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Get the most detailed analysis of how the planets in your birth chart will shape your life, your personality, and your future, based on the ancient principles of Vedic astrology.

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What is Janam Kundli?

Kundli, Janam Kundli, Birth Chart, Janampatri, Janam Patrika are all the same thing. It is a representation of the planets and their positions in a chart at the time of your birth. A Kundli is made of 12 houses, representing and governing some of the most important aspects of your life. With your Hindi Kundli, you can understand which planets reside in which house and how they will affect your life. Moreover, your Hindi Janam Kundli tells you about your Dosha, Dosha Nivaran remedies, Yoga created by planetary combinations and their effects on your life, favourable and unfavourable influences of the planets, your good and not-so-good periods, and much more. The accurate reading of your Kundli in Hindi can throw light on your future with utmost precision.

Benefits of Janam Kundli

In Vedic Astrology, Janam Kundli is one of the most used tools to predict the future of a person. However, more than that, a Janam Kundli in Hindi can tell you a lot about how to make the most of your planetary readings to make your own future. Here is how Kundli reading in Hindi will help you:

  1. With your Janam Kundli, an adept astrologer can accurately make predictions about what is about to come.
  2. It can tell you a lot about your personality traits, which you can use to develop your inner self.
  3. You get a detailed analysis of various aspects of your life, such as relationships, marriage, career, and health.
  4. It will help you find the right gemstone, favourable colours, and lucky numbers to get you to success.
  5. If there are any unfavourable influences or combinations, it can help you with its remedies & solutions.
  6. You Kundli in Hindi can let you know about any Dosha in your chart, and how to rectify them.
  7. It predicts your favourable and unfavourable times, telling you when to act the most and when to retaliate.
  8. Kundli in Hindi will reveal you about your strengths and weaknesses, helping you in making better decisions accordingly.
  9. A Janam Kundli can also let you know if there are any chances of major health problems or other disturbances.

Types of Kundli

There are many types of Kundli in Vedic Astrology. However, the most known among them are Chandra Kundli, Lagna Kundli, and Surya Kundli. When the exact time of birth is provided, a Lagna Kundli in Hindi can be made. It can guide us to more accurate predictions and clearer individual characteristics. On the other hand, when the exact time of birth is unknown, a Surya Kundli is made. Though not as accurate as a Lagna Kundli, a Surya Kundli can also let us know a lot about the native.

Understanding the Houses in Your Hindi Kundli

As mentioned above, there are 12 houses in which nine planets of Vedic Astrology reside: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The house in the centre is the first house, also called the ascendant. All the other houses are counted counter-clockwise after that. Moreover, every house represents a zodiac sign. Here are all 12 houses and what they represent:

Here, we are taking an example of Aries ascendant. Moreover the significance of houses would remain the same for all ascendants.

Houses in Kundli Sign Significance
1st House Aries Self, Character
2nd House Taurus Possessions, Value
3rd House Gemini Sharing, Communication
4th House Cancer Family, Heritage
5th House Leo Pleasure, Entertainment
6th House Virgo Health, Strength
7th House Libra Marriage, Partnership
8th House Scorpio Transformation, Regeneration
9th House Sagittarius Purpose, Exploration
10th House Capricorn Career, Ambitions
11th House Aquarius Associations, Wealth, Love
12th House Pisces Seclusion, Peacefulness

This is just a basic idea of what the houses are and what they represent. Their influences on your life will change according to the planets that reside in them, the current planetary transits, and other combinations. Right planets in the right houses translate to good times and success, whereas a wrong combination can bring you tough times.

Yogas and Doshas in Your Kundli

In your Kundli in Hindi, you may find some mentions of Yoga and Dosha. These are nothing but some specific combinations of planetary positions in the houses of your Janam Kundli. Yogas like Budh-Aditya Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga, and Raja Yoga can affect your life in a very positive way while the Doshas are notorious for bringing negativity and obstacles in your life. The good news here is, once you know about any malefic combinations with your Kundli in Hindi, there are remedies and solutions available in Vedic astrology to keep their negative effects away. The most common doshas you might have heard of are Kaal Sarp Dosha and Mangal Dosha. The remedies for them come in many forms such as Gemstones, Vedic Pujas, and worshipping the Yantras.

Different Types of Dasha

Dasha in your horoscope is also created by the various combinations of planetary motions, houses, and your sun sign. The Dasha is correlated to the planets, and loosely translated, it means ‘specific period’. A Dasha, based on its characteristics, can cause benefits or harm. Many kinds of Dasha can affect your life in many different ways. However, two of the most popular are Major period (Mahadasha) and Minor period (Antardasha).

Not only every ‘Dasha’ will affect your life differently, but you are also likely to be under its influence for different periods as well. The Mahadasha of Vimshottari Dasha considers a lifespan of 120 years and therefore, here is how the Dasha for each planet lasts for:


6 Years


10 Years


7 Years


18 Years


16 Years


19 Years


17 Years


7 Years


20 Years

Each Mahadasha of a planet has a sub-divisional positioning (Dasha) of other planets, which is called Antaradsha. Just like Mahadasha, Antardasha also influences your life based on its characteristics.

How Kundli Helps in Horoscope Matching for Marriage

One of the most prominent uses of your Kundli in Hindi can be the checking of horoscope compatibility for marriage. When it comes to marriage, kundali matching is a way to make sure if the compatibility of the to-be couple is on point or not. It also helps you in finding the best zodiac matches for marriage. A matching factor called Guna is used for the horoscope matching based on yours and your partner’s Janam Kundli in Hindi. In Ashtakoota method of Kundli Matching, it helps in determining whether the match is as astrologically auspicious or not. The Guna is a score given to each aspect (Koota) in Ashtakoota, and the total Guna adds up to 36. If the to-be bride and groom have a matching of more than 30 Guna, the bond is supposed to be great, and the marriage is likely to be a successful one.