Kundli Predictions: Get Your Accurate Janam Kundli

Kundli Predictions: Get Your Accurate Janam Kundli

How do Kundli Predictions work?

Free Janam Kundli in Hindi with Predictions is an assessment of the planets and their positions at the time of your birth. To know your Janam Kundli, you enter your birth date, time of the birth, and place of birth. It will generate your Janam Kundli in Hindi. Every birth chart has 12 houses. The ascendant is the first house of 12 houses in a Kundali or birth chart, the others are counted counter-clockwise from the ascendant. These houses are the places where planets in your birth charts reside. Every house signifies a different aspect of your life, such as career, marriage, family, and more.

Each planet in different positions brings different effects on your life and personality. Some of them may be beneficial, and some may bring disadvantages. Planet’s transits and aspects concerning other planets play an important role in your future predictions, too. Some combinations of houses and planets in them create yoga and doshas in your Janam Kundli, and they can also bring better or worse times for you.

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Such examples are Sade Sati, the transit of Saturn, or Mangal Dosha, where Mars is positioned in certain houses of your birth chart. With your Free Janam Kundali analysis, you can get to know about these celestial occurrences, and it can help you rectify them early with remedies offered in Vedic Astrology. Free Janam Kundli in Hindi with Predictions uses the same principles of reading a birth chart or Horoscope to provide you with the most detailed and accurate information possible.

Know it All with Your Kundali Predictions

Now that you know how it works, let’s see how your birth chart analysis in Hindi can help you. Not only it tells you about your personality traits and your attitude in general, but it also reveals some indicative factors about how your life is likely to shape up going ahead. Will you be an artistic person or an academic one? What lies in the path of your career or marriage? Your birth chart may have the answer.

With proper knowledge of what is likely to greet you next, you are ready to tackle the situations coming your way. It tells you about your good times and not-so-good times. That is how you know when to act and when to step back. Kundli Predictions let you know about your Doshas as well.

For example, if you have a Kaal Sarp Dosha or Mangal Dosha, it can hinder your happiness. A Kundli analysis will let you know about them in advance, and you can start working on their remedies to avoid their malefic effects of it. It helps you make better decisions in various important aspects of your life.

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Are Janam Kundali Predictions Accurate?

Your Kundli Predictions rely completely on the accuracy of the information of your birth. Astrology, for the most part, is not about knowing the future, but it is more about being prepared for it. It is the guiding light leading you to the future that you would like to experience, rather than telling you what it looks like.

According to astrology, people should not solely rely on their stars and wait for desired outcomes without any hard work, or ‘Karma’. Janam Kundli predictions give you an idea about astrological influences on your life. Consequently, it tells you what to do about them and offers you the remedies when required. Since ancient times, beliefs of astrology have been solidified by the accurate predictions and their outcomes.

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