take their time to analyze and evaluate things around them before they warm up to situations and people. Virgo risings will be the one to notice objects in a room that others may have overlooked.

Virgo Ascendants feel their best when they flaunt their expensive clothes and look their best in traditional. But they are not someone who likes to be in the limelight, so they camouflage themselves according to the situations. Delicate facial features, broad shoulders like a sports person, prominent and high cheekbones, average height and weight, dark hair, beautiful eyes, straight nose, and an impressive forehead pretty much sums up their physical appearance. They also have the gene of looking much younger than their actual age, and the look of innocence is hard to miss. They have a very slender physique and a small figure. Wearing neat and tidy clothes and being well-groomed is an important consideration in their life. Virgo risings are used to walking at a fast pace, but they take measured steps.

Virgo Risings are more of a listener and observer rather than a talker. They double think before speaking anything. They believe this projects them as serious. These individuals are very polite, soft-spoken, and good-natured. They will happily play the supporting role without wanting to play the lead role. These individuals are naturally shy and humble. They tend to be very interested in religious deeds and are very charitable, being humanitarians at heart. During difficult times, Virgos handle the situation very calmly and always try to find the solution.

A glance at the interior of a Virgo Rising

The personality of a Virgo Ascendant is purposeful and trustworthy. Virgo risings are sensitive and emotional beings and take any discomfort signs that their body gives them seriously. They are always on the go and searching for new ways to improve their health. Usually, the intelligent and reserved aura is well defined about Virgo rising. They can be choosy when it comes to their everyday needs. If you find someone who is obsessing about which shampoo and cream to buy for themselves in a supermarket, she/he might well be a Virgo Ascendant! To keep their mind, body, and soul healthy and peaceful, some of them also adopt meditation and yoga as wonderful means. Virgos are said to have a good appetite.

Further, they are highly critical about their body. It is not easy for them to open up and blabber out their feelings, which makes it difficult for others to understand. They feel as though people can take advantage of them if they reveal their secrets and vulnerabilities. Perfection is everything for them, be it at work, in relationships, and even in life! In addition to this, they get anxious easily and stress themselves out. They are blessed with talents to separate the useful from the useless: they will filter out all useless information and only focus on what’s important.

Virgos are full of creativity, and they find themselves lost in the dance, music, art, writing, etc. as a source of creativity. They are a bit stubborn in nature and therefore are not easily convinced to try anything new. But when you are searching for a friend in need, Virgos will be the most responsible and reliable person.

Super Powers? More like Virgos powers!

The minds of Virgo Ascendants have more space than an iCloud. All the information eaten is digested well, without a problem. This special quality makes a Virgo Rising individual a very capable researcher. They will go to the core of the problem to solve it. They will not look at broader and trivial subjects but rather on specific subjects that interest them. Virgo Ascendants have the abilities of healing, purifying, regeneration, or transformation. They also have the power of holy fire and earth manipulation, femininity aspect, and animal imitation. Virgos may take time to leave their comfort zone, but once out – they love connecting and socializing with others.

What makes the Virgos stand out from the crowd?

Noticing tiny details is not everybody’s trait, but Virgo Ascendants are quite detail-oriented. They may not care about many things, but they deeply care about their family and friends. The sixth sense to feel when something is not right is under Virgo’s possession. They are very humble and calm people, but it takes just a little provocation to disturb them. They take their time to analyze things before they warm up to people or situations. Virgo Ascendants have a non-rigid and practical approach to tackle any type of problem. Communication skill is something they are proud of.

For Virgo rising sign, Mars is the most destructive planet, which owns the 3rd and 8th house. Followed by Jupiter, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu in line. Venus is the most positive planet for the Virgo ascendant, while the neutral planets are Sun and Mercury. Light green, dark green, sapphire, and royal blue are some of the lucky colours for Virgo Ascendant. Whereas, Diamond and green emerald are considered to be lucky gems for Kanya Lagna.

Let’s talk about merriment now, shall we...

Virgos are not easy to love, and they need time to trust anyone, but when Virgo Ascendants fall in love, they love with all their passion. Virgo being an earth sign showcase their love is constant and in a stable manner. Throughout one’s life, knowing the characteristics the star sign has, can help with all the relationships. An alluring part of the Virgo Ascendant’s personality is their ability to do anything with utmost intensity. Therefore it can be hard for Virgos to let go of past relationships. Virgos thrive on deep and intellectual connections. Having a Virgo Ascendant as your life partner will get you on cloud nine. They are super supportive, romantic, and loyal. They take a profound interest in their loved one’s life. A Virgo will make an honest effort to get to know their spouse, their interests, thoughts, and mind. They express their affection very subtly. In return, Virgo Ascendants need someone who can lighten the mood in the room, make them laugh, and help them overcome the insecurities and anxieties. Fellow earth signs like Capricorn and Taurus have the best compatibility with Virgo Ascendant. The water signs like Cancer and Pisces are a good match for Virgo Rising signs too.

It may not be positive traits, but Virgos can also be persistent overthinkers. They find it difficult to give their minds a break. The brain is busy all the time processing data, constant thinking, making up scenarios, etc., and at the same time, it shows that they also overthink emotions and relationships. Over scrutinizing and worrying are classic Virgo traits. They get irritated at small things and are often told by family and friends to chill or relax.

Behind the Scene of a Virgo Ascendant

The moon sign in contrast to the zodiac sign works backstage, but it holds a substantial impact on a person’s character. In simple words, it’s the internal “you.” In Vedic astrology, your feelings and emotions are reflected by the moon sign. Beneath your sun sign persona all the fear, longing, anxiety, etc. is often credited to the moon’s relationship to other planets. It has a tremendous impact on your relationships with your friends and family, and how you FEEL about everything. Your moon sign reveals your deep-rooted reactions to life’s experiences. It’s your internal oration, the key to understanding your emotional profile. Virgo is the most analytical sign among all the other zodiac signs. A proper structure, logic, and organization are the qualities that satisfy a Virgo moon. They love when they are productive and can be of help to others. They feel fulfilled when contributing to society in practical ways. Virgo Ascendants have a powerful inner voice, but it tends to judge and criticize oneself. Friends, colleagues, family, partners, even pets get a dose of the Virgo critique service. This may look like you are a control freak, but it is just that you are a perfectionist. They also possess a deep-seated need to serve, protect, and organize others. They are a lot of fun when not stressed.

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